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12:18 PM on 01/11/2013
The stock is up 5% at noontime, guess your copy and paste article research missed that, why bother researching articles nowadays and presenting informative analysis, its so 20th century.....

It would appear investors do the opposite of what analysts and journalist suggest they should do...why do you think that is with RIMM?
Politics and Comedy
01:17 PM on 01/11/2013
They do copy and paste the content of their RIM articles to death, I think these things have maybe 20% new content every time they churn one of these things out.
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11:50 AM on 01/11/2013
Two tin cans on a string provide more reliable service. The next Qnx Phone the best since sliced bread ? RIM and 2013, RIP.
Politics and Comedy
01:19 PM on 01/11/2013
I haven't had a single service hiccup since I got my BlackBerry Torch, it's been completely reliable. In fact people with other phones keep borrowing mine when theirs don't work!