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07:07 PM on 12/02/2012
Why not? People have made houses and other shelters out of old School buses.
05:45 PM on 12/02/2012
I wouldn't mind living in a shipping container like one of these. It beats the hell out of living in a rooming house or on the street. ansd it saves the city money. People who are housed are better than people who have to sleep in emergency shelters. And it is way cheaper for society. Good for Vancouver.
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05:36 PM on 12/02/2012
My husband and I have been wanting to build a shipping container house for years. We would like to put it on some remote spot on Island with solar panels and rain water containers.

When they were building that complete rip off Olympic Village we wondered why they did not just use containers and then make it student housing - but how would they get their kick backs.
Rob Vann
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08:59 PM on 12/02/2012
There is a "Small House " movement online ..well worth checking out. Lots of alternatives to a shipping container and far less costly.
Mad Hatter 1
05:14 PM on 12/02/2012
We have 200 square foot condos at $200,000.00 dollars a pop and now shipping containers. Coming up next your very own cell, when over population becomes the next war.
The world has gone completely mad.
02:44 AM on 12/03/2012
Shipping container homes are much less expensive and they don't necessarily have to be small. Merge a bunch of 10' x 10' x 40' containers and you have a large, extremely solid home, designed as you want for ~ $150 000.
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Aude Sapere
02:19 PM on 12/02/2012
Well, developed world, meet your new post-climate-change, post-1% architecture. Yippee.
12:58 AM on 12/03/2012
You got that right
02:15 PM on 12/02/2012
Long overdue. This would have been a great help in places like Haiti after they suffered a number of hurricanes; instead meaning-well agencies depended on the historical standby, housing the hurricane homeless in tents. Then the next hurricane blew those tents over.

I have worked overseas and one 40-foot sea container comfortably outfitted with bunk beds, lighting and an air conditioner was well received in place of pre-fab homes on wheels.
11:24 PM on 12/02/2012
Regarding Haiti and shipping containers... exactly. And I said so at the time in another blog regarding that tragedy and how to house the people.
A couple of dozen shiploads of used shipping containers spread around would have been a very cheap and effective way to provide storm proof, earthquake proof quick and secure shelter. Just get them there and the people would figure out themselves how to use them.

But no, that wouldn't have done for the advanced degree experts in charge, who never seem to be able to come up with the cheap solutions. God forbid, somebody has to get rich.
magnus gigas caput
01:46 PM on 12/02/2012
Finally..... We need more of these Renters would flock to them if the price was $5-$600 per month. If your single a small space is in many ways ideal. It keeps costs low by denying you room to clutter in. Keeping to basics can be rather fun.
Dum Spiro Spero - While I breath, I hope.
01:43 PM on 12/02/2012
This si a great option!!! Kudos for the city for doing something positive with these.