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10:02 PM on 12/05/2012
Mark buddy, stop thinking about pregnant women, get to work, there's a deficit to fix....
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Maria Korovessis Sewell
Παν μέτρον άριστον
10:30 PM on 12/05/2012
Fanned & faved.
09:54 PM on 12/05/2012
As much as i would like to pass judgement on this issue, the reality is that in a world with 7.1 billion people, who really cares?- in fact we do not need any more reproducers so it is fine to crank out more males if that is what people want to do. The mystery and sanctity of life and childbirth was taken from mankind a long time ago.
Angelo Barovier
I came, I saw, I ate the cheese.
10:33 PM on 12/05/2012
Can't we just let the stork decide?
Spring comes and the grass grows by itself
11:58 PM on 12/05/2012
Asians like boys as sons.....the mothers agree, ...the irony is so ironic it's a frigging railway line.
09:53 PM on 12/05/2012
It seems that an anti-abortion MP is just making things to push for tighter restrictions on abortion.
09:48 PM on 12/05/2012
As opposed as I am abortion based on gender selection, how exactly is a law like to be put into practice without opening the abortion debate generally? How on earth are we to determine the motives for an abortion, allowing some reasons while denying others? This legislation would, by definition, be toothless and impossible to enforce. When you add to this the fact that the member bringing it to a vote has no evidence that this is actually a problem of significance within Canada, it seems both impossible and potentially unnecessary to draft a law regarding this.
02:17 AM on 12/06/2012
"No evidence" and "unnecessary"? I guess you haven't caught on that these are the current government's modus operandi. As for opening the "abortion debate generally", perhaps it has thus far escaped you that this is precisely their intent.
09:45 PM on 12/05/2012
I think the government is playing a game with the abortion debate for the fun of politics.Am I missing something? I highly doubt this is all that common in Canada. We don't have a dowry system....and parents tend to like both genders in our country.
Jenny Kimmett
"We chase mis-printed lies, " AIC
09:32 PM on 12/05/2012
First I am completely pro-choice , but I DO NOT think that the abortion procedure should be abused.
First, the every woman should be able to have as I call it a 'get out of jail free' abortion. Knowing that you are too young to provide the best quality of life for that child hence making your decision. BUt it should not be used as a form of birth control. In this day and age pregnancy is preventable and its only ignorance that causes unwanted pregnancies.
You should not be able to have an abortion because of the sex, but many dr's and clinics will not perform one at that stage anyways.
So personally, I think, give the doctors more control in implementation of restrictions not the politicians!
10:51 PM on 12/05/2012
I agree with you. I am pro-choice. Sex selection, however, is an appalling abuse of the abortion procedure. I'm stunned that this is even considered in Canada, but obviously it is, however rarely.
11:00 PM on 12/05/2012
Well then, just don't use abortions as a form of birth control then.
Not sure why you would give a care about what others do in that department...
Wolf Braun
09:26 PM on 12/05/2012
Government has no business injecting itself into a reproductive decision made by a woman.
11:06 PM on 12/05/2012
A woman isn't owed access to an abortion because the baby doesn't meet her ideal. Abortion laws are about equality. Men can 'terminate' their reproductive responsibilities right away. Abortion gives women the ability to 'terminate' their reproductive responsibilities as well. The imbalance due to natural biology is thus addressed by law to ensure the same options are available to each sex.

Abortion rights don't exist so a woman can pick and choose what - kind - of baby she has. That has nothing to do with equality and throws out the entire foundation of the pro-choice argument. The choice is about whether to be pregnant or not. It does not refer to a choice about the fetus' eventual demographic category.
Spring comes and the grass grows by itself
12:03 AM on 12/06/2012
Sounds right to me.
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09:16 PM on 12/05/2012
that kid must be a conservative ---one hand over the mouth so he doesn't speak --the other raised to vote the party line
09:14 PM on 12/05/2012
Ah yes another attempt at opening the abortion debate and this time using something like discrimination against women ... oh really k well wheres the equal pay bill, vote on that one first and pass it then you can use that excuse ... theres all kinds of things more important then this when hit comes to discrimination against women. These conservatives are a real card arent they?
09:54 PM on 12/05/2012
It is called hypocrisy.
Gods do not need middle managers.
10:38 PM on 12/05/2012
Oh, please share with the class your list of "all kinds of things more important then this when it comes to discrimination against women". I can't wait.

By the way, the whole pay equity thing is a straw man, pure feminist propaganda. The data used to justify that affirmation is based on average LIFETIME earnings, and the numbers are extremely skewed by the fact that no consideration is given to the voluntary decision made by many women to stop working to have children or focus on their family. It also does not allow for the fact that high power executive positions involve sacrifices that are not really compatible with a rich family life, something that many women consider undesirable. Other flaws include the omission of wage slavery....oops sorry, I mean "alimony" in ever increasing amounts, and the fact that most of the household discretionary spending is allocated by the female member in heterosexual couples.
02:26 AM on 12/06/2012
Wow. You sound like you are just about to board the bus to Bountiful BC to marry 4 teenaged sister-wives who won't talk back at you.
08:59 PM on 12/05/2012
As much as I despise the idea of gender-based abortions, the reproductive decisions of other people are not of my business. They are certainly not the government's business.
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Ike Awgu
09:21 PM on 12/05/2012
Are the consequences of other peoples reproductive decisions our responsibility "Fat Old Guy"? Wait, before you answer in your head, think about it. For though what you say is great fodder for the intellectually vapid who repeat popular points without actually thinking about them (I'm not necessarily saying you are one of those people) all of us live with the consequences of other people's reproductive decisions. Unless you pay not taxes or live on an island on another planet. If the reproductive decisions of others are 'none of your business' "Future Old Guy" then I presume also you reason that I, or you, should be free from the consequences of those decisions. That sounds like a rational connection - none of my business therefore none of my responsibility. And there is the disconnect in your reasoning, because of COURSE all of us do carry the consequences of each others decisions, reproductive or otherwise. Which is why it stands to reason that it is perfectly reasonable for us [society] should have some kind of say in the behavior of other human beings and decisions they make. There are valid arguments behind the notion that sex selection should be restricted or at least considered thoughtfully. Your two sentence comment is the typical thoughtless babbleI hear from people who confuse the opinions of others for thinking on their own. Though of course, I might be judging you harshly.
An Eloquent Peasant
10:23 PM on 12/05/2012
So then, tell me - if these babies are born to parents who do not want them, and those babies wind up in orphanages or foster care, how many of those children will you be adopting and raising? After all, if we are all THAT connected, then you are just as responsible for caring for the product of those unions as the parents themselves should have been.

The intimate lives of others are, in fact, none of our business, it's one of the many social tools we use in order to function as a society, it's also a matter of law if the right to privacy is compromised - it stands to reason also, that the medical autonomy of yourself (and therefore others) is also protected by privacy rights/laws - would you want your prostate exam results to be a matter of public record, to those with whom you are connected - probably not. Therefore, couples' reproductive decisions are not our business.
An Eloquent Peasant
10:26 PM on 12/05/2012
Btw...I'm not trying to be overly harsh either - and the chain of your reasoning is clear - as eloquent and elegant the thinking is, it's not practical when applied to this situation, which requires a careful hand. I disagree entirely that I have the right to govern your reproductive behaviour within a consensual adult relationship, or to have any influence on that whatsoever.
08:54 PM on 12/05/2012
Why are we all still arguing about this? In this day and age.
08:49 PM on 12/05/2012
if there is a group so daft as to engage in sex selection before birth, let them, as they will predictably breed themselves out of existence.
Supporting skeptical felines everywhere
08:48 PM on 12/05/2012
Sex selective abortion is not a women problem it's a GUY problem of ignorant conservative males of a few very backward cultures who believe women are inferior beings and need to be controlled. The fact that this obsolete view is shared by so many Harperites is yet another reason to replace them with more sentient politicians.
08:47 PM on 12/05/2012
Even Conservatives have to admit the instance of gender abortion is vanishingly small in Canada. This ploy rates up there with vic Toews Online Spy Bill "to protect the children" who are only mentioned in the Bill's title and no where else in the Bill. It is a lie, nothing more, to deny Canadian Women their healthcare rights just like the Tea party tried to do in the US. Shame on you, Conservatives. Lying again!
09:13 PM on 12/05/2012
Yeah, if it's only happening a few times every year, who cares? Society won't miss a couple of girls, no big deal.

10:40 PM on 12/05/2012
too bad you were born there wouldn't be much to miss either.
10:45 PM on 12/05/2012
We are over-populated as it is, so no, I don't think it will.
Gods do not need middle managers.
10:39 PM on 12/05/2012
Daddy knows what's best for you. Always. Now go pray.