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09:43 AM on 12/07/2012
These are his own personal beliefs. You can't impose your personal beliefs on the people you govern, you have to represent what the majority of the public want.

What if he personally thought Canada needs to do more to support Syria? slippery slope
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09:24 AM on 12/07/2012
I have to say right off the batt my comments are off the above mentioned subject. However I feel compelled to comment on the situation in Quebec about the language issue.
The minister responsible for the French Dlanguage Charter has suggested that the people themselves should act as sentries to make sure that French only should be spoken.
I have a suggestion and that is for the Quebec government should attempt to ocate some Germans that lived in East Germany prior to 1989. Some of those old Germans could give the Quebec some tips on how to get people to spy on each other. And even give the Government tips on how to pit family members against each other.
Some of this stuff a person reads about language issues in Quebec makes one wonder what the future of this province s all about. No wonder the ROC has no respect for the PQ and all it represents.
Frdric Valle
09:36 AM on 12/07/2012
"The minister responsible for the French Dlanguage Charter has suggested that the people themselves should act as sentries to make sure that French only should be spoken......"

Your interpretation of what the minister said is a gross caricature of what she said. This kind of hate speech by some some extremist angry anglo in Quebec is really not helping the cause of the anglo community in Quebec and furthermore justify the action of people of the like of Richard Bain!
09:21 AM on 12/07/2012
if israel were a virtuous nation they would earn all of canadas support ----they are not --
and their support or lack of it here, reflects that
09:20 AM on 12/07/2012
Republic v. Democratic system. This is where the rubber meets the road. In a Republic, like most free governmental systems, we elect individuals to represent THEIR constituents concerns, needs, likes and dislikes. The individual running for office openly reveals his politics, and stand on subjects and if he is in line more than not with the local voting public, he/she gets in.
But, but…Harper is driving his own agenda, and acting as if he is representing the Canadian electorate. He is doing this on many levels, on many themes and issues. He is NOT inline with Canadian ideals on the whole. But he truly does not care. Does not care. Period. And that my friends, is a dictatorship. Plain and simple…
Hey, Canada. Is your Timmy still warm…that’s nice!!
09:12 AM on 12/07/2012
religious dogma........creepy but true
Spring comes and the grass grows by itself
09:12 AM on 12/07/2012
Israel is becoming a pariah apartheid South Africa was. However much one supports their pro west thinking and culture, their outrageous behaviour toward the Palestinians is criminal. Now that Palestine has observer status at the UN watch it bring cases to the International Criminal court against Israel. Palestinians are crammed into 18 % of the former Palestine, of which 85% has been grabbed by Israeli settlers and built upon. Palestinian Arabs will eventually outnumber Israelis in Israel, this is a problem for a nation which defines itself by belief in a religious book, and religious faith.
fava beans and sweet breads are for sissies
09:34 AM on 12/07/2012
canada has also become a pariah nation under harper - just like israel under bibi.
Spring comes and the grass grows by itself
09:50 AM on 12/07/2012
Talk about the tail wagging the dog.....when will Canadians rid themselves of this dogface?
Lived in Middle East for
01:59 PM on 12/07/2012
Good comment. However, to be precise, Palestine now has observer STATE status. A big difference.
Spring comes and the grass grows by itself
06:54 PM on 12/07/2012
Right thanks......difficult to check facts half way into a rant then has a habit of disappearing.
What noisy cats are we
09:05 AM on 12/07/2012
National Citizens Coalition=NatCees
fallyn fleur
It's not about left or right.....
08:59 AM on 12/07/2012
Also makes you wonder if his government's support of Israel is also the reason our environmental protections are being cut. Seeing as how our Minister of Environment and our Minister of Natural Resources are big Israel supporters.
08:59 AM on 12/07/2012
Religulous leaders such as Harper are dangerous. They are antidiluvian and the fact that Harper uses his religious beliefs to drive policies for canada is scary. I mean I do not believe in the end of the world on the twenty first and I don't belieeve in Armageddon which is what Harper believes in and believes he'll be better off when it happens. And the second coming can't happen until the Jews rebuild the second temple which is where Al Aqsa sits (3rd most holy site in Islam) so any time they decide to take it down the world may see an unholy war in which the Muslim world unites to attack Israel and the west.
08:58 AM on 12/07/2012
Stephen goes so far as a number tat'd on his forearm to show oneness with those of the promised land. 24 Sussex is open for business. Bibi on his left shoulder, CNOOC on his right. And the Archangels sang£¥€•$$.
09:25 AM on 12/07/2012
Agreed. Remember, Harper wants corporations to run our country, it is his m-o...
magnus gigas caput
08:55 AM on 12/07/2012
HP now joins the G&M as a Harper apologist?

You don't even touch the real reason he bows to Israel.