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06:14 PM on 02/10/2013
That's putting it politely.
04:23 PM on 02/10/2013
NDP AND LIBERALS unite your parties ..please
A Progressive Moderate
04:49 PM on 02/10/2013
won't happen by 2015. just vote for Trudeau ;)
05:39 PM on 02/10/2013
Won't happen at all, more Liberals despise the NDP more than they do the Conservatives.
Liban CZ
Straight as an arrow.
06:23 PM on 02/10/2013
who, who, can you repeat that...
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04:14 PM on 02/10/2013
Harper must go with his corrupted government.
04:05 PM on 02/10/2013
Welcome to Chairman Harpo's Peoples Republic of Chinada.
First abolish the Senate, next the parliament!
03:02 PM on 02/10/2013
Canadians should be angry. But even more, They should have ways of making their anger known. So, which ways and how many ways? Writing to one's MP will attract a robo e-mail
of thanks, and oblivion.
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Needed... One Real Democrat President
01:51 PM on 02/10/2013
I had no idea that the "Conservatives" in Canada were taking lessons from the US Conservatives. But, I was especially shocked at this little tidbit: ... I have never seen reference to something like this in the US, even on the worst conspiracy outlets. I certainly hope this does not happen in the US, but I have no doubt it will. For any Government, interested in controlling the masses, it is much too fantastic a tool to be not pursued.

One subject I have not seen discussed much in Canada is Corporate Control over Government. It looks as if your Political Finance Laws are, for the most part, keeping that evil in check. Hopefully, at least. The US needs serious improvement in this area, as we are owned by the Corporations, the "Military Industrial Complex" and the "Wall Street Cabal"...

Keep up the fight against the evil that is Conservatism. Canada may be the last great hope for Democracy and Humanity in the world.
12:09 AM on 02/11/2013
I wish our political finance laws were stronger than they are. Harper tried to loosen them to allow corporate donations but lost that battle. However he now has a majority he may just try again. He was also a big fan of deregulating the banks before the 2008 financial meltdown but if his corporate masters ask, it would be no surprise if he did it now.

As for the military industrial complex, unfortunately Harper's all in favour of jumping on that bandwagon as well. He has illusions that Canada can become a military superpower after all he was right peed off when the former Liberal government didn't join the "coalition of the stupid" and go to war in Iraq. For the past several years, Locheed-Martin lobbyists have had gold keys to his office trying to dump the useless F35 on us and Harper's been lying to us about the cost of it for just as many years.
01:24 PM on 02/10/2013
"An international report last year ranked Canada 55th out of 93 countries in terms of its access to information laws. Serbia placed at the top." Serbia's President is Tomislav Nikolic, who served as Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia during the 1999 NATO bombing and was Vojislav Seselj's number two at the time in the Serbian Radical Party. Serbia's Prime Minister is Ivica Dacic, Slobodan Milosevic's successor as leader of the Socialist Party of Serbia and his wartime-era spokesman. It's nice to see such illustrious figures as these put Stephen Harper's fascist regime in shame.
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12:32 PM on 02/10/2013
You will not recognize Canada when I'm done. ( Steven Harper )

We failed to grasp just exactly what he meant, and now we are paying the price. This current Gov. party formed after three gentlemen made a " gentlemans agreement " , two of those so called gentlemen reneged and stabbed the third one in the back. What did we expect when they formed Gov.
Democracy really needs it's pillars to be defined
12:32 PM on 02/10/2013
The reason the MPs and Senators are immuned to "Access To Information" requests is that they are corrupted.

Corrupted Canadian politicians is like cockroaches, shine a light and they scurry.

MPs and Senators are allergic to transparency and accountability.
12:30 PM on 02/10/2013
The reason behind the reduced number of request under the freedom of information is that they have made it difficult for the average canadian to follow the legislation. When a taxpayer does follow the FIPPA legislation they either what to charge them large sums or ask them to expose their financial state to access the information.

"Right of Access" comes with a price is the one thing they don't tell you....
01:25 PM on 02/10/2013
The Right likes to put a price on everything. Those without money have zero rights as far as they're cncerned.
We're here for a good time, not a long time
11:50 AM on 02/10/2013
"Our Government is committed to openness and transparency and we continue to take Canadians’ right of access very seriously," said the statement from Matthew Conway, representing Tony Clement, the President of the Treasury Board.

There was a time when lies werent so obvious. Is anyone actually falling for this one? I dont care if you're on the right or the left. We all know our politicians are corrupt as it gets. And this Harper neo-conservative government takes the cake.
Democracy really needs it's pillars to be defined
12:35 PM on 02/10/2013
That is what corrupted politicians say.

believe them, they really take our right of access serious that Canadians don't have access to politicians because they are immuned to "Access to Information" requests. ;)

Corruption runs deep in Canada. :)
12:42 PM on 02/10/2013
This would be the same Tony Clement who scaped off a few hundred million for his constituency from the G-20 police riot funds...sometimes referred to as, "outhouse Tony"?
10:57 AM on 02/10/2013
worst gov in canadian history we are worse off than we were 7 years ago more in debt less people working more homeless more bankrupt companies more companies moved back to the states etc etc etc
02:31 PM on 02/10/2013
You're right, as far as you've gone with it. But, as much as many desire an end to this government, are we so focused on the 'bad guys' that we've forgotten the rest of the world?
The past 7-10 years have been an economic disaster for the majority, if not all nations on the planet. Many countries look to Canada as a beacon of economic stability and success in weathering a very rough financial storm.

I know it sure doesn't feel as though we've weathered it and if we're going to blame anyone, that buck that's been passing around has to stop at Harper's desk, but, considering all that's happened over the past couple of decades, what would you do if it stopped at yours?
10:41 AM on 02/10/2013
After reading Clement's response, and considering the usual response to any criticism or contrary assessment of their performance, I fully expect the Harper gov't to accuse this commissioner of having some anti conservative left-wing agenda during the next session of Parliament.
11:51 AM on 02/10/2013
They will.
10:41 AM on 02/10/2013
Anyone paying attention will know by now most governments in the world are becoming dictatorships. they go way beyond the rolls they were conceived to do and much of it secretly.
The rioting in countries around the world are a response to this and maybe its time Canadians put Harper back in his place.
09:38 AM on 02/10/2013
This is nothing new, the Conservatives under "Heir Harpo" are selling Canada to the lowest bidder. The one that everyone should be concerned about, that he is keeping wraps on is the (TPP) Trans Pacific Partnership, if this is allowed to go through unamended, even our children no matter what government that is in power will not be able to get out of it for a minimum of 30 years. It completely destroys our Environmental laws and makes us an open state for anyone who wants to steal resources at a rock bottom prices. Canada the new Value Village.