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08:21 PM on 12/27/2012
Harper's NeoCon Reformers have done nothing but destroy this great country's reputation. He is signing Free Trade agreements with a country that has the worst human rights record on the planet and who's worker rights go back to the stone age. He ignores the needs of First Nations and all Canadians. Harper and his cabinet (sheep) only speaks to those that line their pockets with cash and perks. Worst PM in the history of Canada.
09:53 PM on 12/27/2012
the goof resembling a manchurian candidate sent to betray the nation for his Israeli and Chinese Masters
08:12 PM on 12/27/2012
Is anyone - especially in the media - in the least concerned that Canada's rivers and lakes no longer have any environmental protection?
09:54 PM on 12/27/2012
the media ? hahahahahaahah you couldn't get a more useless group of clowns.

Harper has served a million softballs and they give him a pass constantly.
I love raspberry pie, damn it.
10:25 PM on 12/27/2012
Harper's destruction of the environment should be the lead story in every Canadian media outlet every single day, but it's all but being ignored.

The small handful of large corporations that control our media do not want to do anything that will put themselves in a bad light with Harper, so they basically ignore his decimation of our environment.

The damage Canada will sustain under Harper will be catastrophic. He's basically selling out future generations for short-term profits.

I mourn every day for the Canada I once was proud to be citizen of. These are sad times for Canadians with bleak times ahead for this country.
Adolf munk
11:08 PM on 12/27/2012
Well, you could seek other citizenship. Iran would gladly have you.
small government liberal
12:15 AM on 12/28/2012
That's completely wrong. First of all, why would your pride be conditioned on who the government of the day is? That's just not a good way to think about it. But to your primary point he has received immense criticism from countless media outlets on the environment, particularly the Star and the Globe and Mail so the idea that he's not been criticized because of the "small handful of large corporations that control our media" is just not persuasive.
07:35 PM on 12/27/2012
I think he has done a pretty good job. Nothing to major. I could do without Toews who seems to be caught in the 50's but loves the internet or doesn't. Toews just looks like a crazy person. The government (like most of them) have approached problems pragmatically. We do very well up here when we look at Europe and the US.
He avoids scandal and tries to govern quietly. To me he makes a good Canadian leader. We complain that he avoids the media scrums but who can blame him.
So, I like the guy and he will probably get my vote again.
Don't wish for change for change sake. I would also like to see a High Speed Rail from east to west. That would be awesome and a true visionary would do something like that.
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Solidarité mondiale, équité sociale
07:24 PM on 12/27/2012
misdemeanour., malfeasance
07:18 PM on 12/27/2012
What Harper brought it's the same kind of hate and despising political behaviour than in the States: just look at some comments here... For some people if your not pro-Harper, you're just a "lefty". This is this kind of mentallity that Mr Harper and his clique brought in Canada!!! God help us!
Who want to emulates the States??? A country where the poors are left top die and where children are shot at school! Who really want to emulates this kind of s...????
To those who would tell me to live for Cuba or elsewhere I could tell them to leave for the Rotting States!
We don't that s... here!!! Canada was a GREAT and RESPECTED and HUMANE country before Harper and it's NOT anymore!
07:33 PM on 12/27/2012
Sorry to disappoint you there friend, Canada is doing just fine, look at our U.N rankings

What we have here are your typical progressives who by no fault of their own I suppose... make comments like "wanting an assassination of the P.M"

This site is one of the most hate filled sites on the net, if you oppose anything "progressive" you are anti-fill-in-the-blanks

Thankfully the majority of Canadians have common sense
11:02 AM on 12/28/2012
Yes I'm a "progressive" as you said (thanks for the label, you just made my point!) though I wonder why I should be ashamed: I believe in PROGRESS. Better life for everyone, respect for every one.... Harper does not believe in progress. He believes in MONEY for SOME. And I fail to see HOW Canada is doing better than before?  By selling its ressources as a third world country??? To a country which doesn't respect human rights (tho we are fast going this way) which will then send it's produces and push our businesses to closure. What is this governing? Short sight view. Oh no, sorry, quick money first, let them deal with the mess then. 
Gustav Hotch
Die Wahrheit die Ganze Wahrheit
07:17 PM on 12/27/2012
Harper ordered the canadian army big brass to shut their mouth on the killing of a canadian soldier by Israel .It hapenned in Lebanon where Israel drops bombs on Palestinian refugees camps.
Gustav Hotch
Die Wahrheit die Ganze Wahrheit
Deir Yassin Survivor
07:09 PM on 12/27/2012
Harper has proven beyond a doubt he cannot be trusted to represent Canadians with a Majority in Parliment.
07:56 PM on 12/27/2012
Perfectly said!
08:05 PM on 12/27/2012
Except by those who have voted for his majority representation.
09:01 PM on 12/27/2012
Its not a real majority in the sense of the majority of Canadians. Its the first past the post which is deeply flawed and no party or hyper partisan person wants to change since it only benefits them.
Juanne Michaud
Proud Canadian, loony lefty
07:00 PM on 12/27/2012
Am I happy with Stephen Harper?


I never have been happy with him, I am not happy with him now and I will never be happy with him.

The day I vote Tory you have my cheerful permission to shoot me in the head. You will be doing me a favour as I will obviously be brain dead and you will be stopping my carcass from perambulating around the countryside doing annoying things like voting for the Tories.

Gee, I hope I haven't been too ambiguous.
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Without hope, there is no path to change.
06:23 PM on 12/27/2012
Among other things; Stephen Harper's party has eliminated energy conservation and efficiency and renewable energy funding while continuing subsidies to fossil fuels.

He has eliminated funding for the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences.

He has eliminated the climate adaptation research group within Environment Canada.

He's successfully eliminated scientists in Natural Resources Canada to study ice core data.

Not to mention; cut hundreds of millions of dollars from Environment Canada.

Sounds to me like he's failed miserably to care for Canadian families.
06:44 PM on 12/27/2012
That is why Canada is halfway towards its 2020 target of reducing GHG emissions by 17 % from 2005 levels by 2020.

What our government needs to do is cut inefficient spending this is what most Canadians realize, and thankfully this government is doing that, but not nearly enough
07:12 PM on 12/27/2012
You're obviously living on another planet or stop believing in government propaganda. Harper gov. is not working for the people of Canada, for Canada or for the planet. It's working for the industry... Reducing the emissions by developping the tar sand industry??? What do you think you're producing when you're using oil???
Without hope, there is no path to change.
06:19 PM on 12/27/2012
Stephen Harper claims that he is dedicated to building a stronger, prouder, more prosperous Canada by delivering real results for everyday Canadian families. He has spent his entire political career standing up and speaking out for Canadians who work hard, pay their taxes and play by the rules.

...he has done the complete opposite in his first year in Majority.
08:57 AM on 12/28/2012
...and yet much of the world burns, while Canadians enjoy life.
Without hope, there is no path to change.
01:25 PM on 12/28/2012
I'm personally not enjoying this Fascist regime; and I refuse to step down and allow this to happen
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06:15 PM on 12/27/2012
If your interests are economy, war and resource extraction, you probably think Harper is doing a great job. If you believe in social programs, peaceful foreign negotiations and a safe environment then he is doing a terrible job.

It always comes down to your priorities. That includes how well informed you are. And that takes effort on your part.

Still, it is important to remember than Harper is working in an unfettered political atmosphere due to an antiquated voting system that has given him his false majority. And without that, he would not have a legacy.
06:34 PM on 12/27/2012
I am interested in both, and he has failed miserably at both. He also has the full support of the MSM and because he is coward of the first order never has to take any unscripted questions. Given that the man is also a pathological liar this makes it easy for him to completely dodge any actual scrutiny.
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05:58 PM on 12/27/2012
You think he's scary now, wait till next election in 2015 and all the gullible sheep vote him back in. Watch for one more omnibus bill as Dr Evil Harper. Then quiet good Harper takes over and does next to nothing for the rest of the term and the sheep start praising him again after they forget last year as some kind of justified greatness. His timing is impeccable. God help us all.
11:58 PM on 12/27/2012
He won't be elected again. Won't happen.