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04:37 PM on 12/18/2012
Thank you, Jon Paul, for your insightful remarks. You speak authentically and with clarity. I hope that your words reach a wider and wider audience so that more and more people understand the fallacies that are being circulated in the media. There is something utterly unhealthy in loving to operate a killing machine. I tried asking a former classmate this question: "If it were the only way to save your daughters' lives would you give up your weapons?" The direct answer never came, but he continues to post about the right to bear arms, about guns being safe, while people are not, he blames these deaths on the loss of values. And I, aware of the violence that lives inside me, keep wondering when we as a society will surrender our attitudes of entitlement and act selflessly for the common good.
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03:46 PM on 12/18/2012
THANK YOU for writing this piece. I deal with depression, anxiety and mild OCD but I would never imagine doing such a heinous crime. In Canada, we do need more health care services but at least psychiatric services are covered by our universal medical, at least in BC they are. We also have gun laws, although flawed, seem to help to a certain degree. I have always thought that although Canada isn't perfect we could teach the US a few things.
Steph McGrath
03:07 PM on 12/18/2012
Hi, I appreciate your point of view. As was pointed out in an Op Ed in the New York Times, however, Autism and Asperger's are not mental health issues and I feel it is irresponsible for people to continue to paint them as such.

" For one thing, Asperger’s and autism are not forms of mental illness; they are neurodevelopmental disorders or disabilities. Autism is a lifelong condition that manifests before the age of 3; most mental illnesses do not appear until the teen or young adult years."
02:23 PM on 12/18/2012
Behavioral challenges? Are you serious? This article is "neither brave nor powerful." Liza Long is to be applauded for sharing her story and trying to wake people up to the nightmarish reality of living with mental illness in a society that provides no support for the afflicted or their families. In attacking a problem with her rhetoric, you are closing off a channel of discourse that desperately needs to be opened.
Ike Awgu
07:14 PM on 12/18/2012
^ Calls substantive article "rhetoric", decides to reply with rhetoric.
09:14 PM on 12/18/2012
I was responding to this condescending and patronizing statement: "This is why I hope she will see the problematic rhetoric in her proclamation of kinship and solidarity with Adam Lanza's mother." I too have problems with some of the implications of Liza Long's argument, but she was speaking from a position of desperation and needs support at this point rather than admonishment from on high. What is she calling for? Help for the mentally ill. Let's give her that and stop picking apart her rhetoric. And yes, I do know what that means.
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09:31 PM on 12/18/2012
watermelon2 wasn't calling this article "rhetoric", (s)he was saying that this article is shooting down Liza Long's article for /her/ rhetoric.
02:00 PM on 12/18/2012
Thank you for writing in such a sensible and measured way what I've been thinking in much less polite terms about the "I am Adam's mother" stunt.
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01:31 PM on 12/18/2012
It is about mental health, there are so many people in America who are obviously mentally ill yet receive no treatment for it. Virginia Tech, Gabby Giffords shooting, Aurora and now Sandy Hook all these suspects had obvious severe mental illness yet nobody did a thing about it. Adam Lanza's mother pulled him out of school probably because they where attempting to get him the help he needed and ignorantly like a lot of parents she thought her child was being picked on. They were allowed to just live in their delusional lives because they weren't law breakers. The access to high powered weapons is the same as it was fifty years ago. It's the rules around forced treatment that have been reduced drastically not the gun control. It isn't about targeting the mentally ill however the general public needs to know that untreated mental illness can be a severe danger to society and you cannot just ignore the obvious signs under the assumption it will never lead to violence.
01:28 PM on 12/18/2012
Oh leave that poor woman alone, already. I hate the fact that so many people are jumping on the bandwagon to bash Liza Long. Not original, and in very poor taste in my opinion.