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07:49 PM on 01/02/2013
For some reason my comment didn't make it past the approval stage. At University I took a political science course as an elective for the fun of it and my prof suggested we read a really interesting report on Chinese drug and gang money being used to buy businesses and land in Canada. It is a joint report by CSIS and the RCMP. For anyone interested you can Google: "CSIS RCMP report chinese triads ownership vancouver toronto" but without the quotation marks, of course, and it should be the first link (not linking because I am worried that was the reason why my post was denied).
10:09 AM on 01/03/2013
your post may be valid but I would consider that money minor in comparison to the 10,000 billion yuan gained from bribery that gets leaked out of china every year
07:37 PM on 01/02/2013
This has been happening for a long time, unfortunately. Illegal Chinese money owns a lot in Canada.
The world has gone completely mad.
07:27 PM on 01/02/2013
Now you know why housing prices are so high in Toronto and Vancouver.
07:15 PM on 01/02/2013
The guy had $177,000 bucks, what's a freaking $500 buck fine if you've smuggled in nearly 200 Grand. Pay the fine, and do your illicit business.
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09:49 PM on 01/02/2013
I can't believe this slap on the wrist that they get!
12:52 PM on 01/03/2013
If the money is legitimately yours, it's not smuggling.
The fine is for not declaring it.

Rent in Hong Kong can be upwards of $5000.00 per month so do the math.

Sell all your assets and move to say Cuba where salaries are $25.00 per month and you'll live like a king. It's all relative.
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06:51 PM on 01/02/2013
Chinese illicit cash is found everywhere. In Spain they buy real state by the suitcase, too. But our government doesn't seem to mind.
06:35 PM on 01/02/2013
Your can add cartel cash, gang cash, dictator cash, laundered cash via the big banks all flooding in artificially hiking the price of everything out of the reach of the average working stiff. Seems that only high priced over paid Canadian CEO's "legally" getting their loot can afford to feed their families now a days.
06:27 PM on 01/02/2013
While people in China work like slaves for low wages the ruling Communist Party Cadre are taking the money and investing it abroad instead of raising the average person's standard of living. China is not the only country where the rulers/thieves are taking money meant as aid and spiriting it abroad instead of using it for the purpose it was intended. You have to ask yourself how someone from China or Africa or any poor country can arrive by plane with a family of eight when the average wage in their country per year is about one weeks wage in Canada. How many of these immigrants and refugees are the people who have made the lives of their people a starving misery? Our rich have tax havens in Bermuda and these outsiders are using Canada as a tax haven to hide money they have stolen from the mouths of starving babies - or just as bad selling the organs of religious political prisoners for profit. You can thank free trade for opening the lid to pandoras box and let out all the rich bad people to spread around he globe at will.
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08:11 PM on 01/02/2013
Exactly. I had often wondered in Vancouver how so many people could freely leave a country that has numerous travel restrictions and take so much money with them. They are not taking out bank loans. They are supported in this country by an industry that has become lower than lawyers - the real estate agent.
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06:18 PM on 01/02/2013
I feel smug since we just sold off some downtown Toronto residential houses but feel ill at ease wondering how in hell they will ever manage to pay off a stack of brix and stix that has appreciated nearly 20 fold in the past thirty odd years?
Most now pay threefold in realty taxes what we paid for TOTAL PIT back in the 'good old days.'

THE prime reason we bought realty way back then was a distrust for stock markets and the rollercoaster effect on retirement outcome. The same stupidity seems to have invaded housing and will likely have the outcome our american subprime buddies just experienced.
06:07 PM on 01/02/2013
"But the average cash seizure amounts to around $16,000" I'm interested, where in Canada is it possible to buy a condo with $16,000 ?
07:24 PM on 01/02/2013
Yup, doesn't make sense, also you can bring up to 10k legally without declaring it so why risk it for 6k more?
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Make Peace in Our Time
06:03 PM on 01/02/2013
05:58 PM on 01/02/2013
if Vancouver is the good life.......What are they living in Santa Monica LOL

Vancouver is a dark depressing cold miserable life
06:30 PM on 01/02/2013
The US is hardly a land of milk and honey at this time in history. California especially - bankrupt school system, illegal immigration and racial tension, violence, no social safety net...I could go on.
05:54 PM on 01/02/2013
What is the Huffington Post doing towing the United States foreign policy line of bashing the Chinese? This article is absurd. Firstly it is outdated but mostly it is disproportionate and feeds a rising bigotry. The sums posted are insignificant and mostly represent savings of a few individuals. When major international banks admit to wire fraud, trading with the enemy and money laundering of billions of dollars as they facilitate Al Quaida and the Sinaloa cartel little is reported. Please get a sense of proportion. Vancouver and Toronto International airports are not significant ports of entry where money is seized so this is even more biased and fundamentally poor reporting.
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08:12 PM on 01/02/2013
Why are you towing the line for communist China?
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05:06 PM on 01/02/2013
What are "naked functionaries"?
05:01 PM on 01/02/2013
The "Best and Worst Housing Markets" data is based on the difference in the number of listings over the past year, not the sale prices, which is why Halifax is misleadingly rated as the worst, when actually, according to sale prices, it's in the middle of the pack. If you're a realtor, this information is meaningful, but for the rest of us, you need to go to the CREA document and scroll down a bit further.