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09:06 AM on 02/11/2013
styep one ----pass a law preventing refilling of vacancies -----

harpie could have been well on his way ---the liberals left a huge whack of empty seats ----

but his ideological partisanship trumped a commone sense plan
08:56 AM on 02/11/2013
Honestly, these days, if its the senate or the governing cavemen in power, both seem kind of useless...
truth can't be bought, but lies sure can be sold..
08:07 AM on 02/11/2013
" It would prevent another National Energy Program raid on Alberta's oil revenues by the federal government."

But it has done nothing to prevent a much more dangerous set of raids by foreign (US/Chinese/Norwegian) oil companies, and the Tories in it have been busy holding up the Harper government's (TM) rhetoric justifying all that in the name of "development" instead of "giving away the store" which is what it really is.

So c'mon, yeah the Senate is a dead donkey and when abolished the fat pension payouts should end forthwith; they're all well-off people, they have no need of all that surplus income; hell, in the name of "austerity" alone they should willingly vote their salaries and pensions into the wastebin; but of course they always want more huh? If they really love Canada, why do they insist on grossly profiting from the tax money so many of them got their criticizing???

But you picked a bad and stupidly partisan example about the NEP, which in comparison to CETA and FIPA was a good policy, not a completely as1n1ne one
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08:05 AM on 02/11/2013
I'm sorry Diane... but our National Joke is Don Cherry... not The Senate. Although The Senate with people like Mike Duffy (A Senator?) comes a close second.
07:26 AM on 02/11/2013
It's Harpers strategy, degrade the Senate with Conservative sheep until ALL of Canada is sick of it, thus reducing objections to Senate reform.
10:14 AM on 02/11/2013
Harper's plan is to destroy the senate, he stated so many times. How would you do that? 1) Make political appointments so the sheep will blame the appointee not the appointer (Harper) 2) Take absolutely no responsibility for those appointments and pretend that you did not know, the sheep will then return to the leader (who did this) to lead them (to destroy the senate, your wish in the first place) 3) Use the senate whenever the sheep begin to notice a pattern to cast blame on the senator instead of Canada's declining position in the world under Harper's stewardship. 4) Create a crisis, then blame the crisis, a diversion for the sheep from the other problems you have created. Diversion Diversion Diversion (no one will remember that you, Harper) made these appointments!)
06:37 AM on 02/11/2013
There's a little cottage down here in PEI covered in snow drifts that is masquerading as Senator Duffy's principal residence. Any Grade Six student could look at the scenario and say with certainty.....its a scam.

But not our Senate....they have to call in the cavalry in the form of mega buck auditors.

Here's the news: The Era of Entitlement is over

Either earn your keep & play by the rules or RESIGN!
03:11 AM on 02/11/2013
Our Senate has absolutely, positively no value in our Westminster system of Government. It has failed to appreciate its own lack of responsibility to the people of this country, and for that reason alone should go.

As for a State house being a check on power please do not use Australia as a good example. The Senate, representing a minority of Australians, caused the Constitutional crisis that led to the Governor General of Australia sacking the Prime Minister, who had the majority in the Lower House. He was Gough Whitlam.

We had , in the past, the good Senator from Tasmania, Harradine, repeatedly appearing in the news, taking credit for blocking legislation from the Lower House, not because he thought it bad for Tasmanians, but because it did not fit his religious views. He introduced a bill to defund abortions. He held the balance of power for years. So simply having a State House is no guarantee of fairer government.
08:45 AM on 02/11/2013
Thank you for the insight. The best results come from examining other countries systems and honestly taking note of the successes and failures of those systems AS THEY APPLY TO the POPULATION, not to how well politicians and special interest groups can best be served.
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12:19 PM on 02/11/2013
A crisis of similar proportions to Australia's GG's actions happened in Canada too. It's known as the King-Byng Affair - pretty much forgotten here until Mr Harper prorogued parliament to avoid a vote of non-confidence.