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11:40 AM on 12/30/2012
And Don will be out of a job, I guess.

No wonder he's worried.
11:20 AM on 12/30/2012
Wow, have I forgot about Hockey. Watch world cup ski racing. Far more emotion. Go Erin Mielzinski!!
11:19 AM on 12/30/2012
There is only 1 good thing about the lockout, not hearing Don Cherry blab on and on during the 1st and 2nd period. haha
11:16 AM on 12/30/2012
I wish the NHLPA would join IdleNoMore and Bettman would go on a hunger strike till he disappears.
Truth matters.
10:47 AM on 12/30/2012
The league is now very close to a complete capitulation to the players. So it's not surprising people supporting the players believe the season is about to start.

But Fehr is going to ask for more. Then the owners can shut it down and start from scratch next summer. And nobody, like NBC or the courts or clearheaded fans, will be legitimately able to blame them.
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01:39 PM on 12/30/2012
I doubt the players consider the maximum allowable contract term of 6 years to be "complete capitulation". My guess it will be turned down.
Truth matters.
03:46 PM on 12/30/2012
The latest league proposal has player contract max length at 7yrs.
So where many people used to blame owners for not being able to control themselves by signing long term contracts that cicumvent the salary cap, you're now admitting players like and contribute to the loophole that allows them to do that?
10:32 AM on 12/30/2012
The NHL has lost so many games now, does it really matter if they have a season left to play?

Grown men playing a game fighting with grown men who have lots of $$$ already to see who deserves more $$$... sounds as ridiculous as it reads.

Fans of hockey will find other entertainment to replace the NHL. There's junior hockey, college/university, minor leagues and even high school. Then there's movies and other sports like the NFL, NBA, college sports, auto racing etc.

The one thing the NHL and it's owners are too blind/dumb/deaf to understand is that fans don't need the NHL but the NHL needs the fans. How about lowering ticket prices for everyone so the average person (who's really a fan) can afford to watch a game or two. The NHL takes and takes and takes from the fans but never gives back, no wonder people are finding other ways & places to spend their money.
chocolate guns for everyone!
01:17 PM on 12/30/2012
"How about lowering ticket prices for everyone so the average person (who's really a fan) can afford to watch a game or two."

I totally agree. Millionaires fighting millionaires for more money...I've stopped watching professional sports a while back. The athletes and owners have totally forgotten the types of lives their fans lead. It would be great if somewhere an owner and team said - "Hey we'll take a 15% cut this year to thank our loyal fans and lower ticket prices."
05:34 PM on 12/30/2012
You're right... a nice discount on tickets would be a huge PR move (not to mention just the right thing to do) if/when the NHL comes back to play. Owners need to make it up to the true fans (not the corporate ones who could care less about a discount) and the players need to show they play for the love of the game, not just showing up to get paid.
Be careful what you ask for, you might get it
10:28 AM on 12/30/2012
Oh, shut up, Cherry! Retire already; you are making a fool of yourself most times you open your mouth!
10:19 AM on 12/30/2012
who cares anymore
04:29 PM on 12/30/2012