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09:46 AM on 12/19/2012
Stop buying their crap, literally and figuratively.
09:43 AM on 12/19/2012
" . . . they do it because they believe Canadians will pay a higher price."

And of course they're right.

A really interesting article would address why it is we do this.
09:23 AM on 12/19/2012
I'm surprised that spokesperson was so open and honest about it. Country pricing is allowed to differ to accomodate things like shipping costs or differences in currency values. For ever, Canada's currency was lower than the US and so we just expected to pay more for goods. Once customers get used to paying more, then the increase in our dollar value allows retailers to just suck up the extra profit for themselves.

Customers are aware that the dollar change means they SHOULD see lower prices, in theory, but since they have been paying a certain price for decades they won't complain too much or change their behaviour.
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11:04 AM on 12/19/2012
I have changed mine. I always compare prices against shipping from the US now. I haven't seen traditional brick and mortar stores react to US pricing, but on-line retailers are much more in-tune. I often find that the price for certain goods from some canadian retailers are now just a fraction above what it would cost to buy in the US and have it shipped.
09:14 AM on 12/19/2012
There''s no excuse for prices being higher in Canada.
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09:12 AM on 12/19/2012
Of course they think we will pay, but they are pretty stupid when you consider that 75% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border. Border shopping is easy. Maybe not for the weekly stuff, but the big ticket items absolutely. As consumers we SHOULD look for the best deals...and if it were merely an issue of a 5-10% price discrepency it would not be worth the gas to shop in the USA. But when it is cheaper to buy a car made in Orillia, ON in New York than in Orillia itself (which IS the case), then we have serious problems. According to the rules of Capitalism the various competing businesses should lower prices to gain market share...but it seems like they are all working together to rip us off.
09:25 AM on 12/19/2012
That is because we don't live under capitalism anymore. We live under corporatism. And corporatism dictates that profits always go up up up no matter what. This rarely works for the customers benefit.
Occupy the discussion.
09:29 AM on 12/19/2012
Absolutely, though I would argue that this is the natural outcome of Capitalism.  Wealth equals power, and power equals control.
09:09 AM on 12/19/2012
I would disagree that Canadians are not as diligent with their piece shopping. I live an hour from the border of Maine and everyone I know buys everything from tires to clothes online at US prices and gets them shipped to this store in Calais Maine. The store is always full of parcels at all times of the year. If Canada does not figure it out soon they are breeding a culture that will stop looking here at home and just shop online at US prices.
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09:07 AM on 12/19/2012
I was always told that because Canada is a big country transportation is costing more, plus Canada has 10 times less inhabitants than the USof A. Logically it would cost an avaerage of 10 times more than the us of A but in reality discounts are passed from the US to Canada through continuous sales taking place. Small countries like Canada, Austria, Ireland, and Australia with less people always pay more for their goods.
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09:35 AM on 12/19/2012
Please tell me how geography and transportation costs is the least bit relevant to downloading a book over the internet.

I bought my e-reader from Kobo...a Canadian company.
12:46 PM on 12/19/2012
It makes people feel better if they try to legitimize why they are bending over so easy as they take it in the posterior.
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03:13 PM on 12/19/2012
Geography plays for Canadians too as it is a given that cannot yet be overcome by scioence or technology. Only in Star Trek is it overcome by Mr. Scott when he teleports Captain Kirk and long-pointed eared Spok. Hoping this helps to understand the cost structure in Canada.
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