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09:43 AM on 02/11/2013
do any religious groups that originate from shall we say...the middle east...happen to get any funding in this country whatsoever? If so, do they use the funds to assist in Africa?
09:41 AM on 02/11/2013
how dare this group want to dig wells, build latrines and improve hygiene...
nete peedham
09:44 AM on 02/11/2013
More dissembling...that's not what it's about, and you know it!
09:48 AM on 02/11/2013
sure.......that's what the "Church" was doin' for the Canadian natives in those schools betcha
Allons-y, mes amis!
09:40 AM on 02/11/2013
'...the government is providing $544,813 in funding for Crossroads Christian Communications — an Ontario-based evangelical group that produces television programming — to help dig wells, build latrines and promote hygiene awareness in Uganda through 2014...'

Speaking of digging, let me hazard a guess...there's a senator involved in this somewhere, isn't there?
fallyn fleur
It's not about left or right.....
10:55 AM on 02/11/2013
and a mining company
09:38 AM on 02/11/2013
george bush and his christo-republicans called them FAITH BASED INITIATIVES ---

is anyone surprised that harpie would jump on that bandwagon too.??
09:32 AM on 02/11/2013
conservative party of canada ----evangelizing the world ----and funding the teachers of bigoty

that would look good on the stand the PM speaks out form ----

right where yesterdays message was ----""supporting victims""
10:11 AM on 02/11/2013
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Politics: Lying to put food on the table.
09:25 AM on 02/11/2013
Religion + Politics = Cataclysmic slippery slope
08:56 AM on 02/11/2013
These folks are digging wells for fresh water and preventing newborns from getting dysentary not funding a rainbow flag burning campaign gtfoh with your political b/s. When they take action against a particular group then you have cause to complain, until then all this "thought policing" is growing tiresome. As long as these folks actions are positive then i don't see what the fuss is about.
Walk on the Right - Vote on the Left
09:10 AM on 02/11/2013
Your comment is what Harper Reform wants. This is the same as the assorted Cons talking about getting rid of Abortions. Bring up an issue and see what the reaction is

Sure, wells and helping newborns is all great, but the fuss you think is nothing is actually called "Discrimination" and not okay in 2013, especially when our taxes are paying for it.
09:56 AM on 02/11/2013
Respectfully, this comment is a stretch and anyone familiar with 100 huntley street knows it. Have you ever even seen their show? Its been on every week on national tv for the past 20-30 years. Discrimination is an act, they are not setting the stage for acceptance of discrimination nor doing anything in furtherance of it. The discimination here is against crossroads, not gays. The cash is going to the sick and the hungry, not to fund a "pray the gay away" clinic. This is just fox news style sensationalist journalism for lefty's and you guys are gobbling it up like tim hortons pan-ini's. If this was a "anti-gay" church as opposed to a "regular church" it would lose its charitable status. Revenue canada even reads their religious teaching materials to make sure it doesnt preach hate against an identifiable group which is against the law. For this reason westboro could not get charitable status in this country. Your taxes are going to a charity for charity, period.
09:15 AM on 02/11/2013
if you dont see what the fuss is about ------let me tell you ----

bigotry is a learned behavior ----they are teaching it ---

the fact that you dont see what they are doing as biogoty says a lot about you
12:14 PM on 02/11/2013
Really, they are teaching it? 100 huntley street is nationally televised ministry, that means every single sermon for longer than i have drawn breath is on tape. So if your gonna lob accusations like that, show us the evidence. Don't worry ill wait....
08:56 AM on 02/11/2013
The bible, for Harper's base, was written, edited & what was left in & what was left out was dictated by men. The Old Testament where they continue to draw their material is not Christianity, it is the Jewish Bible. The New Testament is Christ's arrival where he talks of love, peace. He healed lepers where no one would touch or go near them, he welcomed the disadvantaged of society, he healed, sought no singers or bands, he never shouted his message, or pointed fingers. He was gentle, kind. None of this is seen in Harper's bunch. Jesus would say to them "go & sin no more'. The real question is, would they obey?
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Harry Nuggets
Son of Mick Nuggets
09:24 AM on 02/11/2013
It is strange that the concept that many of the intolerant espouse is certainly the tribal god of the old testament isn't it? But tribalism is what this is all about. Witness the silly expenditure of something like 26 million on celebrating to War of 1812. Honestly sometimes you'd think you were listening to little children (the ones with problems at home) in the playground.
08:51 AM on 02/11/2013
Keep government out of religion! Harper has no right to give taxpayer $$$ to any christian organization. These groups already are tax exempt. All religious groups should be investigated & those that have accepted taxpayer $$ should lose their tax exempt status. Harper & his jokers continue to distract their base by these types of ploys, they should heed Jesus' warning: 'he who has not sinned cast the first stone", "love thy neighbour as thyself'; Harper has no special mission from God to do anything, none do his lying, cheating, stealing, warmongering, hypocritical cronies.
Denis OBrien
10:05 AM on 02/11/2013
Better yet keep religion out of government...eliminate all tax credits for any religious organization who lobbies politicians, or run mega-telechurches, or any other suprestitious group advocating for feudal era solutions to modernity.
Deco Squirrel
08:43 AM on 02/11/2013
Standard CONservative hypocrisy. Shameful, disgraceful, and disgusting.
07:45 AM on 02/11/2013
"Crossroads defends its position on homosexuality as grounded in scripture"
The fact that obviously cruel and harmful actions are prescribed in a ridiculous book of myth does not detract fom their odiousness.
06:58 AM on 02/11/2013
Except they are not going there to participate in the persecution of gays. Should all companies be required to leave Saudi Arabia bcs of their atrocious human rights abuses?
nete peedham
09:42 AM on 02/11/2013
Why not? Why should these greedy corporations participate with those jerks...oh, how silly of me...MONEY!
10:20 AM on 02/11/2013
How do you know that their hygiene instruction doesn't expressly contain instruction that homosexuality is a sin, is unclean and is a threat to public safety? Would this not further stoke the "faith-based" hatred aimed at gays in that country? If its not in the course materials, how do you know it is not being taught by their employees or volunteers anyway?
02:20 AM on 02/11/2013
Evangelical Christians from the West are largely responsible for encouraging Uganda to develop the new Anti-gay legislation.

This link describes the history of the culture:

Canadian tax dollars should NOT be given to any religious group that uses the money to inflame this situation. The very presence of Western evangelical Christians in Africa adds to the problem.
12:58 AM on 02/11/2013
It's now officially LONG PAST time for Mr. Baird to come out publicly.

You too Jason.
Douglas Sinclair
Phi Zappa Krappa
02:02 AM on 02/11/2013
They can't Ian. They're at the peak of their careers. Without a female wife, they can't aspire to leadership of their party. Where they gonna go? Board members for Alberta Oil Incorporated? Lockheed General Dynamics lobbyists? Vachon Twinkies Maple Leaf maybe...?

These are their salad days and they know it and they must be REALLY in a conundrum.

Oh...I totally forgot about the Senate...