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Illegitimus Non Carborundum
05:27 AM on 01/18/2013
The Harper governments abysmal environmental record is yet one more indication that they are an infected sore on the soul of Canada- a sore that needs to be excised.
12:22 PM on 01/18/2013
well said
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north of 60
Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati
04:03 PM on 01/18/2013
hate Harper blah, blah, blah
religion is why we can't have nice things.
03:30 AM on 01/18/2013
Thank you master Harper!
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02:31 AM on 01/18/2013
Canadians care about the environment.

Canadian government does not.

Canada has a pristine wilderness (for the most part).

Canada has an un-pristine government (for the most part).

We love our cottages, trails, lakes, rivers, mountains and so on.

We do not love our government.

The problem will be fixed.
02:58 AM on 01/18/2013
The problem is that Harper can continue to win with 37% of the vote as long as there are four or five major parties opposed to him.
religion is why we can't have nice things.
03:31 AM on 01/18/2013
don't be a proponent for the duopoly system.
06:58 AM on 01/18/2013
The NDP and Liberals have to join up to beat this disgusting dough-boy harper.
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Mad Sad Glad and Variable
08:41 AM on 01/18/2013
I truly hope you can. I don't know how you will be able to repair the damage even if you vote em out
David Bob
02:00 AM on 01/18/2013
Interesting, an Indian telling hawaiins to Idle no More for the environment.
12:24 PM on 01/18/2013
Plenty of support. ~;) Idle No More! One!
03:09 PM on 01/18/2013
Lots of ppl here fear debate therefore blocking replies.
01:05 AM on 01/18/2013
In case anyone's not paying attention, it should now be obvious that Stephen Harper's Conservative government does not care a whit about the environment. All it cares about is making sure the mostly foreign billionaires and mega-millionaires invested in the Tar Sands and the rest of the Alberta oil patch continue getting even richer -- at whatever expense to ordinary Canadians, in either financial terms or health terms. www.WRISEUP.COM
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Solidarité mondiale, équité sociale
12:51 AM on 01/18/2013
Conservatives never listen, neither liberals.

The report lays the blame at the door of Canada's exports of oil and natural gas.(Canada produces more Co2 and should take drastic actions.)

Canada makes a good job with energy produced by renewable sources, (Specially ,Québec's electricity comes from low-emitting sources, hydroelectric, but the North Plan is a threat. )

Something wrong in few time «Canada also receives A s on water quality, use of forest resources and protecting threatened species.» since Harper changed the rules, with the omnibus bills.
Worldwide statistics: In 2011, CO2 per Capita
Qatari 36,20 tonnes
Koweit 29,20 tonnes
Arab emirats 22,90
luxembourg 17,80 tonnes
American 17,30
Canadian 15,60
Russian 12,50
South african 9,70
Japanese 9,30
German 9,10
Greec 8,60
Britsh 7,80 tonnes
italian 6,70
Venezuelian 6,70
Chinese 5,90
French 5,60
Swiss 4,70
Syrian 3,70
Cuban 3,30

12:40 AM on 01/18/2013
"Do you think Kent and the Conservatives will listen?" No, I believe they are incapable of 'listening'. They may hear the words, but they are unable, ill equipped and too far dip in the corporate pockets of 'Big Oil' to 'listen' with the type of 'hearing' required.

Well researched, fact based, scientific findings and the ever growing cries from the people of this nation fall flat, short and dead in the ears of this current sitting government. It was a very sad day when our democracy was stolen in May of 2011!
Resistance is Futile, You will be ASSIMILATED.
12:24 AM on 01/18/2013
Comments are always better than the actual story.
As usual, we have the partisan finger pointers, the one stat simpletons, the numbers game guys and of course the everyone but me people.

I like to crack jokes now and then but I also realize that comedy never progresses anything forward and perhaps even creates some apathy. At times I intellectualize and rant as well.

Today I don't feel like doing any of that so I hope this quote will hit home.

“We need the tonic of wildness...At the same time that we are earnest to explore and learn all things, we require that all things be mysterious and unexplorable, that land and sea be indefinitely wild, unsurveyed and unfathomed by us because unfathomable. We can never have enough of nature.”
― Henry David Thoreau, Walden: Or, Life in the Woods
Deir Yassin Survivor
11:01 PM on 01/17/2013
It goes to show how poorly thought out these surveys can be.
Runner, nurse, chess player
10:26 PM on 01/17/2013
Please don't shot the messenger here. The report is probably accurate. Canada has a proud tradition as an leader in environmental awarness. But big piles of money can change ones perspective and that is what the shale oil has done.
The biggest culprit though is the Harper government who puts his corporate cronies profits above sound governence.
02:26 AM on 01/18/2013
I do not doubt that the report is accurate.

.. I also do not doubt that the report is measuring things that make Canada look bad in comparison to other nations.

France ranks #1; good for them. Would they hold that rank if nuclear waste per capita was included in the report?
Runner, nurse, chess player
11:03 AM on 01/18/2013
Yea but I guess nucular power is only ONE aspect they look at.  Plus, while it definitely is NOT the clean energy source it claims to be (does wonders for the waters and extracting uranium is an environmental disaster) it is at least a realatively clean source of energy.  The problem wih nucular energy is their just so freaking DANGEROUS!  One accident and you wipe out the countryside around it.  But that danger was probably not part of the report.
02:50 AM on 01/18/2013
The problem is always goverment, but its a catch 22 everyone is attached to goverment for "entitlements" I say lets get rid of this bloated goverment structure

But this won't happen until people stop wanting to tax everyone and everything, the more we tax the more money goes to the government, in a way we are ultimately funding the very projects that are destroying us
03:06 AM on 01/18/2013
Just what does the government structure and people wanting something in return for their tax dollars have to do with Canada's poor showing on this environmental assessment from the Conference Board of Canada?
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north of 60
Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati
10:26 PM on 01/17/2013
My household uses less than1/10 of the average Cdn water use at 10gal/day/person, and we produce only one can of garbage per year. We consume much less than the average and 90% of the energy to maintain the household is renewable. We live a very comfortable low impact lifestyle because we don't live in a big, unsustainable, energy-wasting, GHG-emitting, toxic-polluting city. Canada is wasteful because 80% of it's uncaring population live in big cities.
06:58 AM on 01/18/2013
I live in a city, I don't have a drivers license, let alone a car, I recycle and compost, my power bill is less than 700KWh every two months... how many miles did you put on your pickup truck last week? Just because you're a hick doesn't make you environmentally sensitive or sensible - in any way. Get over yourself.
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north of 60
Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati
03:07 PM on 01/18/2013
The pick-up truck logged 0 km for the past few months.
10:13 PM on 01/17/2013
What a pile of horse buns.
09:58 PM on 01/17/2013
It is like the US and guns... keep doing what you always did, keep getting what you always got.

Keep Harper(tm).... keep getting Harper(tm)

He's like Bush II's little flunkie.

Hard to believe y'all keep him around. The US Congress is EASY to explain... look at our nut camp. But Harper(tm) is more suited to the US Congress then PM, just look at that hairdo.... all he needs is a Mississippi accent and a pickup truck.
Stop the Alberta Taliban
09:50 PM on 01/17/2013
Norway came in second. So it's not about oil revenues.
03:08 AM on 01/18/2013
It's not about revenues period and Norway isn't mining tar sands.