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01:15 PM on 12/19/2012
I'd rather a higher proportion of skilled immigration than the 'investor class'...educated people with a work ethic and a hunger to be part of an adoptive community.
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01:04 PM on 12/19/2012
Move out West
Mad Hatter 1
12:46 PM on 12/19/2012
This is a far bigger problem. Canadian born skilled workers can't find jobs either, so whats the point of this article.
01:00 PM on 12/19/2012
Probably ward off the xenophobes who think foreign skilled workers come here to steal jobs. There are no jobs to steal in the first place.
08:58 PM on 02/13/2014
Thats because of TFWs who take the jobs away from locals.
Just keeping it real.
12:40 PM on 12/19/2012
"William Yin sits on a stool behind the counter reading about hope. It's early Saturday evening in April 2011, and he has printed out a copy of Barack Obama's 2009 inauguration speech............................................................................

Yin had always meant to study the president's message, though now, two years later, he does so skeptically. Obama's refrain of "hope and change" worked better as a rallying cry than a means of influencing policy."


Is this guy under the mistaken impression that he's in the USA?
02:46 PM on 12/19/2012
I find this odd as well, what's the deal with all this Barack Obama and USA stuff?
03:53 PM on 12/19/2012
Exactly was Obama supposed to change Canada??? Angelina Chapin, can you please try to write articles like you live in Canada, if we are discussing Canadian issues, please and thank you.
05:18 PM on 12/19/2012
One and the same to foreigners. Outside of North America Canada has always been considered as a satellite of the US. Perception that's all.
IGNORANCE has used up its quota of TOLERANCE
12:26 PM on 12/19/2012
This is a lot of hoo haa about nothing, their may be dissatisfaction in the immigrate community but would they prefer to live in their home country. I don't think so. They are here enjoying the highest quality of life on the planet, for themselves, theirs children,and sometimes their parents.The new arrivals Ive met love everything about Canada. Canadians, whether they are new arrivals or have been here for generations know how lucky we are to be enjoying this amazing country.
12:52 PM on 12/19/2012
Although many are actually returning to their countries of origin, no one is attacking this nation or this country. The discussion is about the immigration policy. What was the logic behind it? For example, among the requirements for eastern European applicants were: university level education, at least 3 years of work experience in their domain, good knowledge of both French and English and good health condition. The only explanation would be that Canada is interested in these people having children here. It's as simple as that.
IGNORANCE has used up its quota of TOLERANCE
01:12 PM on 12/19/2012
Seems like rational policy to me, and only a few leave.
01:53 PM on 12/19/2012
as someone trying to become an immigrant, agreed.
Mr e MaN
Political Atheist
12:12 PM on 12/19/2012
Well the door is always open if you don't like it. I am tired of these whiny pieces. Try coming to Canada in the 1800s when there was very little. Now we are a fully developed country (Surrey is almost there) The hardships the sweat and strain.

Why leave a booming economy to come to Canada without excellent language skills and a job propect. My experience is with second year students at a local university that can not speak the language properly, it is extremely frustrating.

Sick of 'poor me' immigrant stories.
03:00 AM on 12/20/2012
Try coming to Canada in the 1800's? Could you come up with a more banal argument? So if I ever complain about the weather, I should remember that there was once an ice age and now I'm not buried under mountains of ice and be happy? Or if a store sells me a malfunctioning blender, I should just remember that in the 1800s they didn't have electric blenders and suck it up? No. Come up with an apples to apples comparison.
08:59 PM on 02/13/2014
Yes when my ancestors came in 1630 about 80% died of starvation, bear attacks, sickness, freezing cold weather with no heat or hydro, etc.
@DeweyMai on Twitter
11:48 AM on 12/19/2012
Career Edge Organization is a self-sustaining social enterprise that since 1996 has partnered with the private sector to provide that missing Canadian work experience component to our targeted demographics, one of whom is recent newcomers, via paid internships. Over the past 16 years, we have seen over 11,000 individuals pass through our programs and many of them are now in career positions where they are able to contribute back to our organization by hiring the next generation of newcomers.

Minister Kenney’s proposals present a broad challenge to those who serve our recent immigrants but we deeply believe that there is tremendous opportunity here as well for internationally qualified professionals to begin establishing their lives and families here before they even land on our shores.
11:45 AM on 12/19/2012
Let me tell you something about The Great Canadian Education. After having arrived here as a skilled worker, I encountered the same problems as Yin. Though I have been struggling to find a job (as a cashier!) for more than a year, I haven't received one single call, despite my decent knowledge of 5 languages. I had no choice but to try to get another degree, this time from a Canadian university. Of course I was very worried I wouldn't succeed, but, guess what, without much effort I got a 4.12 GPA and am currently among the top students in this university. And imagine how I feel when people tell me about immigrants not having language skills or not being qualified enough by Canadian standards. Especially since in governmental organizations, here in Quebec, there are some employees who can't even speak English, although all employers require that candidates be perfectly bilingual.
11:58 AM on 12/19/2012
And I forgot to mention that I was a below average student in my country.
12:38 AM on 12/20/2012
You seem frustrated adirtyimmigrant, if it's really that bad maybe you should go back to your country of origin and see how well that works out. We all have paid our dues, not just you.
12:19 PM on 12/19/2012
You are an exception to most immigrants to come to Canada. Most can't and don't want to learn English. Many live in communities where everything around them is in their own language, and they can even watch TV in their languages. However if one wants to have a "profession" not just a store clerk one needs to speak English. Haliluya for the government finally making it more important to know english before coming here. Anywhere i go in Toronto, it feels like English speakers are a minority in an English speaking Country!!!!!
12:25 PM on 12/19/2012
Well, out of a dozen immigrants I know, all are exceptions like this. Three of them are physicians with more than 10 years experience: one had the means to pay for the necessary exams and textbooks (it costs thousands) and the other two have been working in a warehouse outside Montreal for the last 4 years in order to support their children. In Canada, where there is a deficit of medical workers.
02:53 PM on 12/19/2012
I know what you mean that these "sheltered" immigrants who only hang out w/ their own kind and have TV shows in their language won't help their English skill and perhaps discourage the assimilation process. Still, and correct me if I'm wrong, you make it SOUND like they have to do away with their cultures & languages altogether as soon as they step foot on this country. I know plenty of immigrant friends who manage to maintain a balance b/w the Cdn and ethnic identities. I mean, as long as the English improves and they are capable of integrating to the Cdn society, I don't care that they watch TV shows in their own languages IN THEIR OWN HOMES (where I don't live with them--it's their right) or speak to their moms in their native languages. Doesn't affect me or you one bit.
11:44 AM on 12/19/2012
2 words for you all: MADE IN CHINA
11:51 AM on 12/19/2012
This may be the stupidest comment in the history of HuffPo.
11:57 AM on 12/19/2012
it was actually 3 words
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This comment has been removed.
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11:29 AM on 12/19/2012
This is the worst kind of reporting, striving for some kind of emotional resonance at the expense of truth. Any time a Canadian journalist wants to distort facts the use the go to "per capita" argument. We also have high gun ownership per-capita, does that make us gun crazy. Why did you have to bring Obama into this, he is my President, not yours. I am a dual citizen, my parents are landed immigrants from the U.S., one an Ivy league trained Cardiologist, the other a Corporate Lawyer. Neither of them had difficulty getting jobs. Face facts, it is all relative, he might have had a better life in China, but so could I.
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Electrum 01
And the horse you rode in on.
11:51 AM on 12/19/2012
I'm a US immigrant as well, though retired. In my experience, from what I've observed at least, immigrants take their chances when they move to another country. Many immigrants exaggerate their education and experience from their home country. I don't believe that Canada or any other host country has an obligation to provide top jobs to immigrants; it's understood that when you move to another country you have to re-establish yourself.

Don't beat yourself up Canada, you're a great, humane country!
11:26 AM on 12/19/2012
Simple fact that I see:
You can be the smartest person around, but without a way to convey that without undue duress, that knowledge is next to useless.

I think how the points system should work is they should separate it out into two steps, where (as in reality) the language proficiency acts as a gatekeeper to being able to show your technical, work related proficiencies.
11:24 AM on 12/19/2012
The problem is the job market, and globalization that has moved many of the jobs overseas; and not just the menial work. We have been focused on increasing immigration, and not really improving the job market. We need to figure out the real problems (training, infrastructure, supporting emerging industries) that need to be fixed, and not just throw more cheap labour around (which is what much immigration seems to be).