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10:43 AM on 01/16/2013
Hopefully this BB10 brings them around. Using the Playbook, which runs the same base operating system, I can say that there's alot to like.
Domo Tronic
Digital Magician
10:33 AM on 01/16/2013
BlackBerry is for business and not for play... Proves that the consumer body is a bunch of ef-in goofs.
10:59 AM on 01/16/2013
Ttypicall bb rant about other platforms not being for business.

As someone that travel extensively for business I switched to android based on business functionailty.

The story that bbs are for business is old & lame, like their handsets. While their new phone might bring them closer to current technology, it took them 5 years to react.

The arrogant attitude they hold about "being for business" led to that fall.
11:08 AM on 01/16/2013
agreed! ... i work with mobile phones in my business as well and the major items I need to review on the go are excel documents and PowerPoint presentations. I can say that the experience is Far better working with those "business" programs on my iPhone than on a blackberry.... plus I can do so much more - face to face phone calls, smoother internet browsing - seems to me, for business, the Blackberry claim of being the best for business is just a marketing tag line, not the actual reality (as well, I've seen a lot of businesses I work with switch to iphones). In a technological business, you look outdated sitting at the table with a BB when everyone has a real smartphone (all that said, I very much want to try out the android platform, I'm not 100% sold on Apple)
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02:38 PM on 01/16/2013
the smartphones for play should come with curb feelers the way people are bumping into things and falling down. :-)
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10:16 AM on 01/16/2013
RIM/RIMM for the win!!

Blackberry is my next phone. (also my current phone)
10:03 AM on 01/16/2013
Hopefully the new model pulls them out of this nose-dive. They are a Canadian company so I am rooting for their success.

Canadian or not - they need to provide a product that people want and will buy.
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09:53 AM on 01/16/2013
Did HuffPo get a new tech writer? What's with the positive RIM stories for a change? Nice to see RIM continues the tradition of highly secure communications. Waiting on my BB10.
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10:39 AM on 01/16/2013
You noticed that too eh?
10:55 AM on 01/16/2013
No, they finally had a couple of positive stories. Funny how the bb supporters can twist reality.