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01:37 AM on 01/06/2013
While I have sympathy for the anger. I think that we should remember that it isn't the penis that is the problem. Removing the penis may result in no further penile penetration but it won't stop rape. Rape is a problem of the mind. Its also a problem of social values: devaluation of the feminine (both the internal and the external), a belief in power and hierarchy as privilege and right, an absence of empathy, a result of unresolved trauma, and something that we all play a part in. Whenever we support these kinds of values we create the circumstances in which rape is committed and excused. And before I get a reaction to blaming anyone but the rapist, I am not. But I do believe that we all create the social constructs that invite the possibility that rape will occur more frequently than when the social constructs are based on different values.
02:46 AM on 01/06/2013
It may not be the penis. And it may have something to do with an entitlement culture for men.

But it certainly has something to do with testosterone...
05:37 AM on 01/06/2013
Castration is a very effective way of dealing with rape if done properly. You simply have to castrate at the neck. Any lower down and there is a problem with recidivism.
small government liberal
01:00 AM on 01/06/2013
Great comment by Mr. Dosanjh. It is nice to see a left of center politician with the courage to combat the toxin of political incorrectness.
Angelo Barovier
I came, I saw, I ate the cheese.
03:33 AM on 01/06/2013
The less we give a crap about the political stripes of politicians, even former ones, the less we encourage the culture of lockstep partisanship. I'm not accusing you of anything but your comment just made me think: "Why does it matter which way his political flag blows? Shouldn't we just care if we agree with him or not?"

The whole ad hominem aspect of the political conversation irks me.
06:54 AM on 01/06/2013
I like this point. I only recently entered the arena of political thought, but there seems to be a lot of slapping labels on everything... I'm quickly called a conservative when I say I don't want Marijuana legalized, but in other circumstances, i'm called a liberal for being an advocate for the LGBT community? I hate this label nonsense... and I get it enough already by just being a part of the aforementioned community.

It's too easy to fall into that habit, though. I don't think we can ever break it... it's how we're educated at a young age to help simplify things. Something that ingrained is bound to stick with us, even if we don't want it.
I needs proof read more!
08:36 AM on 01/06/2013
Well said. Fanned.
12:22 AM on 01/06/2013
It is not their penises but their bodies and minds which perpetrate rape-assault. Perhaps one or both of these things should be removed, to save innocent penises from their owners' brutality....
01:43 AM on 01/06/2013
I see what you did there.
11:49 AM on 01/06/2013
I think rape is beyond disgusting, but more to the point, it is all about power. Power over a woman and it's abhorrent consequences, when men realize that we never really had any power they can then be happy within themselves. Not being a dog like so many in this world.
magnus gigas caput
11:42 PM on 01/05/2013
Much as I hate to do it I'm going to agree with a BC politician on this one.
Control your self or face extreme circumcision.
10:00 PM on 01/05/2013
How would I feel if my daughter was murdered in this way. Rhetorical question, of course. This goes far beyond cultural or religous difference's. This is just so wrong on so many levels. And I'm sure that the world is just as appalled by some of the crimes commited here. 20 little kids slaughtered by a deranged gunman. I so wish that I had answers.
won't read your angry replies :D
09:45 PM on 01/05/2013
"'I think India needs to get back to its roots,' said Dosanjh, pointing out that the country has a liberal history of erotic goddesses and temple worship before a culture of sexual repression brought by Muslims and colonialism."

Though I'm willing to consider his point, is there any evidence that there were fewer rapes or better justice for them back then? It isn't necessarily the case.
Angelo Barovier
I came, I saw, I ate the cheese.
03:36 AM on 01/06/2013
Yes, they stored the records in their iPhones and backed up the data on Google Drive.
10:53 AM on 01/06/2013
Well if you take a look at some of India's ancient literature there are clues. For instance, the Kamasutra has some methods for a man to get a wife. One is through rape for then the women will be shamed into marrying him. The Vedas also talk about the god Indra raping Gautama's wife (he is a holy man). The guy told his wife she was a bad wife as she got raped. I'm sure there was all sorts of other nonsense against women before Muslims and the British came. The law that a man could take another wife if his wife failed to produce male children or was barren was made well before the Muslims came.
09:38 PM on 01/05/2013
You know, I love the Uje but come on man, if you are going to call for archaic punishments, do so with typed out full words. Perhaps blabckberrys lack decent voice input!
01:46 AM on 01/06/2013
It was a tweet, therfore limited to 140 characters.
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02:05 AM on 01/06/2013
Twitter allows only 140 characters.