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03:33 AM on 04/14/2013
I wish I could tell you it will go won't. You will always miss her. I can tell you that as the years pass you will develop coping skills that will help you through the days. My 11 yr old daughter was murdered a year after her 9 yr old brother drown. Eight yrs later her older brother died by suicide because he felt he failed her because he could not solve her murder. To this day almost 38 yrs later her murder is not solved. I cannot encourage you with the mounties taking part in Rehtaeh's case. They have and continue to fail my daughter miserably. I can only suggest that you take deep breaths and take baby steps. Say her name, keep her memory alive. And, keep pushing the media to keep her up front. Perhaps you will succeed where I have not and they will do the right thing. God bless you and yours.
07:57 PM on 04/13/2013
i'm so sorry for your loss.
05:52 PM on 04/13/2013
My deepest condolences, sir. Too many of us know the pain caused by the tragic loss of our children. I too have buried my child after the bullying became too much for him to bear. May your family and your beautiful little girl find peace.
11:18 AM on 04/13/2013
Your story is tremendously touching. Incredible story. Rea came to this world to give, to save 4 lives. This was her mission, her duty, her wish. She is a very ancient soul. She is a master, to teach other people how to love and care. She chose you as your father to continue her work to teach how to love, to give and forgive. I beilive we are all connected. She is connected to her family and friends, to the 4 persons she saved and to us. Rea teaches me something this morning. To be more giving, more loving to my son. And you see, Samuël-Laurence, who is my son, wants to see Babe on Tv to see about the fish that has been saved. This is a link, we are all linked to each other in this world. And I am telling you this, she is not somewhere else now. She is with you spiritually and will keep guiding you always....with her heart and soul..and this forever!!!
Sending you love and light,
Anicka xxx
Lovely life
04:23 PM on 04/13/2013
Fav and
10:29 AM on 04/14/2013
This is an excellent comment. You said things that have resonated deep inside me.
be kind to each other
10:55 AM on 04/13/2013
One of the hardest things in life is to see any clarity in muddy waters. My heart goes out to you and your family, Glen. Beautifully written. Beautiful girl.
09:13 AM on 04/13/2013
Dear father I hurt for your grief.... I sincerely pray that the boys that Raped your daughter are brought to justice. It is in the public interest that rape and getting away with it ....does not become the norm in our Canadian society. We all have daughters and son's..... to teach and keep safe....
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08:21 AM on 04/13/2013
My heart goes out to the family of this child. RIP baby girl.
06:51 AM on 04/13/2013
This young girl represents everyone's daughter. This terrible tragedy can happen to anyone, and I hope and pray that those involved are held responsible.
James N Rhodes
I want an Olympus E-M1
06:06 AM on 04/13/2013
It is difficult to read what you wrote here, Glen, without tearing up. One day you will see Rehtaeh again, and your anguish and pain will disappear forever.
I'm right, your wrong. Deal with it.
04:19 AM on 04/13/2013
What a beautiful child. Always remember that as sad as this was, in the 17 years she blessed you with her love she gave you a lifetime of beautiful memories.
03:17 AM on 04/13/2013
When I met my wife-to-be back in 1972, she was starting a new life after being gang raped. The police did nothing. I did not know about it until we were engaged. Made me love her even more. That she could pick herself up and move on proved to me I picked the right lady.
Our oldest daughter was raped and the police did nothing. She was only 15 at that time.
Do you see a trend here? I thought that rape was a crime.
This all happened before social media. Now it seems that rape has become another pastime at parties to be shared with everyone else. This isn't a funny thing to be shared. This was a violation of a young woman's rights. Prosecute these persons to the full extent of the law.
I have said my piece and I will go to sleep knowing that the authorities will do everything they can to cover their asses.
11:31 PM on 04/12/2013
I'm real sorry for your trouble, man.
11:19 PM on 04/12/2013
As a "Daddy's Girl", I would like to say that you are such a great example of fatherhood. I lost my dad five years ago, and I am still missing him like crazy, he was my best friend and hero. I hope and pray you and your family continue to remember the sweet young lady who was your daughter and that justice will prevail in due time. Many blessings to you all and thank you for sharing who Rehtaeh was.
11:03 PM on 04/12/2013
I, apparently, live under a rock. This is the first I've heard of Rehtaeh so as I hear or read anything else about your daughter, this is the way I will think of her, the filter I will see her through. I sincerely hope that things will change (that they ARE changing) and people who do heinous things will face adequate consequences. I hope Rehtaeh's life has made a difference in this bigger picture in addition to the difference she's made with her eyes, heart, liver and kidney.
I'm so sorry for her loss and the pain she must have gone through and I'm sorry for yours and what you are walking through now.
10:31 PM on 04/12/2013
So terribly sorry for your loss. Rightfully so, it looks like the rest of the world is mourning for you and your loss of an angel. Good will come of this - even beyond the lives of people your daughter has already saved. Perhaps she really was an angel and now we will see her work.