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Andrew Wilson 1
01:30 AM on 12/28/2012
what a bunch of whiners. if you want to change the rules start voting and pay attention to who the political candidates are. any contract can be changed. any law can be rewritten. start using that thing between your ears and educate yourself so we can get a Canada we all want.
01:36 AM on 12/28/2012
yup and isn't it funny that suddenly harper starts diversifying our economy off american only and all teh people go waaaa , but would half the waaaa's would be ok with americans pillaging just as much....

See , there is this thing called a royalty like pays us for stuff they want to take and if they dont pay they get to pack the heck up and like um stay home...
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Stop the Alberta Taliban
12:03 AM on 12/28/2012
What cannot be ignored is the pollution and destruction of the environment to Chinese standards, which the annexation of all environmental laws has effectively granted.

If in the meantime we can develop Graphene which has electrical and structural properties then the sellout of Canada by Harpergeddon to Communist China can be ignored by the more capable provinces.

Nunavut, NWT, and Alberta too will be increasingly decimated by cheap Chinese labour and have nothing else to do. So a future in chemical engineering may be in order to balance employment for Canadians and build up the votes to rescind all Chinese agreements with Canada should we wish to develop our own resources to employ ourselves.

If graphene works out then we can raise environmental requirements so high as to make mining development impossible

The stone age didn't end because we ran out of stones etc. So we need to develop ourselves off of Harpergeddon and into an innovative Canada free of trai/tors, where they have nothing left to sell.
01:38 AM on 12/28/2012
oh like americans ya mean ....ya right back at ya.... your just being racist and using a giant paragraph to try and justify NOT making a buck....

the only part i as prime minister would push for is the 1000 workers need to be Canadian.
OR its a no go. YOU give us the work to get you the stuff and you also pay royalties.
OR go elsewhere no really pretty much the entire planet has been filtered out to all the people that are going to mine resources. SO what'll it be there mister china leader?
Stop the Alberta Taliban
03:59 AM on 12/28/2012
I haven't a clue either what you said or are trying to say.  Americans are possibly waking up from selling out their country and jobs to Communist China for a $4 hair dryer, since then perhaps realizing the cost to their own abilities and future, so I'm not inclined to accept the same fate of corportization for Canada
Marg Wood
12:40 PM on 12/28/2012
1000 out of how many? A 100,000.?
04:32 PM on 12/28/2012
I am sure your ilk will protest graphene and nanotube technologies sighting the unfair treatment of carbon atom alignment without their consent.
what's this thing for?
11:15 PM on 12/27/2012
Could have sworn he said stuff like this wouldn't happen again a couple weeks ago
no facebook ever bye all
01:46 PM on 12/28/2012
he is a born liar
Heave Steve...2015!
04:35 PM on 12/28/2012
I would have been inclined to use the "F" word in conjunction with liar.
10:46 PM on 12/27/2012
You know what? They'll do it. Because Harper doesn't work for the country, he's working for the whatever company gives money. Harper is not interested in protecting the environment because it doesn't make money. When he will leave his post he will directly go and work for a big company...
Harper doesn't give a damn to what will happen to the environment now, in ten years or in twenty years. What matter for him it'S how much his buddies will make... And don't tell me it's for employment! How many people really live fron these holes of hell??? Anyway they are starting to import workers (i.e. slaves) from China...
So no, these kind of projects are meant for the big bosses... not for the lowly commoners and not for the future.
Our children will curse us but it will be too late.
08:57 PM on 12/27/2012
i heard thru the tin foil paranoid grapevine that the chinese\harper govt wants to station two hundred and fifty thosand troops in the 2017, another 500 military pilots along with 250 J20 fighter jets,numerous weapony,assualt vehicles,helicopters,etc....i agree with some of this anti harper rhetoric but you all have to wake up to the fact that theres GOLD in them there hills($1800 per ounze).the plan is to SCALP the area.there are buyers for all that will be pulled from the earth.the truth is folks that ol steve wants a new BFF....china...the states is going down,other superpowers around the world are no longer taking the usa or its currency very serious...i love the smell of napalm in the morning...if this sounds crazy,heres my number,so call me mabye......
09:59 PM on 12/27/2012
no takers?
I love raspberry pie, damn it.
10:07 PM on 12/27/2012
No, just the "under" one for you. Call him and check yourself in.
01:39 AM on 12/28/2012
i heard thru an even bigger grape vine that your house is being appropriated to dig a big hole for another country...can't remember which one off hand....they say you will be moved to that country in the mean time ....
03:13 AM on 12/28/2012
i dont own a house.
08:31 PM on 12/27/2012
The Americans control our oil and gas resources why not let the Chinese have the rest. We are so slow to see the rap. Of OUR resources and the jerks in Ottawa enabling this. Do you think the care about the environment or our long term viability as a nation....NOT!!!!
Resistance is Futile, You will be ASSIMILATED.
09:28 PM on 12/28/2012
The USA and their meddling all over the world to control oil.
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Aude Sapere
08:16 PM on 12/27/2012
I wonder how many Chinese workers they'll import for this one?
08:34 PM on 12/27/2012
Since it's in the Arctic, and away from prying eyes of civilization, they will probably import members of Falun Gong being held as secret prisoners by the millions. When do the actual workers of China get the benefit of all this money the Communist Party Cadres/Thieves are splashing around. The profits will not go to the workers you can be sure. Free Trade brought us to this and the destruction of Canada is going to be complete in Harper's remaining time on the throne.
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Aude Sapere
08:50 PM on 12/27/2012
I have to admit I was naive about this. Until recently, I thought we could actually partner with the resource industry to employ Canadians because, hey, what are you going to do? Move the mines somewhere else? Well, it seems they have an answer for that now. We now have to compete with Third World labor WITHIN OUR OWN COUNTRY, so the companies can circumvent our laws governing employment standards. I wouldn't worry about Falun Gong showing up here, though. They're actual slaves in Chinese prisons, so they're even more "productive".
01:41 AM on 12/28/2012
condition 1 - all work be done by canadians.
condition 2 - royalties at standard world avg prices.
condition 3 - a clean up fund for accidents ( negotiable on amount based on risks )
10:26 PM on 12/27/2012
probably about 2500 or so.
Mad Hatter 1
08:10 PM on 12/27/2012
Selling off Canada one rock at a time...

By the time our illustrious Leader is finished, all that will be left of Canada will be rubble.
07:53 PM on 12/27/2012
It doesn't matter because here in Canada there is a War On Wildlife going on. Harper and the Chinese don't care about other species......only POWER and Greed. Because I love wildlife so much I can only hope that the "mystery" of nature/ animals retaliates. We are NOTHING without other species. Wait until the honeybee disappears for good (for e.g.) and there is no more pollination of crops.... and we have nothing but chemically made food from Monsanto to eat.....Oh Well!
Faniel Darmer
03:31 PM on 12/28/2012
The "nature/animal that must retaliate" is man
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07:21 PM on 12/27/2012
Isn't there a CANADIAN business that could profit by mining these resources instead of a Communist country where we don't see a fraction of a dime.
01:44 AM on 12/28/2012
prolly not one that has billions to invest and pay royalties for the stuff...
04:04 AM on 12/28/2012
Well then the government should invest in the future of Canada then.
Heave Steve...2015!
04:50 PM on 12/28/2012
Please seek professional assistance for your affliction.
Liz Wilson 2
“a small group can change the world
06:54 PM on 12/27/2012
those of us who care about Canadian sovereignty and the environment need to join idle no more.
10:18 PM on 12/29/2012
Now people are seeing why idle no more is all about,, kinda too late though nexxen was approved by harper and sold to china 15.1 billion dollars and now this?!!!!.... We all need to join Idle nomore,,,, Like now or we will be owned by china fully, Like wtf is there not rules harper must follow. this is a conspiracy or what?
I love raspberry pie, damn it.
06:43 PM on 12/27/2012
The sell off picks up speed:

North Coast MLA worried sale of Ridley Terminals Inc. could mean more Canadian resources in foreign hands
05:17 PM on 12/27/2012
This isn't about jobs at all. The Chinese do not hire local labour for any overseas projects.

Expert on China's projects calls Harper naive and stupid about the Chinese.
08:36 PM on 12/27/2012
I think he understands the Chinese leaders just right. He's looking to his future out of politics being rewarded for his treasonous selling out of Canada a la Mulroney.
01:45 AM on 12/28/2012
what mulroney sold stuff to chinese really show me?
Marg Wood
01:02 PM on 12/28/2012
People like Harper get off on the power they have to control others. He has no conscience, that makes him dangerous! He doesn't care if he destroys Canada!
05:10 PM on 12/27/2012
You know, it is imperative we strip all the resources out of Canada as fast as we can because future generations aren't going to need them and who the hell thinks beyond 20 years anyway? Certainly not the ever capricious Stephen Harper.
"A thousand years from now", who the hell is concerned about that when we've got..."jobs"...yeh, "jobs", is the important talking point for today.
So, let's jump on that bandwagon! Cariboo, Carishmoo! Contaminating the Artic Ocean? Hell. It was dead a long time ago.