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01:40 PM on 02/20/2013
The corruption inquiries going on in quebec should move quickly to the Harper government. Taking money from companies which you then agree to support must be more corrupt than taking a contract which is tainted with the fact that part of the money goes to a politician for okaying new pavement or whatever. At least the pavement won't hurt you. dirty oil contaminated water will kill you.
02:05 PM on 02/20/2013
Uhm bridges falling onto your head does hurt, I don't see anywhere that it says Harper took money from a caompany to change the regulations.
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02:22 PM on 02/20/2013
but he will when he's finally out. we pay him now they pay him later. same difference.
02:33 PM on 02/20/2013
ib look no further than the Omnibus Bill which ended the environmental protections of canada.s water. Think of it this way. Harper took a lot of money from any and all companies involved in extracting bitumen from the tar sands and then he changed the laws which would make it okay for them to pollute. Dittomining companies. I drink water, wash in it, eat food produced by it and so does everyone i know. I have never met a single soul hit by falling cenent and none of the people I know knows anybody who has. Do you use water to live/ Have you ever been hit by falling cement from a bridge or anyhere else?
01:39 PM on 02/20/2013
Citizens must be idle no more. Citizens must demand that the government begin to work for the people and not the economic machine. Bill C-45 will make the water get more polluted without any punishment to the companies poisoning our environment.
It's funny that the destruction is allowed to happen so freely, but the investigation and issuing of fines to companies takes so long to be dealt with. Seems opposite of what is sensible and logical.
03:00 PM on 02/20/2013
Can you provide one fact.
03:18 PM on 02/20/2013
Fact is your blind
04:08 PM on 02/20/2013
Sure, just go to any fresh water lake in any part of this land and drink the water, unfiltered for more than 7 days.  Then you will have your fact.
06:16 PM on 02/20/2013
What about the extortion taking place at the road into the Debeers mine near Atta? who pays those natives to stay idle and allows them to threaten these companies due to the fact that they are native?
07:32 PM on 02/21/2013
Who knows.  Probably themselves.
12:06 PM on 02/22/2013
At least,when the Native have a problem that needs tending to they get out there and protest the facts.
Let them be a fine example of what we should be doing.
01:36 PM on 02/20/2013
The conservative govt is in the hip pocket of the oil industry
02:06 PM on 02/20/2013
And Municipalities, among others
01:35 PM on 02/20/2013
I would say this is shocking, however what is shocking is how the industry pandering nature of the current government has become the norm. I hope that all other Canadians will voice their outrage in how badly this beautiful country is going to end up for future generations. A change must be made, we cannot allow this selling out of our country any longer.
Rob Vann
Ed Snowden is a WAKEUP CALL
02:37 PM on 02/20/2013
The prediction is that the resource sector of the Canadian economy will double in less than twenty years. Think about the environmental impact of that development up to the present and double it..that's where were headed.
Warren Yuill
Jesus Built My Hot-Rod
01:33 PM on 02/20/2013
It also came from private wood-lot operators and logging companies and mining sectors and Depts of transportation and townships and municipalities in all provinces across Canada.
And pipeline companies.
for the last 30 years
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