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05:03 PM on 12/05/2012
There are actually sex selection abortions for genetic reasons but they are usually for male fetuses so don't get any negative press.
04:57 PM on 12/05/2012
Old white guys once again trying to control women and their sexuality.

Attention Old White Guys: the 18th century wants its sense of male entitlement to vaginas and wombs back.
Ike Awgu
11:11 PM on 12/05/2012
What a racist, ridiculous comment.
02:50 AM on 12/06/2012
Spoken like a true member of the patriarchy.
Moral Atheist...There's more of us than you think!
04:57 PM on 12/05/2012
Mr. Speaker...To call a fetus "a woman" would imply that a life begins prior to the baby exiting the birth canal. We voted down reopening the "when life begins" discussion a couple of months ago. The honourable member calling this an issue of "women's rights". While a creative effort to do an end run around the previous vote it therefore renders the motion frivolous and dilatory. Mr. Speaker, I respectfully request that you rule this motion "Out of Order".
04:56 PM on 12/05/2012
Why do so few people ever actually debate what is in the bill? - all the posts are usually rants and obvious Harper haters spewing the usual venom and bile!!!! the question is should we allow killing unorn children becuase they are female or male - case closed !! - nothing else yes or no folks - why always avoid the issue?
Time to build a better world
05:26 PM on 12/05/2012
...because a) they are not "children", they are fetuses (nice try, though); b) how could a person ever prove sex selection was the motivation? The mere accusation could be used as a canard to force any woman into having to carry the fetus to term; c) (and most importantly) it's none of your business unless it's your womb that is question. oh...and d) "case closed" hardly jibes with your own pleading for debate.
05:29 PM on 12/05/2012
Yes, a fetus should be terminated at any time THE WOMAN REQUESTS.

Clear enough for you?
06:32 PM on 12/05/2012
so say 5 minutes before the child comes into the world you change your mind and say doctor don't cut the chord just suck it out with that vacuum cleaner in the corner saying I havee changed my mind - and this would be okay for you? - are you some kind of monster?
I used to be a people person,till people ruined it
04:56 PM on 12/05/2012
Ahh one more attempt by the Harper government to legislate from religious authority on a subject that hasn't even been proven to be a problem in Canada. No stats are related to this expect in some very small demographic slices that have a higher percentage of male births. Thats it, its an unenforceable law that once again is put forth to distract us from the dire economic decisions that Harper et al are pushing through. Stop these right wing dominionists in thier tracks, I hope we survive till 2015.
Liz Wilson 2
“a small group can change the world
04:53 PM on 12/05/2012
another round of abortion related discussion. Clearly the Harper tory government needs some smoke screens around their actions.

And I guess some bobblehead needed to appear active to his electorate.
04:52 PM on 12/05/2012
if he is worried about the practice ---he should put an end to ultra sounds ---or at least prohibit the docs and techs from revealing what they know -----
-then no one knows the gender ---

but that of course is not what they are after
A promise made is a debt unpaid.
05:37 PM on 12/05/2012
Interesting Idea but I think we should just stay out of the whole thing altogether.
06:37 PM on 12/05/2012
Several decades ago in BC ultrasounds were common and policy dictated the medical staff were not allowed to reveal gender to expecting patients. I don't know if the policies remain but I understand Canadians crossing to Washington state specifically for gender identification has been a growing business.
Warren Yuill
Jesus Built My Hot-Rod
04:46 PM on 12/05/2012
If they wanted to ram some 'anti women's rights' kinda bill down our throats ....
...they have the numbers.
But they haven't.
Instead we see a bill urging against 'sex selection' type abortions but the reaction is if it was the later.
Over reaction?
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Maria Korovessis Sewell
Παν μέτρον άριστον
11:00 PM on 12/05/2012
No. Clarity.
04:43 PM on 12/05/2012
Still trying to fit the government into my vagina, are you? Didn't work last time, wont work this time.
04:39 PM on 12/05/2012
The debate on a woman's right to an abortion in Canada is closed. Period. Attempting to reopen that debate is a grossly cynical act undertaken by a white male trying to limit a woman's ability to make decisions about her own body. Get a life, Warawa, and not by forcing women to bear an unwanted child.
04:37 PM on 12/05/2012
Warawa's approach to opposing a woman's right to choose is to focus on her motive, not on her right to control her own body. It's akin to saying she can have breast reduction surgery if she wants, but only if her motives are approved.

Simply put, it's none of the gov't's business why any woman makes a decision associated with her own uterus.
04:30 PM on 12/05/2012
This isn't China. Statistically and culturally, we do NOT have a sex-selective abortion problem. Anyone who thinks this is protecting "girls" (rather than women, ehhh) is being duped.
Just keeping it real.
05:06 PM on 12/05/2012
It is quite common in Toronto's Asian communities..
But so what? Aborting a female fetus because you'd rather have a male child (for cultural reasons) has no more or less merit than for aborting for any other reason.
05:34 PM on 12/05/2012
I kind of disagree with you there, I'd say cases of rape, incest, and the mother's health (physical or psychological) are far more prioritized than "cultural" sexism.
A promise made is a debt unpaid.
05:39 PM on 12/05/2012
True enough.
An Eloquent Peasant
04:21 PM on 12/05/2012
Dear Canadian Politicians -

If Canadian women wanted politics in our vaginas, we'd be having sex with politicians. Do note that there is no rampant outbreak of Canadian women sexually stalking Tory MP's.

Thank you in advance for backing your nose out of our lady bits.
04:14 PM on 12/05/2012
When cpc try to force ridiculous ideological motions & realize the numbers are vastly against them, all of a sudden they are all for having a debate & opening the discussion.

When they want to ram home a hidden agenda, make massive changes little or no discussion with the opposition, they push thei omnibus bills.

This looks like more distraction to me than anything else. Get people to go into histrionics over this issues while the various omnibus bills that change the environment, internet spying etc, go un-noticed.
I used to be a people person,till people ruined it
04:57 PM on 12/05/2012
Amen....this is exactly the two fold strategy of the Harper government.