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Mary Newland
12:52 PM on 12/23/2012
Let's see....God sent a winter storm to keep kids from a speech but he didn't send guardian angles to protect little kids from a gunman in Newton CT. Really? Someone actually said that out loud?
12:12 PM on 12/23/2012
One of the things that makes our (Western) society better than many Islamist ones is free speech. My respect level for Justin Trudeau just went up a notch.
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01:08 PM on 12/23/2012
When islamists form the government in this country , I think the definition of free speech will change.
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Hendrix deus est
01:14 PM on 12/23/2012
Sort of like how free speech has died under the current Christian Regime. Just ask our scientists.
02:15 PM on 12/23/2012
Amen John, the nutty lefties can't seem to wrap their heads around that one, though it is a coming and it's not going to be pretty either.
04:55 PM on 12/23/2012
keep in mind that as time goes on laws are always being challenged and there could come a day in canada(depending on who gets into politics) where you will worship at your local mosque only...
02:06 PM on 12/24/2012
Drivel from a bigot.
12:00 PM on 12/23/2012
Sparks Controversy? really all he said was the truth what every great leader should have said. Secondly not only some Jewish groups said do not go but the so call Muslim Canadian Congress those who get free money while representing no one. Their real name is Islamic haters who are working hard to punish anyone who is muslim.

They were created by the enemy of Muslims just like Hamas was created by Israel when Arafat was their big enemy it backfired and surely this one will backfire the same way. The Canadian Muslim community are proud Canadian and love Canada same as any Canadian would love their country.

They are specially grateful that not only Canada welcomed them but gave the same rights that anyone in Canada has.

They are free to practice their religion and free to be who they are. Those so call Muslim Canadian Congress are self appointed people and have no support what so ever.

They are not in this conference and they always try to make sure the general public will be misinformed about any Muslim Canadian who is not asking them leadership. As Mr. Trudeau said "It is short-sighted to pit groups of Canadians against one another"
Liberalism is destroying western civilization
10:49 PM on 12/23/2012
Somalis are a big reason why such a negative image of Islam exists in the world, you are tied with the Saudis realistically.
01:17 AM on 12/24/2012
"shahanshah" That is not true and you know it. Bigots were always there and will be there regardless of Somalis. Plus we are talking about Canadian Muslims not Somalis.
Grateful for every atom, photon and second
11:23 AM on 12/23/2012
This is great, now we know who the bigots are, the ones who don't truly understand what it means to millions to be a Canadian. Children from dozens of different cultures who are born in Canada as Musslims have every right to feel like they belong in this country. The future is coming, and the old White boy establishment, which includes intolerant National-Post-reading Jews who use the thinnest of threads to link their targets of convenience with the McCarthyesque stain of terrorism, are going to end up in the garbage can of Canadian history. (BTW, kudos to my Jewish brethren who are involved in reaching out through interfaith projects) Today's younger generation know what it means to live in a diverse tolerant society in a way that these blathering fogeys will never know.
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12:08 PM on 12/23/2012
Exactly correct. The younger generations are much more inclusive and willing to get along with people from all backgrounds. The old farts (my generation and older) preach suspicion and hatred and division. It wears one out trying to talk sense to them.
03:31 PM on 12/23/2012
does the new diverse tolerant society mean muslims acting in that way as well?
11:10 AM on 12/23/2012
We better watch this guy...
12:54 PM on 12/23/2012
Meaning ?
02:25 PM on 12/23/2012
His name is personal pleasures 905, and he wants to watch Justin Trudeau.

Do I have to spell it out for you ?

10:46 AM on 12/23/2012
I'll likely never vote liberal, but I applaud Trudeau for going ahead with the conference. People and subcultures should never stop talking with one another. He's also doing what the conservatives did well last election - work the ethnic vote. This is news designed to flush out intolerant people and politicians. It works well judging by some of the comments.
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01:24 AM on 12/24/2012
You sound like a potential Liberal voter. I know you dont vote for Harper cause you sound like a Canadian and real Canadians dont vote for Harper :)
My Canada Includes Everyone
10:35 AM on 12/23/2012
I think these folks are Canadian citizens so why should any of our politicians treat them differently from any other group of citizens. They do vote after all.
10:19 AM on 12/23/2012
Divide and conquer... isn't it ?
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10:02 AM on 12/23/2012
*shrug* I'll talk to anyone myself. I have no shame or fear.
Look if Trudue was agaisnt our allies in Israel or an anti-semite then yeah, I'd take notice of this. But he's not.... so... yeah... non-issue.
Overt Enigma
YOUR micro bio is empty
11:07 AM on 12/23/2012
Just to add to that, Arabs are Semites too.
09:58 AM on 12/23/2012
Who care he talk to anyone he wants to.
09:37 AM on 12/23/2012
I guess speaking the truth would be considered controversy in politics. But all in all, there's nothing bad in what he said at all - in fact all politicians should be that honest.
Two opposing idealogues walk into a liberal bar...
08:22 AM on 12/23/2012
To answer the headline, YES, he's still golden.
Johnny LaRue
08:40 AM on 12/23/2012
Fool's Gold.
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10:02 AM on 12/23/2012
Better then a node that only favours one direction.
Reflexion 101
08:16 AM on 12/23/2012
What Trudeau said about Canadian history during his speech, which centered on tolerance of diversity, is considered by a class of immigrants as weaknesses, an widely opened door to force their way of life (sharia) period.
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10:03 AM on 12/23/2012
it must be sad to be so afriad all the time.
Look child, *I* won't let those big bad Islamists force you to wear a burka.
10:12 AM on 12/23/2012
no fear, just realistic. when Islam takes over, everybody else must run for cover. if the moderate muslims could control the religion, i'd have no problem with it.
Denis OBrien
12:19 PM on 12/23/2012
and then there is the other class of immigrants....the class that considers all but those who believe the same religion they do, and the same interpretations of the same book, and have a history of killing anyone who disagrees with them....and yes, I am speaking of the blood soaked history of Christian fundamentalism....not to mention the elevation of Nazis to the equivalent of "Dear Leader".
Reflexion 101
08:12 AM on 12/23/2012
Why people moving out of their own countries for any reason, should not respect the new adoptive Country, its culture, the people and their civilization instead of trying to recreate abroad what they just sadly left.
09:09 AM on 12/23/2012
Ummm, talked to any Indians recently..... I think you might find yourself in common agreement.
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A true skeptic believes anything is possible.
06:50 PM on 12/23/2012
Are you referring native Canadians or immigrants from India?
Egalitarian by birth
04:40 PM on 12/25/2012
fanned and faved. Excellent point
09:20 AM on 12/23/2012
Yes I noticed that Europeans were very good at adopting to native culture instead of recreating what they just sadly left.
07:42 AM on 12/23/2012
Thank you Justin Trudeau for having the guts to do what is right.
02:30 PM on 12/23/2012
And the good sense to ignore critics from the frightened Right.