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09:30 AM on 12/31/2012
What's the controversy?
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09:21 AM on 12/31/2012
It was an obnoxious question to which she responded with wt and humour. Well met, I say!
02:34 PM on 01/01/2013
It is hard to say if Clark had a role in taking the interview toward such a stupid question, but her laughing response just added fuel to the fire. She behaves like she is one of the boys, a political Shirley MacLaine all pals with the Ratpack (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.). Show'em you can take a dirty joke and never let'em see you down. It's Show Biz!

I don't know Snookie, but I think of Jennifer Lopez showing up at an awards show wearing that green dress cut down to her pubis and no underwear. "Goodness! Why all this attention?"

Clark is a shameless flirt, which would be a minor affliction if she were a good politician with solid judgment. As it is, I would expect her to cuddle up to any captain of industry and sell out the people of BC because that is who she is. The election can't come soon enough.
10:12 PM on 01/02/2013
Here she is again, keeping it alive with her New Years Resolution comment -

"She adds: "I will accept Richard Branson's kind invitation to come waterskiiing.... OK that was just a joke.""

Teehee, Christy. Teehee... now get off the stage.
09:05 AM on 12/31/2012
Chrsity Clark Is as charming as she is beautiful. Met her in person a few times, witty response from a smart lady !
09:02 AM on 12/31/2012
Well, on one end, I appreciated her candid response... we're all people, and we're all aware of the uses of these words. Why is she any different?

On the other end, it is blatantly sexist, and I think both feminists and women's rights advocates are well in the right here in crying foul. The question has disrespect laced throughout it.
A Progressive Moderate
09:55 AM on 12/31/2012
So, the question is whether her calling out the interviewer as a sexist would have been a more appropriate response... Somehow I think that response would have created just as many headlines.
10:02 AM on 12/31/2012
More, this whole thing is a joke.
10:04 AM on 12/31/2012
More than likely... lose-lose sort of scenario for everyone.
08:49 AM on 12/31/2012
Of course there's a double standard, how is this news? And really who cares, I think Clark was pretty sharp with her comeback.
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08:28 AM on 12/31/2012
That was a great answer!
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08:22 AM on 12/31/2012
Oh no, this is a serious pressing issue that must be dealt with in the coming years or decades at the latest.
08:09 AM on 12/31/2012
...hilarious story... great way to keep yourself in the media... as they say, "No such thing as bad advertising"... she is actually a very good cunning linguist, no... still LOL!
07:52 AM on 12/31/2012
what would you like to be --------the predator or the prey ------
Simon Wagstaff
Friday the 13th comes on a Wednesday this month
09:45 AM on 12/31/2012
actually it is more like wanted or desperate...
grizzly bear55
King of the forest
07:48 AM on 12/31/2012
Very smart answer.
07:41 AM on 12/31/2012
She's an attractive, smart lady over 40. Celebrate, rejoice and stop being so petty. I think the ones making a big deal out of this are simply jealous of Ms. Clark.
10:33 AM on 12/31/2012
Women are never jealous of successful, professional women, never met a single one yet that said oh I wish I could be just like Hillary Clinton or Condeleezza Rice or Ms. Clark, it doesn't happen.
Be careful what you ask for, you might get it
11:30 AM on 12/31/2012
Hahahahahahah you have been smoking too much of something if you believe women do not get jealous of successful women!
06:01 PM on 12/31/2012
"Women are never jealous......."  Well I really am speechless!!  I don't buy it even for a second!!
An Eloquent Peasant
12:23 PM on 12/31/2012
And if a female radio announcer asked a male politician a question about his ...say...rumoured penis size or stamina in the bedroom - would you think THAT was appropriate?
07:30 AM on 12/31/2012
Christy is smart enough to deflect any question she wants.If she was not offended,then neither was I.
06:39 AM on 12/31/2012
What;'s the big deal are we americans, this is canada for crying out loud