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05:37 AM on 07/08/2013
Fay Butler
06:30 AM on 07/08/2013
What's ridiculous about helping collect funds for cancer research, hpycmpr? Your statement, that's what.
06:50 AM on 07/08/2013
We're all entitled to our opinion......
'it's intolerable being tolerated.'
05:33 AM on 07/08/2013
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05:02 AM on 07/08/2013
...good for her.
04:58 AM on 07/08/2013
BRAVO! Nice girl. Nice thing to do. Hope she inspires many!
04:28 AM on 07/08/2013
I hate police with a passion, but for cancer, I think this is a good cause. I just hope the cause is JUST. (as in the organization really uses the $8,000) an example of Unjust, how many not for profit organizations only use a fraction of donated proceeds for actual research vs. how much goes into someones pocket (overhead)
Fay Butler
06:33 AM on 07/08/2013
You hate police? That says a lot about you. You don't have a positive comment about anything. You seem to be a person who, while doing nothing to make things better, stands back and criticizes those who do. I feel sorry for you.
03:25 PM on 07/12/2013
I feel sorry for you, one day, you will be disillusioned.
06:41 AM on 07/08/2013
I hope the cancer society is not using the money like the IRS was , for parties etc.. This really makes me upset.. I'd give more money for these things if people wouldn't misuse the money.
03:27 PM on 07/12/2013
I agree, thank god for the internet so that we can research good charities vs. bad one's (example of bad one, Geisinger Hospitals. Believe it or not, they are "not for profit." but are wholy owned and operated by Geisinger insurance group.
04:18 AM on 07/08/2013
That was a very good thing she did, but I am surprised she collected only 8000 dollars for this action. Still better than nothing I guess.
02:32 AM on 07/08/2013
I happen to like the sentiment, but orthodox cancer theory and treatment are verymuch behind the times, and the handmaiden of Big Pharma. Better are alternative-holistic treatment models. Please investigate, and also contact the Cancer Control Society in Los Angeles...and GET WITH IT!!!
Dennis Tucker
05:45 AM on 07/08/2013
FINALLY!...I can't believe more of us do not speak out and tell the truth. Is it fear of ridicule?

This woman IS doing a nice thing, but any money she raises could be of more benefit by promoting already, NATURAL, existing cures to cancer, [and every other disease].

My message to everyone:

Please stop worshiping doctors and supporting the medical establishment.

Doctors are basically good for emergencies and, sometimes, diagnosis. So they do have SOME value in society.
Fay Butler
06:36 AM on 07/08/2013
Perhaps you're right, zounds, but it sure saved my daughter's life and kept my husband alive for 20 years. You think you know so much but, when push comes to shove and YOU have need of treatment, I bet you take full advantage of the research and development people like this young lady helped to provide. You get with and next time, don't yell.
its not what you are called.Its what you answer to
02:10 AM on 07/08/2013
a very nice young Lady...very nice
02:09 AM on 07/08/2013
Awesome young lady.
01:47 AM on 07/08/2013
An act that shows her inner beauty matches her outer beauty.
01:42 AM on 07/08/2013
Good for her. I'm a stomach cancer survivor.
01:34 AM on 07/08/2013
Her work for helping the cancer foundation is great, but I never could understand the reason behind people shaving their heads...? It does not cure one patient. Now if it is to donate their hair for wigs for cancer patients then that is great as long as the patient doesn't have to pay for it. There are beautiful wigs made of synthetic hair that are a lot cheaper and easy to care for, but shaving the head may show a person has a sacrificial, sympathetic heart but it doesn't cure anyone. Well, she means well and that is what is important.
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The Super Patriot
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02:27 AM on 07/08/2013
It draws attention and maybe some follks will take it to heart and kick up some money for research or charity. In any event she is a stand-up gal.
You speak freely because of a Veteran.
03:21 AM on 07/08/2013
The support, caring, compassion, empathy and love are the greatest and best medicine--- Yes, it may NOT cure the disease as you say--- BUT it sure helps those fighting it to fight harder. Sometime the "Cure" as you say--- is not the only thing they are fighting and this is what is most important. Your compassion could you a bit of help.
Xavier McHenry
01:08 AM on 07/08/2013
Ouch....that cut is brutal on the eyes.

Yet with as much as the world pushes women to do drastic things to be an acceptable form of beauty, having the guts to do what she did, publicly, shows she is the kind of person who will put others above herself. She is a true beauty queen...inside and out.
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screw the real world-I'm an artist!
12:55 AM on 07/08/2013
A compassionate young woman with a big heart.