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02:41 PM on 01/08/2013
Why on earth would they let someone as high risk as this, live in a city -- even with 46 or so restrictions? Surely she should be in a mental hospital. We are repeatedly warned to report any person who abuses animals because there is so often a progression. Why is Vancouver inviting trouble?
The physicologist
01:14 PM on 01/08/2013
Where's Dexter when you need him!
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09:11 PM on 01/08/2013
Not sure she fits the code...
The physicologist
11:57 AM on 01/09/2013
She fits my code for someone who should be under his scrutiny.
01:09 PM on 01/08/2013
Does anyone really know what the law is regarding dangerous people in Canada, or, specifically in this Province? I live in the US, so I don't know, but there have been numerous different claims in these comments with conflicting statements about what the law is...

Where I live, if someone is deemed to be a danger to themselves or others, they can be committed for a short time to learn more, but you certainly can't lock them up and throw away the key unless they commit a crime that carries that sentence!
05:45 PM on 01/08/2013
The Law is a bit vague, because psychiatric diagnosis are vague and imprecise. In BC the police can detain someone for psychiatric assessment if they feel someone is a danger to themselves or others. And a person can be certified by two physicians for committal. Committal periods are normally about a week or thirty days, and people can be re-committed or committed for longer if they are re-certified by two physicians each time.

Involuntary committal is legal under the Mental Health Act. But past abuses by the psychiatric field inform their present day ethics, in this and many regards.

In psychiatry there is much ethical debate about what constitutes a disorder. Most disorders exist along a spectrum. Some people are very empathetic, some less so, some work on Wall Street, some enjoy torturing rabbits etc... Even hearing voices isn't necessarily a disorder if you derive fulfilment from the experience. And psychiatrists understand a bit more than others, that fantasizing about things does not equate to doing things. The only thing psychiatrists can agree on, is that a disorder is a disorder if the patient thinks they're broken and want help. So psychiatrists would feel enormous pressure not to commit people or speculate about the possibility of the escalation of antisocial behaviour.

The Justice Ministry, on the other hand, since this woman was released, has a singular responsibility in this case, and that's to public safety.
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09:17 PM on 01/08/2013
We don't really have the same concept of 'temporary insanity' here. So if you end up in a mental health institution in connection with a crime (especially a violent one), you are pretty much there until you are deemed fit to leave. Unfortunately, in this case she was sent to prison, which means they must let her out as some point... and so they parole her early with numerous conditions hoping that:

A) She will violate a condition and end up back in with the chance that her sentence will be extended.

B) She will prove, by following the conditions for an extended period, that maybe she isn't as dangerous (or dangerously compulsive) as assumed.
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12:42 PM on 01/08/2013
This woman was only given a month in jail?! I thought possessing child pornography was a crime. If this woman was already harming animals because it gave her pleasure, its only a matter of time before she harms an innocent child, which is usually where these types of people start; someone weaker and younger than they are that won't give them too much of a fight while they get off on this! It sounds like this woman may have reactive attachment disorder, especially since I read that she was a Romanian orphan. Unfortunately, many children in those orphanages have this disorder because they never had a primary attachment to a caregiver. Missing out on that bond as an infant, causes major psychological problems in their lives. I've interacted with a child at a school where I teach who was diagnosed with this. He was taken from his home at 3 years of age due to extensive abuse and gross neglect. He has no sense of right or wrong; he's violent with anyone who would come in his vicinity and if he tried to show affection, it was very inappropriate. Although he was taken at an early age, he has a slight chance to grow up normal with extensive psychiatric treatment, but this woman at her age, I highly doubt she will ever be "normal". I guess she has to kill someone or a child or beloved animal in order for her to be put away for good!
02:44 PM on 01/08/2013
You sound as though you know what you're talking about.
07:07 PM on 01/08/2013
Maybe, maybe not - one can't diagnose from newspaper articles.
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12:38 PM on 01/08/2013
A reason, but of course not an excuse...these kids never had a chance.
This is one of history's darker moments...
Alas, the kids give back what they got and we have NO CHOICE but to lock them back up in institutions...

"For 13 years, Fox and his colleagues have been following a group of children who lived as babies in orphanages around Bucharest, Romania.After the fall of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu in 1989, the plight of children living in these orphanages came to the forefront. Institutions were understaffed, abuse was rampant, and neglect was a way of life."
Rich Turner
Lies , Deception, No Exception...
12:36 PM on 01/08/2013
Why is she being let out? Seems a little ridiculous, thank god I live far away.
decrease screen
12:35 PM on 01/08/2013
Why are they putting her back on the streets.....she should be killed.
11:20 AM on 01/08/2013
This woman is extremely disturbed. I do not believe people with this level of psychosis can be helped. Its something that has to do with a darkness in her soul she has no control of. I dont not understand why she is allowed outside a state run mental facility. She should be under lock and key at all times. All the conditions of her release will not help her next victim. She is very intelligent as are most psychopaths. Its just a matter of time before she kills again
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11:30 AM on 01/08/2013
Luckily psychologists do not argue from some "darkness" and "soul".
And while I agree that she ought to be locked up, your armchair religious psychology is more harmful than helpful.
02:06 PM on 01/08/2013
Harmful? How? Perhaps the word "evil" is something you understand better.
11:40 PM on 01/08/2013
Is it helpful to her or her next victims to let her loose?
Denis OBrien
11:00 AM on 01/08/2013
She will probably have a stellar future one day as a Conservative politician...I wonder if Vic is eyeing her for babysitter material...probably a bit too old for the position though.
12:09 PM on 01/08/2013
Vic is a liberal... just sayin'
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12:35 PM on 01/08/2013
He means Vic Toews who is a Conservative politician
10:57 AM on 01/08/2013
For "Sideshow Bobette," unfortunately, I fear it's only a matter of time before she acts on these perverse fantasies to hurt humans; let alone the poor non-human animals she has already maimed and killed.
10:57 AM on 01/08/2013
"The woman has a curfew from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. and isn't allowed to access social networking sites.
Bourque is also forbidden from possessing any weapons, including knives or other bladed instruments, except to prepare food, and must stay away from people under age 18"

So even though she was convicted for killing and torturing animals, there's no condition where oh, I don't know, she's not allowed to have pets anymore?
12:48 PM on 01/08/2013
Exactly the thought that I had! Would actually be easier to monitor and enforce than a lot of the other conditions...
Copernicus TheWinner
01:15 PM on 01/08/2013
Actually I think there is such condition, she is not even allowed to live near pets. I read it somewhere. There are many more conditions they haven't listed here. She has about 46 of them.
IMO she should have been put in an institution. With all those conditions she can't live as a free person anyways. Could have as well been kept away from public going through an intense therapy. Even though there are these conditions I am extremely worried for the animals in Vancouver, homeless people that she was dreaming of killing, her poor parents and the girl that notified police about her.....
02:48 PM on 01/08/2013
I agree. After she has done something awful, who is going to feel guilty? I would not want to be the person who helped free her.
11:44 PM on 01/08/2013
Do they really expect that she will adhere to those conditions?
10:55 AM on 01/08/2013
Lock her up for life..
10:40 AM on 01/08/2013
"Quite clearly she is a disturbed young lady and is obviously in need of help." So let's just tell her to stay inside from 6-6 and not use sharp objects.....criminally insane people always follow the rules!
12:23 PM on 01/08/2013
Really, because psychos follow the rules set before them! Anybody want to start a pool on how long before she kills again? Who has five minutes? This is the type of thing that leads to mass murder, why not put a stop to her?
10:34 AM on 01/08/2013
Animals in the News?

This article is about a very unstable person,
who has committed sadistic acts of violence upon