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12:27 PM on 02/18/2013
""""who has been a climate change crusader,"""""

why is it that those who have a common sense approach to a problem are labelled as """crusaders ""a highly perjorative and negative term --

well mr blanchfield ??---why that choice of words?
01:51 PM on 02/18/2013
CRUSADE- lead or take part in an energetic and organized campaign concerning a social, political, or religious issue

what's pejorative or negative in that?
02:25 PM on 02/18/2013
you need to learn the difference between definition and connotation--it might be too subtle for you
old,sly, crafty,arty, leftie
02:45 PM on 02/18/2013
'Crusader' is only a positive expression in reference to the so-called Christians who murdered and plundered their way to the "Holy" Land, on several separate occasions..ConClowns approve!
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12:17 PM on 02/18/2013
canada coal cut backs should be emulated ------

gee which province in canda eliminated coal fired plants and which political stripe is the governing body ---

would that be ontario liberals??-------these consevative blowhards have no shame
The picture says it all....
12:07 PM on 02/18/2013
You are using old statistics John since you haven't even come close to the now reduced new targets. Don't worry, what's a bit of environmental change, Right John?
12:07 PM on 02/18/2013
Shortly John Baird will be visiting Venezuela where, in his usual pompous manner, he intends to bring up their human rights record.
This is a country with, unlike ours, a very popular leader who was democratically elected. Apparently Human Rights Watch ranks them at 72 points out of a hundred versus our 25. I would suggest that we write to Venezuelan newspapers urging that the Vice President bring up our awful record regarding our First Nations.
Adolf munk
12:37 PM on 02/18/2013
In which country would you prefer to live. If Venezuela, why are you here?
Shaun L
Self-proclaimed political pundit
01:02 PM on 02/18/2013
Really Adolf? Your argument is that if we disagree with somethings we should move away? What an uneducated comment.
02:19 PM on 02/18/2013
Well Adolf, I have been here for 80 years and except for the last 5 or so I have been relatively content with our human rights record. The last 5 have shown a disturbing deterioration. Of course Adolf, it sounds as if that deterioration suits you just fine. You are the namesake of many Adolfs in this world and the choice of their legacy is yours to follow, I guess.
Spring comes and the grass grows by itself
12:07 PM on 02/18/2013
Yes, we do associate the Harper government with real and sincere concern toward environmental protection...uh huh. Their main thing, you know, to introduce an omnibus of green their main thing has been mandatory prison sentences, building more prisons and spending billions on weapons.....and thumbing their noses ( read finger) the "tree huggers" and international "terrorists" who challenge them on their criminal negligence.
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12:07 PM on 02/18/2013
Same line was used for our asbestoes industry, bad enough for us to not use it, BUT, not bad enough to mine and sell it to other countries.
mr Lyons
views of an meat-eating socialist
11:58 AM on 02/18/2013
I wouldn't be surprised if Obama says no to XL for the simple reason that the "Harperites" and Brad Wall have pissed him off.
12:27 PM on 02/18/2013
You are right!!
When Obama first declined the keystone line it made Harper furious!! I remember seeing him storm out of the place threatening Obama that all of Canadas oil would then go to china and asia. He was very insulting towards Obama.
I say,never piss off an american President. Harper lost his cool and has been threatening America for the last two yrs with the Asia thing.
It makes me wonder if all these sellouts to China and others is all part of some kind of revenge thing that we all know Harper does to anyone who opposes him.
This Nexen deal??? Should NEVER EVER HAVE BEEN ALLOWED!!
No country and especially a communist one shoulo ever OWN part of our country.
Now Harper and enbridge are pushing for pipelines to the west coast and are both building a force of enemies that will not allow the pipes through BC.
East is best,refineries is best!!
You want to do something besides lie about jobs then ,build refineries ,use the exiating ones and keep the damn jobs in Canada!!!
As fo Baird?? He is still doing what he does best,LYING!! IT is the provinces that are working on climate change not the feds!!
Under Harper we have no more enviro protections at all. We cannot allow oil and mining to do whatever they wish in OUR Canada!!! GO INM GO!!
03:10 PM on 02/18/2013
The Chinese do not own any part of our country stay focused. They own the right to some small amount of bitumen.
11:50 AM on 02/18/2013
Baird insults our biggest trading partner and then uses as an example Ontario's reduction of coal use by a Liberal government. Hey Baird, the US now have these things called satellites, they can see the giant Alberta ashtray called the tarsands from the sky.
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11:58 AM on 02/18/2013
Americans burn through 400 million gallons of gas a day and you call the oil sands an ashtray?
12:34 PM on 02/18/2013
12:39 PM on 02/18/2013
11:44 AM on 02/18/2013
The US leads in the funding of clean energy and it is a big job creator. Harper's myoptic focus on oil has set us back no mater what Kent or Baird will say. Clean energy is the future, time to get with it!
11:59 AM on 02/18/2013
So just how many jobs have they created and where?
12:53 PM on 02/18/2013
300,000 over the last 5 years according to a recent article. Lots in Montana and neighbouring states and in Texas. Most of the solar jobs have appeared in California but have also sprung up in Arizona and Nevada.
01:07 PM on 02/18/2013
I'll answer that with another unfortunate question. What is the price of gas right now? A cross section of gasoline prices in North America right now show that it's the highest EVER for February, and we're not even close to peak driving season. Peak cheap fossil fuels are staring us right in the face, and the laws of Physics say that cheap energy is gone forever. We can choose the remaining resources (while we can still afford them) to invest in more fossil fuels, OR energy conservation and renewables. You can't create jobs when the energy that runs the economy is too expensive to afford. Just look at Greece. They're cutting down forests just to stay warm.
11:41 AM on 02/18/2013
Baird was right on the mark. Acid rain spewed from American smoke stacks have negatively affected Atlantic Canada for 50 years and helped destroy numerous fisheries. I wouldn't that expect an ineffectual president like Obama would even be aware of this much less be able to do anything about it. He is all about huff and puff and grabbing headlines, but at the end of the day he has accomplished nothing. Obama should mind his own business!
01:04 PM on 02/18/2013
He is minding his own business. It would help if the theo cons realized they should mind their business too since their business is Canada not oil companies.
Shaun L
Self-proclaimed political pundit
01:10 PM on 02/18/2013
Baird is full of hot air. He has no idea what he is talking about and is only there to show Canadians that the HerperCons like gays too (though it is just a scam).
11:36 AM on 02/18/2013
Ya Canucks are head of the time!
By: Amber Grooms, Reporter

Maxim Power was granted final approval from the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) to expand their Grande Cache coal-fired power plant.

Despite federal regulations to cut coal-fired greenhouse gas pollution by 2015, the H.R. Milner Generating Station is looking to expand the plant to 500-megawatts, rather than the 150-megawatt plant currently runs at.
Pembina Institute, a Canadian company committed to sustainable energy solutions, plans on possibly taking AUC to court after feeling that the AUC’s approval “was given in a blatant attempt to beat the federal government’s deadline for new greenhouse gas regulations.”

Who says Bairds is not a liar?
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12:09 PM on 02/18/2013
he does
11:31 AM on 02/18/2013
Says Harper of his pitbull, "He's never done that before!".

Baird should never have been unleashed on the world stage. The only upside of such boobery is that the US now knows it can ignore Harper in clear conscience.
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12:13 PM on 02/18/2013
hahaha boobery .... actually Americans are glad,
" See we are not the only ones with boobery in our political elocution".
Set your phasers on stun.
12:49 PM on 02/18/2013
...and numbnuttery.
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11:28 AM on 02/18/2013
The Snarl-That-Walks-Like-A-Man is so full of flatulence he competes with Carnival's Triumph.