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Censor Approved Knowledge Only
02:35 PM on 12/13/2012
The only fiscal good management they enjoyed was when they inherited Liberal good management. Since then its been downhill all the way. Can't balance the budget, even though they are laying off public servants left, right and center! They can't begin to know how to cost items they bid for. 9 billion for 65 jets? Are you serious? Even the latest estimate by the auditor will be low. This is a huge joke! We have a new dictionary definition of incompetence, "Harper's Conservative Government" We will be lucky to financially survive as a country when these clowns are done.
01:52 PM on 12/13/2012
I think Rona should be our next Prime Minister, she's is an amazingly brilliant gal and easy on the eyes too.
02:44 PM on 12/13/2012
Why? Because she's the only one who followed the arm's length procurement rules once in the 6 years of Harper's reign. Hardly a ringing endorsement.
03:46 PM on 12/13/2012
Time to schedule a visit to your optician!
01:42 PM on 12/13/2012
Finally a Government of principle, conviction and transparency. Name one Government who goes for a third party independent nonpartisan account of costs on a procurement of this magnitude. When you’re a standing Government you have to make accountable hard choices.

This is why JT and Mulcair will never sit in the big chair.
02:50 PM on 12/13/2012
Ah yes a promise of principle. conviction and transparency only after being caught lying and being secretive. Just what makes you thing that the process will be any of those considering Harper also promised the all those things 6 years ago?
11:44 PM on 12/13/2012
Oh yes, look, it's the self-proclaimed "ULTRA 1". No grandiose delusions there, eh MK?. Don't you get tired of doing the Neil and Bob routine for your masters? Surely you must be asking Santa for a new pair of knee pads this Christmas.
01:26 PM on 12/13/2012
The beginning of a few revelations to come regarding how much the Conservatives mismanage money. Throughout the history of Canada, the Conservatives have always been the govenment to talk a great game but do not know how to manage the finances of Canada. The last time the conservatives left us in a mess PM Cretien and his Finance Minister Paul Martin had to dig us out where we could service our own debt. Then the Harperites came into power and went through a 13 billion dollar surplus left to them by the Liberals, by giving the store away to their 1% buddies. Now they want everyone else to pull in their belts because of the deficit they created and the messy tab over a bunch of over-hyped jets which all sounds like penis envy to me. Let's just settle for what we can financially manage, okay boys!
01:46 PM on 12/13/2012
I guess you missed 2008 where the Government had to navigate through the worst economic meltdown since the great depression and go into a budgetary deficit in order to provide stimulus to the economy.

Let us not forget both the NDP and Liberals pushed for the stimulus and given Harper was in a majority Government approved the budgetary stimulus expenditures in parliament.
02:44 PM on 12/13/2012
No, but the deficit would not have been where it was if they had not blown the billions left to them. In addition, they would have had more if they had not given tax cuts to his wealthy 1% friends. You can't run a houshold on money you have given away. You cannot have the bells and whistles at home if you have half the income you used to have. Simple economics. If I have a heavy savings account, I don't want to give it away when I can build on it for a really necessary expense.
02:58 PM on 12/13/2012
And let us not forget that Harper had a choice about the stimulus spending. He could have called an election but he chose to remain in power instead. And let us not forget that Canada was in much better shape in 2008 than many other countries due to Martin having paid off the deficit and paid down debt and our well regulated banking system. The question is now. with all the advantages Canada had, why isn't our economy doing much better?
Peas Family Buffet
It's simple...right or wrong!
05:16 PM on 12/13/2012
I suppose you are to young to remember, but it was the Trudeau government that dug the hole. Joe Clark a PC tried to save it but a minority government can not accomplish anything. So look what happens when things need to get done.....nobody is happy....Lets just stick to a minority government where nothing ever gets done and nobody can B$*&H about it. Our military trainers are old...our navy ships and helicopters are crashing....who cares?
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I stand on the shoulders of giants
01:14 PM on 12/13/2012
still tickling their tonsils with their toes …

“It is again a rhetorical rant from the no defence party opposite that we have heard time and time again. Those members have no plan B. Their plan B is not to buy equipment for the Canadian Forces... Having served in the Canadian Forces, she should support those men and women who need this equipment”
– Peter MacKay, Hansard, March 2, 2012

“We will move forward with this important procurement, unlike the members of the no-defence party. Those members have a thinly veiled agenda, which is not to support military procurement. We will move forward on this project”
– Peter MacKay, Hansard, May 8, 2012

Still think these reformCPC folks are working in the best interests of the Citizenry??
01:53 PM on 12/13/2012
Your answer is yes.
I stand on the shoulders of giants
02:08 PM on 12/13/2012
I stand on the shoulders of giants
02:21 PM on 12/13/2012
You speak for me? Typical corporatist.
Mark D Webster
01:14 PM on 12/13/2012
The so-called opposition parties are inept at holding the Conservatives to account. They have been unable to do so for the past several sessions. So much so, that it has now fallen on the shoulders of individual Canadians to do so. There should be an enormous shame settling over the entire House.
03:06 PM on 12/13/2012
How else do you think the F35 boondoggle became so public without the opposition hammering at the government over it?
Mark D Webster
08:41 AM on 12/15/2012
The F35 boondoggle was the result of an audit.  The opposition party involvement has been vocal, but entirely passive (to this day). 
I stand on the shoulders of giants
01:14 PM on 12/13/2012
Here's some rope, reformCPC'ers. You can take it from here …

“It would be a mistake to rip up this contract for our men and women in uniform as well as the aerospace industry”
– Stephen Harper, Hansard, November 3, 2010

“Contracts like this are not a political game, it is about lives and, as you well know, it is about jobs”
– Stephen Harper, Global News, January 14, 2011

“I do find it disappointing, I find it sad, that some in Parliament are backtracking on the F-35 and some are talking openly about cancelling the contract, should they get the chance”
– Stephen Harper, CTV, January 14, 2011

“If this procurement is cancelled … so another competition can be held, it will cost taxpayers $1 billion and will create an operational gap for the air force in the future”
– Peter MacKay, Conference of Defence Associations, February 25, 2011

Even worse, their attacks on the NDP demonstrate the depths to which they will stoop to vilify the opposition.
“There has been a process in place for this since the days of the previous Liberal government. The leader of the NDP should not pretend for a moment that he is raising these concerns on behalf of the military. The military has been absolutely clear about the need here”
– Stephen Harper, Hansard October 27, 2010

wait, there's more …
01:55 PM on 12/13/2012
What’s your point ..words that could not be more truly spoken.
I stand on the shoulders of giants
02:08 PM on 12/13/2012
You're that …
12:52 PM on 12/13/2012
It appears that the people in government that make the decisions - do not have to be accountable for anything they decide on.

The only person(s) they are accountable to --- are the private parties that are putting the money into their Swiss Bank accounts.
12:51 PM on 12/13/2012
Canadians know that this is a conspiracy that has robbed Canadians of their hard earned dollars and we have an opposition that can't even manage to deliver transparency. This is not a functioning democracy.
grey cells matter
12:43 PM on 12/13/2012
The big lie and the smear campaign on the F-35 started before the last election and it helped the PC.s win. That is normally called cheating in a democracy. The Government started backward from deciding what they wanted first and trying to sell it after. The much vaunted skills in fiscal management were nowhere to be seen. As costs mounted, the PC's started to "cook" the books, lie and mislead. Resulting in a total policy disaster and a major losss of trust..
12:04 PM on 12/13/2012
"...their political credibility as solid fiscal managers."

Is that supposed to be a joke?
fava beans and sweet breads are for sissies
11:52 AM on 12/13/2012
Paul Dewar's tweet: "Interesting when the cons talk about action on the F-35 it's in third person ie "they" not "we" #accountability #cdnpoli"

-it puts the lotion on its skin... the mackay-ambrose entity does what it's told.
OK I checked my micro-bio (didn't know I had one
11:47 AM on 12/13/2012
Harper: Etch-a-sketch-in-Chief
Wild Thing
Say What?!
11:42 AM on 12/13/2012
Hey MacKay! Guess what just happened to you. You have been hung out to dry. This whole F-35 purchase is harper's baby. You've been going to bat and taking the heat for harper on this issue for 2 years. Now that the secrecy and lies have come to an end, and harper is backed into a corner, it's you, not harper, that is taking the slagging. Do you understand that's the way harper planned it all along?

Look, Peter, there are some hints that deep down you might be a real, maybe even a decent, human being. A good Nova Scotia boy. You managed to land an awesome wife so she must see some good in you, and you actually showed emotion during the press conference. We still have hope for you. If you would just do the right thing, we might even start to believe in you. John Baird, Tony Clement and Dean del Mastro are too far gone, but it's not too late for you. Help us help you, Peter.

Aren't you tired of being controlled and manipulated by a sick creature like harper? Aren't you tired of getting whipped while harper hides in the background like a coward? Haven't you noticed how he pushes his loyal followers into the fire while he stays silent and out of sight?

Do you think your loyalty is misplaced, Peter? Are you starting to think that now?

Or are you really, truly, just like harper? I'm so sad for you.