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11:13 AM on 02/18/2013
Building a state of the art green refinery near the oil would cost an order of magnitude less.
10:05 AM on 02/18/2013
Paris supplies 4000 electric cars and 27,000 bikes that can be picked up and dropped off.
Finland, Sweden, Norway, UK and Germany have carbon taxes.
Sweden: the tax has resulted in innovations that provide 100% of heating from biomass and geothermal – 4% of Sweden’s trash goes into a landfill – the rest creates energy.
Denmark: exported $10.5 billion worth of green technology. They used carbon fund to set up plants that harvest waste heat energy the provides 60% of heating.
Norway imposes a tax of 78% on oil and gas companies
California is installing huge solar fields
Seattle: the city is divesting its retirement funds investments in oil and gas companies.
Sooke: The Sooke Band has installed a 400 panel solar photovoltaic system which generates 75KW hours of electricity and solar panels to heat water have been installed on roofs of all 86 buildings on the reserve.
German national energy transition will reduce emissions by 40% by 2020 and by 80% by 2050. Right now 15% of its energy comes from renewable sources – wind and solar. 130,000 photovoltaic panels were installed last year.
Germany’s expanding renewable power industry will account for over half a million jobs by 2030.
German solar plants produce 22 Gigawatts of electricity per hour
German households that produce energy through wind or solar can sell it back to the grid at more than market prices. Some farmers are relying on this to finance their retirement.
Peter Burgess1
04:27 PM on 02/18/2013
Germany Germany Germany.
Germany got low GHG output for ONE(1) reason alone: nuclear energy. Now they are phasing that out in favor of....(drumroll) .....COAL. Dirty, filthy coal. Absolutely everyone on the planet except you understands that Germany's GHG emissions will go nowhere but up.
Peter Burgess1
04:28 PM on 02/18/2013
"California is installing huge solar fields"

And they also produce heavy oil which is dirtier than oil sands oil.
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08:26 AM on 02/18/2013
People dying around the oilsands, really? People getting sick around the oilsands, really? Water, animals etc, really?
If this was true don't you think the left wing MSM would be all over this, c'mon.
Let's get past the rhetoric, the U.S. is producing more oil than ever and if there economy ever turns coal is still number one in the U.S. They are the biggest GHG emitters in the world.
I guess they like OPEC oil where they treat woman as second class citizens, and barbaric laws like stoning homosexuals.
How hypocritical the U.S. can be sometimes.
Unfortunately the fact is the world will stop using oil when it runs out.
10:48 AM on 02/18/2013
Leading federal and academic scientists have uncovered “compelling” evidence that Alberta’s oilsands operations have been sending toxins into the atmosphere for decades.

The team has found “striking” increases in contaminants known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) at the bottom of six lakes up to 90 kilometres from the massive oilsands operations in northeastern Alberta.

“Industry’s role as a decades-long contributor of PAHs to oilsands lake ecosystems is now clearly evident,” the team reports in a study published Monday in the U.S. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

PAHs, which have been linked to cancer, “increased significantly” in the lake sediments after oilsands development began, says the study by a team from Environment Canada and Queen’s University. PAHs are a group of over 100 different chemicals formed during the incomplete burning of coal, oil and gas, garbage, or other organic substances and are one of the top 10 hazardous substances on the U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.
04:48 PM on 02/18/2013
Thanks for the article, I read it and kept a open mind. The oilsands are not  perfect and I have concerns just like everyone. I want my kids to have clean air and water, who doesn't. All I am saying the article said that people were dying, and I thought that was kind of extreme.
no facebook ever bye all
09:26 PM on 02/18/2013
wait for peter burgess to tell you ,you lie and know nothing. I pointed out the same article to him and he still is spouting his lies all over this comment site.
12:28 PM on 02/18/2013
Edmonton Journal feb 18, 2013

Oilsands tailings leaking into groundwater, Joe Oliver told in memo

Tailings ponds from oilsands production are leaking and contaminating Alberta’s groundwater, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver was told in an internal memo obtained by Postmedia News.

The memo, released through access to information legislation, said that federal government scientists, including Quebec City-based research geoscientist Martine Savard, had discovered evidence of the contamination in new research that rejected longstanding claims that toxins in the region of the Athabasca River were coming from natural sources.
Environment Canada describes groundwater contamination as a serious problem since aquifers can remain contaminated for decades or centuries, leaking into lakes, rivers or streams, while potentially creating costly water supply problems.
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07:11 AM on 02/18/2013
America has stabbed Canada in the back with a meatax? confusing!
07:10 AM on 02/18/2013
Massive? Come on. More people pay to go to a football game then attended this rally for free. It wasn't massive by any stretch.
07:10 AM on 02/18/2013
Nebraska wants the pipeline??? yes or no!
11:46 AM on 02/18/2013
Yes they do want it, the governor has already signed on.
11:47 AM on 02/18/2013
Then so be it! Canada wants it and does not want to be betrayed.
12:17 PM on 02/18/2013
Yes and that's exactly where it will stop!
12:42 PM on 02/18/2013
didnt america promise Canada?
07:09 AM on 02/18/2013
Canada wants a pipeline? BUY SENATORS duh!!! thats the way, you know?
07:08 AM on 02/18/2013
now what? Is Canada getting a pipeline? Instead of Canadian oil they want what ???oil and vinegar? hahahaha
04:08 AM on 02/18/2013
Did Mckibben fly business class on that Rockefeller money he has been hesitant to disclose ?
01:29 AM on 02/18/2013
'Carbon bomb'. Well put. To bomb or not to bomb, that is the question.
optimistically skeptical
01:18 AM on 02/18/2013
The real bottom line: The earth will survive. We probably won't, our reign will likely be comparatively short next to most other historical species. The earth has changed dramatically many times, as has the life on it and we're not even close to the top spot. We keep placing ourselves above all else like we're special, our focus so self-absorbed that the environment is nothing more than a bit player to our egos.
Plenty of excuses and reasons why we must suck every last drop of oil up as fast as we can, to drive 'growth', 'development' and 'prosperity' in the name of need. Oil is not the only resource we are hysterically exploiting, we have a lot of needs and they are all above and more important than anything else.
Nature doesn't care and nor does the earth, they will morph and adapt, evolution will continue with or without us. Evolution has shown us very clearly that survival demands adaption and as a species, we demonstrate a great fear of change, those with the money and influence have the greatest fear of us all.
What do you suppose the folks on Easter Island were thinking when they cut down the last tree? or the leader that ordered it?
Don't be shy, raise that rebel yell, we're all rockstars burnin' it at both ends...
12:16 AM on 02/18/2013
But pipeline advocates aren't really concerned about what's best for the U.S. At least one oil company backing the pipeline, Valero, has made it clear that its main goal is to reach growing foreign diesel fuel markets. Port Arthur, TX, where the Keystone XL would end, is a Foreign Trade Zone. That means oil companies would avoid paying U.S. taxes on oil that is imported from Canada, refined in Texas, and then exported to China, Latin America, or Europe. The American people get to assume all of the risk, but would see none of the benefits, not even the tax revenues.
11:41 PM on 02/17/2013
Here's 125 people who don't believe the public propaganda on display . They're not washed up celebrities or one hit wonders getting their name in the news. They are professors and scientists who have actually studied climate change and are not being paid to organize protests.
Heave Steve...2015!
07:21 PM on 02/18/2013
I started reading the list of people that put their names to this open letter. I had a "flag" come up when I came across the name "Timothy Ball". I remembered something I had read about this guy.

A google search turned up some details about this guy and his "qualifications". In a nutshell this guy is a paid shill for the oil industry.

One bad apple doesn't necessarily mean the whole barrel is bad, but then again......