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08:59 AM on 12/23/2012
Just for the publicity,I would like to see Parliament take the stepe to find this Harper Government,IN CONTEMPT OF PARLIAMENT, AGAIN!
Sure,the majority will have thier way but at least the world would see once again just how despicable our government has become. Our opposition shopuld put it on the floor and if the speaker,Harpers speaker shoots it down then,he should be replaced. It is our right to do this. Also the opposition should walk out of the house because Harper only makes a mockery of it.
I SAY GO EXTREME. At least,he will be embarrassed WORLD WIDE. It would be well worth it
go opposition and my native brothers and sisters.
02:04 AM on 12/23/2012
Hey, Chief Theresa Spence, how's the hunger strike thing working out for you now?
02:57 AM on 12/23/2012
She's starving obviously. For a reason that is still lost on you apparently.
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12:32 AM on 12/23/2012
Mr. Harper Where is your heart? How can you turn your back on addressing this fine gentle lady who is willing to give up her life for the betterment of her people? Are you heartless?

I think not, and pray for the wisdom thats inside you, to act.
12:12 AM on 12/23/2012
He wont. He wont because it isn't his agenda. He wont be in total control. If there is one thing that scares this guy it is not being in control of the agenda. That's why he wont go to federal/provincial conferences. He doesn't control the agenda. Watch him at events such as the G8 & G20. He looks completely ill at ease. He isn't in charge. Caucus meetings are one of the few places his paranoia doesn't overwhelm him. He doesn't have a spontaneous bone in his body and strangers scare him to death.
Doreen K M
10:56 PM on 12/22/2012
Getting Mr. Harper to listen to citizens voices?... Good Luck with that, Chief!
Most of us, just can't wait until 2015 to show Harper and his troops the door..
One of those reasons, (among many).. is his lack of transparency and communication with all Canada's citizens...not just Native Canadians..

...Those who support Chief Spence's plight, to get the attention of Mr Harper to open dialogue, on native affairs, (not necessarily, her method,... but because we are a DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY and our voices and concerns, NEED to be heard) ...could take it upon ourselves, to take a minute, and email Harper directly, requesting (strongly) that he address this urgent matter, asap!
and ask "friends to do the same ..and so on..
11:31 AM on 12/23/2012
harpers email inbox is full. so is his trash-bin.
you really think he cares? you think he even looks at those emails? $100 bucks on the odds that only staffers read his critic-mail, not him.

i'm quite sure, being the PM (election fraud assisted, robo-calls.. technically he shouldn't even be PM until another election is called as there is too much discrepancy in the vote counts, was too close even as it was without the fraud) harper knows that he's not popular, why do you think he has private sessions and not public-debated or made available to public scrutiny? He IS NOT a man of the people, he's a piss*ant that needs deporting to china, where his type of government reigns supreme.
09:16 AM on 12/24/2012
Hey JR,

Read any good conspiracy theory books lately? You friggin scare me buddy!!!

Oh, Merry Chirstmas to you and all your other personalities!!
11:39 PM on 12/23/2012
show him the door? and replace him with who?. if the best the liberals can do is justin trudeau, they are out of the picture. and the beard?. no way a citizen of a foreign country ever sees power.his recent kowtowing during the quebec election saw to that.

your type rants and raves, but until your side comes up with a credible alternative, you're done for, politically that is.
09:45 PM on 12/22/2012
With these issues there is always more than enough blame to go around but all of these issues will never be settled without at least sitting down and negotiating and trying to understand each persons concerns. Attawapiskat is in the middle of nowhere it like many first nation requires assistance both in support of their infrastructure and their people, on the other side of the coin infrastructure investment must be tied to some type of a strong maintenance program and training for a team of First Nations members to be able to keep the investment maintained and operational. Throwing money at this problem has been a dismal failure but denying that the problem exists doesn't get us any further ahead either.
08:24 PM on 12/22/2012
Some bands are banging the drums and wearing warpaint in privacy of reserves. Angus is right, this could get very volatile. Harper must act now!
All Seeing Guy
Center of the storm
06:17 PM on 12/23/2012
He won't, something about not negotiating with domestic terrorists.
11:46 PM on 12/23/2012
Yes there is that. but i will be among this women-started protest with my own drum.
04:43 PM on 12/22/2012
We must remember that she is fighting against that horrifying omnibus bill that was filled with sneaky changes the Canadian public knew nothing about. Like changes to the Navigable Waters Act and to the Fisheries Act and who knows what else is hidden in there that impact upon the rest of us, not just the aboriginal community. Omnibus bills should be illegal. Sneakiness is the way of cowards and not the way to run a country.
08:52 AM on 12/23/2012
re=The omnibus bills. We know nothing of what is in them until the act is put upon us.
We should be mad as hell and capable of taking them to the streets,as the natives are doing. Until we get over,past this lazy apathetic nature within us we only give Harper permission to do as he pleases.
.I praise these people for having guts.
When the hell will us lazy canadians get up and do the sameÉOOOOH,its too cold right now!! ooooh,what good will it do! Let`s wait til; spring.
I say hogwash,get the hell out thewre NOW with the natives .Why should they have to fight YOUR battle along with their own.
Winter is another weapon of Harpers and along with his beliief in torture I am afraid for Ms Spence.
This man will go home for Xmas and Ms Spence will be in her tent,starving while he eats turkey and laughs at her.
I wonder what his wife will have to say to him. Or his kids.
This man has become so hate in Canada that he is scared to walk around the block in his own neighborhood.Armoured transportation,I wonder if he wears the bulletproof clothes.Yet he struts around pretending he is GOD. WEll.I think the real God will have some plans for this man.
02:01 PM on 12/23/2012
Where are your highly rated lawyers??
Maybe you could pick us a few and we can start an acct. for donations to be forwarded to and get this TREASON CHARGE started.The more ,longer we wait the more Harper
s dirty policies get passed.
I am certai that there are enough of us that can donate a hundred or so dollars and if we are determined enough we will not have to wait for the next election .y then,it will be too late.
Harper must know by now that he will not be reelected so he will rush as many changes through that will permanently harm us and will be irreversible.
I call upon Charlie Angus,Pat Martin Justin Trudeau, Thomas Mulcair,and any big name interested to get with this and make it work.
We have fooled around long enough with this man and extreme measures are not needed..
From all I have read and witnessed over the past couple of years all could be compiled into a masse law suite and WOULD be succesful. Now ,we need the people that will do this.
01:13 PM on 12/22/2012
Royal Proclamation, 1763

The Royal Proclamation is a document that set out guidelines for European settlement of Aboriginal territories in what is now North America. The Royal Proclamation was initially issued by King George III in 1763 to officially claim British territory in North America after Britain won the Seven Years War. In the Royal Proclamation, ownership over North America is issued to King George. However, the Royal Proclamation explicitly states that Aboriginal title has existed and continues to exist, and that all land would be considered Aboriginal land until ceded by treaty. The Proclamation forbade settlers from claiming land from the Aboriginal occupants, unless it has been first bought by the Crown and then sold to the settlers. The Royal Proclamation further sets out that only the Crown can buy land from First Nations.
01:13 PM on 12/22/2012
Part 2 of The Royal Proclamation
Most Indigenous and legal scholars recognize the Royal Proclamation as an important first step toward the recognition of existing Aboriginal rights and title, including the right to self-determination. In this regard, the Royal Proclamation is sometimes called “the Indian Magna Carta.” The Royal Proclamation set a foundation for the process of establishing treaties. For example, treaty-making typically involved presence of both parties -- the First Nation and the government, for there to be some form of consent between the two, and for the First Nation to be compensated for any lands or resources taken. However, the Royal Proclamation was designed and written by British colonists without Aboriginal input, and clearly establishes a monopoly over Aboriginal lands by the British Crown.
01:09 PM on 12/22/2012
I will now give you section (35) of the Canadian Constitution to read:

What is Section 35 of the Constitution Act? you ask ,
Here it is it reaffirms the Aboriginal ( 1st nation) Metis Inuit Rights we are talking about

Constitution Act, 1982 Section 35

Section 35 is the part of the Constitution Act that recognizes and affirms Aboriginal rights. The Canadian government did not initially plan to include Aboriginal rights so extensively within the constitution when the Act was being redrafted in the early 1980s. Early drafts and discussions during the patriation of the Canadian Constitution did not include any recognition of those existing rights and relationships, but through campaigns and demonstrations, Aboriginal groups in Canada successfully fought to have their rights enshrined and protected.

It is important to understand that Section 35 recognizes Aboriginal rights, but did not create them—Aboriginal rights have existed before Section 35.

Section 35 of the Constitution Act states:

35. (1) The existing aboriginal and treaty rights of the aboriginal peoples of Canada are hereby recognized and affirmed.

(2) In this Act, "aboriginal peoples of Canada" includes the Indian, Inuit and Métis peoples of Canada.

(3) For greater certainty, in subsection (1) "treaty rights" includes rights that now exist by way of land claims agreements or may be so acquired.

(4) Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, the aboriginal and treaty rights referred to in subsection (1) are guaranteed equally to male and female persons.
01:09 PM on 12/22/2012
So as the Stewart of the Land & the Waters I firmly oppose Bill C45 Its not about Fiscal Monies people its about the lands. its about the future of Canada cause when there are no trees,plants,wildlife, animals,water sea life only then will you all see we CAN NOT eat or Drink Money.
01:06 PM on 12/22/2012
The original point was to prosper off the exploits of the land, together. However, your government has decided to tax YOU and make YOU pay, the tax payer, for treaty promises and the pillage of the "Indian" trust. So, WHO exploits the lands? RESOURCE DEVELOPERS!!!! LARGE CORPORATIONS THAT PAY VERY LITTLE TAXES!!!! And WHO decided to make a deal with china without consultation of YOU and the "Indians"?

So, is it JUST an "Indian" problem? Do we really get things for free? Time to rewrite some history books I think..
01:06 PM on 12/22/2012
And all you that say:Indians get a free ride" - THINK AGAIN READ THIS TO : let me educate you in a good way.
Long ago, when Canada was a few houses, the sovereign queen negotiated with the "Indians" to set up a company to trade for profit. This profit was to be divided 60/40 in favour of the queen. She established a common wealth trust and an "Indian" trust. She took a bit for herself, obviously. Canada grew and prospered and the two lived in harmony...for 9-years...

During that magical time, any corporation that wanted to set-up shop in the colonies needed to consult the crown and the "Indians" and each required their share. "Indians" did not need money, but in good faith the queen kept the "Indian" share in trust. Then the colonies decided to unite, without permission from the crown, and so the Indian Act was born. Then "Canadians" decided to build a massively expensive rail road and needed the resources to do this...they saw the "Indian" Trust and pillaged it.

Then the Govt.. decided to use the common-wealth trust (where your taxes NOW go) to pay for treaties and Indigenous promises made by your sovereign queen (well her relatives anyway, which she swears to uphold and cant get out of without publicly declaring war).
01:04 PM on 12/22/2012
People people people., its high time you all get some understanding and facts. !st Nations are Not opposed to fiscal transparency & accountability. They had been asking for it for years within their own governing & from the Minister of Aboriginal affairs. Band Chief & council have need under regulated audits for several years.They are or were available for viewing on the Department of Aboriginal Affairs web site. If they have been remove then take it up with Minister John Duncan. Perhaps Minister doesnt wish for the taxpayers to see that when say 2. mil is appropriated for a band that his office deducts 23.87% for their administration, we are now down to 1.463 mil then say if band consists of 1500 members but only 1000 live on the reserve the funds for the non residents gets transferred to provincial coffers. at about 10,735. 00 each. 536.750.00 now we have 929.650 left to support the reserve for housing, water, education, health care programs,salaries,transport .
Yes these expenses all come out of band council funding arrangements.
I will not say there is no corruption in Band Governing cause yes there is some, but not in every Band. But then again that can be said for any governing body. There is something you all need to know how the funding works.

. I have 4 more posts to follow to help educate you all