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10:43 PM on 01/09/2013
I'm so sick of the governments representing corporations, not citizens (especially the Harpercons, but not only). It's almost like we need another level of government that represents the interests of citizens only, with corporate lobbyists being forbidden to contact them in any way, as a way of counterbalancing the one-sidedness of the politics of the day.

I get that corporate interests, like any special interest group, have some merit. But when the scale is tipped so far in favour of one special interest group - very much against the interests of the health and welfare of CITIZENS - it's time for something new...a complete overhaul of the Canadian political landscape that will force politicians to represent citizens - not just "taxpayers" (as children and some others legitimately don't pay taxes, generally), not just corporations.

Our politicians are no longer representing people. Just corporations. And that's sick. I want change.
10:42 PM on 01/09/2013
Having closely watched the Harper Government all along, though disappointing of course, this is not in the least surprising. What I do find both disappointing and surprising though is how ineffective the opposition parties have been in bringing to public attention this utter sell-out of Canadian interests and values to Big Business.
10:48 PM on 01/09/2013
In no small part because the Liberals are in the same industry pocket at the Cons.
Rob Vann
Ed Snowden is a WAKEUP CALL
08:38 AM on 01/10/2013
Definitely a major concern.. Other than Ms May it's getting difficult to tell who the sellout's are.
Truth matters.
10:32 PM on 01/09/2013
I don't think asking has anything to do with it. Nothing goes on in the oil patch without oil industry approval.

Harper does what Big Oil tells him to. That's why they backed him to be their man in government.

Just like Bush when he was US Prez.
Taylor Jay
I don't align myself with any political party.
10:23 PM on 01/09/2013
well he did work at imperial oil so... could we expect anything else than him just using his previous skill set.
10:18 PM on 01/09/2013
We might as well just join the US as its largest state, since we seem to be adopting its regressive business and environmental policies.
Stop the Alberta Taliban
10:10 PM on 01/09/2013
You can't protect what isn't protected.

The timeline is useful

1) Receive marching orders from oil companies and friends
2) Slander opponents of oil companies and friends
3) Dump wholesale all provisions into giant omnibus bill
4) Do it again just so that all the laws are gone...

Corporations are more important than a country's protection in Harpergeddon
Stop the Alberta Taliban
10:01 PM on 01/09/2013
Kent in sunlight!!! Yikes
10:00 PM on 01/09/2013
"advance "both economic growth and environmental performance.""

advance enviromental performance?

did i read this correctly?
10:10 PM on 01/09/2013
Apparently mother nature has always wanted to produce tailings ponds and three eyed fish so they're just want to assist her.
Rob Vann
Ed Snowden is a WAKEUP CALL
09:55 PM on 01/09/2013
Puts into question whether we have a government running this country or an oil and gas cartel..
10:13 PM on 01/09/2013
What question?
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Rob Vann
Ed Snowden is a WAKEUP CALL
09:30 PM on 01/09/2013
Was there every any doubt that corporate fascists are running the country. Harper and his cons are fronts for oil and gas.

Sad to say we now have the second best democracy money can buy...
09:23 PM on 01/09/2013
All you need to know about the Harper government,
09:16 PM on 01/09/2013
Do you people not watch TV. There are regular ads by gov of can about all the improvements they have made to enviro laws and how the are cleaning up the enviroment.
09:47 PM on 01/09/2013
That's how Harper works!!
Spreasd lies long enough and people believe them.
Now ,with the help of taxpayrs dollars and a bribed media he declares open range on our tvs and radios.
How much the media centers recieve seems to outwheigh their loyalty to Canada and the people.
Canada is in the wrost fix it has ever been in and now,it is only an uprising of the people that will stop it.
Of cours Harpers instrucctions are from industry but,just wait,
He will answer this with a,"the liberals did it too" quote.
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10:00 PM on 01/09/2013
Sarcasm! I love it.
09:13 PM on 01/09/2013
Finally, an environmental thread.

This must be like a safe harbour for libs, providing welcome protection from the Spence storm.
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This comment has been removed.
09:07 PM on 01/09/2013
Wasn't Kent accusing environmentalists of being influenced by foreign money and it being so wrong?
Jason Bullock
07:23 AM on 01/10/2013
Kent and Hypocrisy are lovers.