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03:44 PM on 04/10/2013
So sad nothing changes. I was sexually abused as a teen and went to the police ~ they didn't believe me and that was in 1975. "He said, she said." The young man was very articulate, very manipulative, and since no one else saw what he did (thank goodness), the police thought I was making the whole thing up. Unbelievable that this type of denial still occurs. My prayers to the family.
03:39 PM on 04/10/2013
She was such a pretty girl. What a shame. Someone who can take a picture of someone being raped and share it with others is SICK and DISGUSTING beyond imagination......
10:24 AM on 04/13/2013
"Someone who can take a picture of someone being raped and share it with others is SICK and DISGUSTING beyond imagination......"

And that there are pics of the attack and yet the authorities can claim "not enough evidence" is even moreso...
03:27 PM on 04/10/2013
This is so sad, truly heartbreaking
03:22 PM on 04/10/2013
Love and Prayers go out to this family.. God, Church and Prayer needs to come back into the daily life of our homes and schools . As parents we need to be more involved in knowing what our children are doing such as having dinner around th table in the evening having those good ole fashion talks with our kids finding out what's going on in their lives, not fast food everybody eating somewhere else, bedrooms, cars not knowing where your children are....they need to know you are there for them, have them in activities, be involved then they do not have time for causing other children to think there is no other way but Suicide. They could be a Mentor to the ones that are causing these awful crimes.....Someone has to be a HERO.....
04:57 PM on 04/10/2013
Love and prayers to the family as well, I am all for God and Church in schools... but which God and which Church would you be referring to?
03:20 PM on 04/10/2013
The main point of this story is that that she was raped !!! Why did the police do such a terrible job of investigating this?? Did the boys parents buy off the cops?? Wouldn't be the first time. As for the parents knowing where she was, yes they should know, but really people, once they are out of sight, at 15 the kids have a responsibility to let parents know if they go somewhere else. I think the police and the DA's office NEEDS to reopen this case and hold these boys responsible. If I read the story correctly, a video of the rape was shown. Where does the police get there was not enough evidence?? The video showed the rape, if I am correct, then why didn't those boys get arrested. She was a minor at the time. Sometimes justice is just not there for the victims. My prayers to her family.
04:35 PM on 04/10/2013
I totally agree!
03:11 PM on 04/10/2013
the kids, boys and or girls should be prosecuted to the maximum. Nothing can bring this girl back. I just feel that these kids should be accountable for their actions. Put in jail and hopefully these kids that go to jail would be gang raped by the male of thier peers. Kinda of a initiation rape in the shower Then we could post these pics for all to see as well. I really fell sorry for the kids that did this to her. They will be paying for this the rest of their lives.
03:14 PM on 04/10/2013
either the boys go to jail or the father goes to jail for aggravated assault on those boys if not homicide! a lesson has to be learn !
03:03 PM on 04/10/2013
anytime a young person dies over something like this its a tragedy,
however i dont think were getting the whole , truthful story.
i would like to hear from the other side
02:46 PM on 04/10/2013
So sad. She was a minor. 15 years old. May she rest in peace. What bothers me also is that our youth has gotten so cold, unfeeling & detached of human emotion. To badger someone & harrass them to this extent shows mental instability in the attackers. Harrassment isn't a crime??? Since when? Makes me think that some of those kids responsible were the children of these Police Officers. Very sad commentary of our youth & the adults that should be protecting them. . So sad for her family.
Gratitude is the catalyst for all change.
02:29 PM on 04/10/2013
May every person involved in the act, bullying and passing along of damaging material feel a heavy burden of guilt for her death. Unfortunately, the law won't do anything about it!
02:18 PM on 04/10/2013
Sad, She was a beautiful young girl.
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02:16 PM on 04/10/2013
Facebook will be our downfall
02:12 PM on 04/10/2013
I was in elementary school when a group of boys in my class started to harass me. I was innocent, knew nothing about sex or boy-girl relationships. I had to walk to school, it took about 20 minutes each way. I remember being afraid all the time and frequently on the run... thinking of new ways to get home where they boys would not find me. I told my teacher and my mother that "boys were bothering me" and both women laughed, thinking it was cute that I was so pretty and already boys were interested in me. They did not think it was serious, that I could be sexually harassed at such young age. Then one day a miracle happened - I had an eye exam and had to wear glasses. Suddenly I was not pretty any more! Boys left me alone, at least more so than before. After that I made it a point to look unattractive - clothing, shoes, no makeup when I was older, the more geeky I looked the safer I was. I did not go out, did not have friends, I stayed inside where I felt safe. I have had all sorts of emotional problems stemming from the early anxiety, low self esteem, feeling of guilt (even though I had done absolutely nothing wrong), later on depression and life long intimacy problems.My case happened decades ago before internet and social media, sex culture and all that stuff
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Hurry up, we're dreaming
06:20 PM on 04/10/2013
Dear icecherry,

My wish for you is that you find peace.
07:09 PM on 04/10/2013
I really appreciate your post. I have, for the most part, found peace, although some issues remain. This event in my life was a starting point of of them, and yes, had I been less sensitive or shy I would have shaken it off and moved on. But we are the way we are made. All I want is for all children and youth to grow up in a loving and safe environment, where they can be themselves without fear. Thank you.
02:08 PM on 04/10/2013
This is a time in history when a new and better can't-live-without gadget is appearing every day. Anything and everything is recorded for ALL to see. Don't get me phones and electronics are amazing but the obsession the world seems to be under over them is completely out of control. As if it's not bad enough that this young girl was raped. Then pictures are put online for all to see and where young ignorant guys harass her about the sex. There has to be an increase in teen suicide because of this type of thing. What a sad story. I hope she can now RIP and I hope all who harassed her feel oh so good about themselves and what they have helped to happen.
02:02 PM on 04/10/2013
l cant understand that her parents did not notice something was wrong, and if, why was nothing done. Clearly here a move far away l think would have helped. Whats worth more to the parents l ask, money or her life? Every day this poor child was confronted with what happend. At her age why did her parents allow her at partys with alcohol and drugs?. Yep. l blame the parents for most of what happened here even if you all dont wanna hear that.Hopefully those boys will get a harsh punishment soon. And hopefully no other parents allows their kid around those boys.
03:12 PM on 04/10/2013
Check out the Chronicle Herald article. She left Cole Harbour, went to school in Halifax. Things got better, made some new friends, some of her old friends got wiser and came back, and she moved to a school in Dartmouth. Then the story followed her there and things got bad again.
02:01 PM on 04/10/2013
Why do we raise kids to be so cruel? Why is there so much bullying and no compassion on campus? When it comes to our children, we adults are so quick to their defense. It's time for children to be held accountable for their action. Yes, I'm talking to you-all you kids out there. Don't you think for a moment you can get away with your meanness forever.
03:04 PM on 04/10/2013
I have raised three children of my own and all three of them (girls) knew from kindergarten on that they had better never let me find out they were involved in anything kind of bullying and if they saw it they were to do what was needed to stop it. I do not understand parent nor children who can allow this to go on.
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03:14 PM on 04/10/2013
I don't know that we raise them that way, but clearly we are not doing enough to nip it in the bud it when it starts to manifest itself. Certainly our current culture of parents defending their kids despite all sorts of reprehensible behavior is a contributing factor. Perhaps that's what you mean by raising our kids to be cruel. I don't know if it's the proximate cause, but it is certainly a distal cause.