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Warren Yuill
Jesus Built My Hot-Rod
06:33 AM on 01/08/2013
The feds have had this audit report in their possesion for 3 -4months now.
So the whole time Chief Spence has been doing her hunger strike routine they've been sitting back thinking "how do we drop this bomb"
You gotta admire their restraint.
And their sense of timing.
All the opportunists getting a little facetime with Chief Chief Spence, to show how much they really do care and how little political accumen they really do posses.
The Idle no more spokesperson Pam Palmer on CBCs power & polirtics With Evan Solomon going off her rocker claiming its all the governments fault and less oversight for native funding is the solution.
And Idle no more itself morphing into a occupy like "what the hell are all about anyway" movement
OK I checked my micro-bio (didn't know I had one
05:21 AM on 01/08/2013
Let's do an audit on Harper and Tony...
11:43 AM on 01/08/2013
They are done on an annual basis.
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03:48 AM on 01/08/2013
ONE HUNDRED PLUS MILLION DOLLARS, sent to ONE Band in seven years!!

Wow, if this is not an outrage to all, don't know what is. Mr. Haper & Ms. Spence, you both owe an explanation to us Canadian Tax Payers or perhaps some time in jail.
OK I checked my micro-bio (didn't know I had one
05:23 AM on 01/08/2013
75% of which stayed in Ottawa for "administration"...
06:14 AM on 01/08/2013
Please say it ain't so!
08:10 AM on 01/08/2013
sorry, but the audit shows the money the band actually received.
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north of 60
Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati
03:34 AM on 01/08/2013
Quick summary 2012 Audit:

81% Of Expenditures had little or NO documentation explaining what they were for.
includes 505 sample files at height of housing crisis.

$20,900.00 on misc/ Vendor unknown/$4,000 for breakfast
April 2012 $303,256 :consultant/Vendor unknown in a town of 300 people????
An employment contract for $225,434 Vendor unknown/ Documentation: ZERO
LEGAL FEES $69,000 Unknown Vendor
Insurance $156,000
Consultants (4) $600,000 No Report/Invoice
Purchase buildings $1,100,000 No Paperwork.
$1,000,000 Other purchases.
$311,000 No Documentation.
$1,179,000 Other Purchases/No documentation
$1,750,000 called Subcontracts for Service Delivery/Vendor Unknown
(Payment to........BLACKED OUT!)

Is the media: CBC, CTV, GLOBAL going to dig deeper, and ask the tough questions CANADIAN TAXPAYERS want answered??
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07:50 AM on 01/08/2013
Of course CBC, CTV and Global are NOT going to ask those questions. Just like HP and most of the readers here. It's much more fun to blame everything bad on Harper, Rob Ford and Mike Harris. Taxpayers should be outraged over this (regardless of the party in power).
How do you 'deep thinkers' think Dalton would do in an audit?
just sayin',,,,
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north of 60
Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati
05:28 AM on 01/09/2013
Quite true.  People read HP and Fox expecting conformation of their preconceived notions, not objective news.  Similar preconceived notions, but on opposite ends of the polarized political spectrum.  The truth is somewhere in the middle.
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03:30 AM on 01/08/2013
it's distraction that screams out for a criminal audit to be done to figure out just who ended up with what part of the 80% of $90million that can not be accounted for. Major malfeasance can not be ruled out.
03:00 AM on 01/08/2013
Spence spokesman suggests audit is wrong. Talk is cheap-prove it is wrong.
05:21 AM on 01/08/2013
please, check the evidence. Sad, but true.
08:40 AM on 01/08/2013
Spence may be right , the documentation may exist. In the bin out back cut into strips a quarter inch wide.
I think she went on this hunger strike knowing that it would be a distraction from the audit findings.
Made in Canada
02:27 AM on 01/08/2013
222 aboriginal chiefs and counselors from First Nations communities across Canada earn more money than their provincial premiers, and 82 make more than the prime minister.
08:09 AM on 01/08/2013
And, the native leaders pay no taxes on their salaries, while the premiers and the PM pay close to 50% back to the public treasury.
Made in Canada
01:53 AM on 01/08/2013
BDO Canada was brought in by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to Attawapiskat. In six months they didn't produce any fiscal statements. The Band asked them to leave. It was the FEDS who brought in the bad accountants folks. Get the facts straight!
07:48 AM on 01/08/2013
Get your facts straight, an accountant does not spend the money all they do is write down what was spent with the information given. So Spence goes out and writes a cheque for a new car, the accountant sees the cheque for the purchase price from a car company, writes down vehicle purchase no reciept.

What this audit shows is it is very likely money was being STOLEN through either at best ignorance or willfully by not providing traceable reciepts.
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Made in Canada
01:38 AM on 01/08/2013
April 1 2005 til Nov 30 2011 is when this reserve was in a "Co-Management". The band was previously co-managed by BDO Canada from November 2009 to April 2010, but the band council decided to not continue with them after the firm asked for $400,000 a year over five years to do the job. Council was suspicious of the fact they hadn't done anything in six months in terms of producing financial statements and they were let go.
03:17 AM on 01/08/2013
Interesting..Ok, co-managemnet from 2005-2011, previously 2009-2010. Why the overlap? Did both mangers get paid...please clarify.
01:36 AM on 01/08/2013
This is how dirty politics can get. The leaking of this audit was a deliberate act in order to discredit the real issue. If the band needs better management then the government should provide assist in that nature.
Made in Canada
01:56 AM on 01/08/2013
The feds already sent experts in who produced not one single statement in six months time. Now Harper is using this to tarnish the reputation of Theresa Spence as if she is somehow to blame for all of this.
02:17 AM on 01/08/2013
You're hilarious ! Somehow to blame? Like you missed the whole point of the article..
01:34 AM on 01/08/2013
The cynically planned "leak" of the audit report was nothing more and nothing less than a sleazy attempt by the Harper government to discredit Chief Spence and undermine Canada's native rights movement. Yes, Attawaspikat did receive $104 million from Ottawa between 2005 and 2011. But after subtracting even just modest amounts for essential services like health care, policing, education, etc., the residents of this isolated community with no viable local economy have had to live on less than any welfare recipient in any province. To learn more, please read "Finally, some of us are Idle No More" in www.WRISEUP.COM
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01:10 AM on 01/08/2013
First off, shame on the Cons for orchestrating a week-long barrage to soften up their foe a bit. Is Harper actually so scared of arguing with a woman who hasn't eaten for 3 weeks that he needs to delay the meeting another week so he can send in his media henchman to do what they do best (nice picture HuffPo, a guilty picture says 1000 words.)

And secondly, I find it curious that this is the angle the feds are taking. Chief Spence should throw this entire argument right back at the government. Because I too would like to know where our leaders are spending our money.

This is oddly reminiscent of the hype build-up before a boxing match. Do us all a solid Spence and knock 'im dead.
Seamus OMalley
My micro-bio is no longer empty.
06:09 AM on 01/08/2013
"Chief Spence should throw this entire argument right back at the government. Because I too would like to know where our leaders are spending our money."


Because the feds are crooked and incompetent we should celebrate Spence for being crooked and incompetent?