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03:27 AM on 12/20/2012
there is an EASY answer for this... buy an e-reader tha accepts a mini or micro sd card and visit the pirate bays e-book and audio book sections for any book that you can't get at the US price (after exchange rate).

companies need to know what's acceptable and what's not .. when they see that books marked up and up and up aren't selling.. then they might get the message.

if you can download angry birds and other games that take months and months to be made by an entire team of game designers and programmers for a dollar in canada and the US alike. then there is NO REASON why a virtual book, magazine or anything digital should cost anything differnt either!

Search for legit priced merchandise.. then if you can't find it.. either.. borrow it or download it for free.. just dont start selling "pirated" material , that's just bad voodoo. if you like the author and the book, ofset buy buying the actual paperback if you enjoyed the book.

and NEVER buy a book or anything if you can't try it first.. many online book stores are full of counterfeit books, it's a plague and amazon and others are doing nothing about it, litterally hundreds of thousands of dollars are being spent on counterfeit and fake books every year with little action being done.
03:15 AM on 12/20/2012

it goes for everything, a refinery in the US gets shutdown for any reason, even if it's not producing gasoline or diesel fuel and canadian gas prices go UP! despite the fact that we export much more light crude oil than we use (the stuff used to make gasoline and other fuels).

it is the same across the board, internet and phone services, cable tv and satilite .. all are virtual services with set flat rate costs and they are all much higher in cost than anywhere else. Australia suffers from this as well.

Bell is the worst for this, look at their internet offerings, teksavvy, velcom and others buy Bell's service and resell it for CHEAPER than bell, while offering 300gb and 400gb bandwidth packages at normal entry packages and costs while bell offers 15gb NOT A TYPO ONLY FIFTEEN!!! and at a slower speed (5mb/s vs 6 & 7mb/s) ..

It's the same for TV.. no wonder why american and hacked satilite receivers are so popular and pirated television aka: "illegally downloaded" TV... heck bell even includes legit netflix usage in their "illegal download" numbers they cry about the the CRTC and the harper government.

it's disgusting! and needs to STOP! price fixing is supposed to be illegal. and it's not that "country" pricing crap either .. if it's digital the price has NO REASON to deviate whatsoever at all!
grumpy old self proclaimed backwoods intellectual
01:16 AM on 12/20/2012
Simple solution - STOP buying - everyone for a month -prices would drop like rocks. It is not only e-books, it is almost everything. A subsidized iPhone in US is 2 year contract - here it is 3 years - same purchase price. Airline flights - etc. etc. The Canadian consumer needs to stop accepting the BS being shovelled out by the retail industry and say NO.

We pay higher taxes, fees and retail prices and get 0 (zero) in return. Other countries have lower costs, equivalent health plans and better pensions for less. Wake up Canada. Time to dump the bureaucrats too.
11:28 PM on 12/19/2012
If you don't like the prices don't buy the product. It's all pretty simple to me. You're not going to go hungry or be without shelter if you don't have the newest e-book in your collection. It sounds like another first world problem to me.
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11:43 AM on 12/20/2012
Actually I view it as more of an injustice.
Those don't sit well with many.
10:50 PM on 12/19/2012
Just go show in the U.S. if enough people do it they will eventually get the message.
10:46 PM on 12/19/2012
I am a retailer. I manage a store and have for more than a decade. I DO NOT SET THE PRICE!!! I pay what the Canadian branch of the manufactures charge. If I could sell it for what it is sold for in the states I would. Some times the price in the states is below my cost. Please don't blame the retailers, especially the Canadian owed ones that have no ability to bring in product from their U.S. suppliers.

My Company employees almost $1000 Canadians and the more of us that don't shop in Canada puts their and my job at risk. We as consumers need to push the Government and the manufactures to protect or consumer rights. The Retailer is stuck in the middle.
01:28 AM on 12/20/2012
In the 70's, I used to be able to phone-order books straight from the USA, and got fast and great service and the bills came with the books! The American did not know me demo Adam, but they did business. Then Canadian (Ontario) middlemen took over and I HAD to fill a pro forma and send them the $$ first and wait for 6 wks to get the book!
By then my courses were half over. I stopped.
I still get better service and much better prices after 1st checking out Canadian dealers on other goods. Can. prices are up to 5X more. What am I to do?
Lifelong Pacifist
11:12 AM on 12/20/2012
People know you do not set the prices. However, we also realize that without you, the publishers would not be able to sell their copies. So, why don't you retailers all form a union and force the publishers to supply their books to you at the same prices they supply to the retailers in USA?
08:41 PM on 12/19/2012
Canadian e-book, $5 USA, $13 Canada. Cross border shop, Canadian retailers play us for suckers.
08:25 PM on 12/19/2012
Doesn't Canada own like... 70% of the worlds fresh water reserves? Karma's going to be a problem for our southern neighbours if this "global warming" thing runs its course...
10:11 PM on 12/19/2012
Nah, unless there are some changes in mentality of the powers that be, they'll pump it down to the US in pipelines leaving Canadians to collect rainwater for survival. Look at Ontario's green energy program that spends a fortune on wind and solar, and sells the electricity to NY at a loss, leaving Ontario's residents with a big tab looming on their utility bills.
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Chuckee Knowlton
08:09 PM on 12/19/2012
I don't know if there are many crafters here, but being the Christmas shopping season, I've been subjected to the agony of waiting in the long lines only to find out that they conveniently charge Canadians MUCH more on the items that they sell. In the States, you have 2 prices on most items, guess which one is at least 20% higher. This goes on even so the American dollar has been less than the Canadian dollar for oh, about 8 years now. RIP OFF.
08:06 PM on 12/19/2012
It's not that Canadians like to pay higher prices or enjoy paying higher prices. As a matter of fact, if you have been living under a rock for the past few decades, nobody does. It's because, quite frankly, we have no choice.

This whole report is a bunch of idiotic content saying that Canadians like higher prices. We don't WHATSOEVER. We are cornered to pay a buck or two more for items which is why we pay more.
07:02 PM on 12/19/2012
I'm tired of successive governments saying they understand our frustration regarding higher prices, but doing nothing about it. Like MILLIONS of other Canadians, if I can get something in the US (books, clothing, electronics...) for significantly less than in Canada, I'll do it if possible (and practical). Just look at how many Canadians fly out of border cities like Buffalo, for example. Frankly, I feel no sympathy for manufacturers and retailers who take advantage of Canadian consumers, and would be more than happy to see them suffer financially or even go out of business.
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06:07 PM on 12/19/2012
I've had and loved an Amazon kindle for over a year now. The biggest reason why I got a kindle as opposed to a Kobo is that I could buy ebooks at at US prices.

It looks like at this point Amazon is OFFERING to transfer Canadian's content over to not forcing it. The day they FORCE me to switch over to rip off Canadian prices is the day that I swear to never ever pay for another book. has sold books at a near loss for years to build the ebook market from nothing. Ebooks wouldn't exist as something worthy of mainstream notice if it were not for Amazon's agressive marketing and bullying of publishers and forcing them into the brave new world of e-publishing. The old school publishers would really rather keep on selling paper books like it is 1985 for the next 100 years and they needed the push. won't have the heavy hand behind it pushing prices down, it will be another Canadian e-commerce backwater with obscene prices.
05:49 PM on 12/19/2012
So why is it the Car manufactures will revoke a US dealers licence for selling a new car to a Canadian. Canadians don't accept higher prices, manufactures and retails use whatever force is necessary to gouge those buying in Canada. The influx of US retail stores does not help. Walmart does, and Target will look at the competition and price accordingly. So, in Canada you will still pay more.
06:39 PM on 12/19/2012
Because we're suckers? The line up at boarder crossings on the west coast are long, very long and getting longer. Maybe retailers will get the message eventually.
Chuckee Knowlton
08:11 PM on 12/19/2012
Buy a used car over there. They can't stop you from doing that. You will have to have the vehicle "Canadianized" before you can bring it home, but it's a simple process and fairly inexpensive.
10:23 PM on 12/19/2012
... unless it's a "luxury" car, and then the process isn't very simple and can be very expensive. Mercedes, BMW, and Jaguar, to name a few, are in control of making the changes to satisfy the import requirements. Their intent seems pretty clearly to be to prevent Canadians from taking advantage of the savings in the US and, the Canadian government seems to be in collusion with them.
Per angusta ad augusta
05:46 PM on 12/19/2012
This is the reason why Canadians lead the world in illegal downloads per capita.
06:17 PM on 12/19/2012
I had never considered bit torrents until the ebook industry started gouging me. Ebooks prices higher than buying the paperback version (including shipping)? Long live!
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