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11:25 PM on 07/07/2013
good for her, it is a good cause
11:04 PM on 07/07/2013
11:03 PM on 07/07/2013
A cure will never be found. The people that make so much money from it will not let this happen. Same with the drug war. Certain people are making billions of dollars a year off of the tax payer in the name of the war on drugs. Banks made billions from the housing crises, while the average home owner lost everything. Houses sit empty around this country! Why? the banks got their why would they be in a rush to get people back I them? Just drive around your own neighborhood and count the number of houses that have sat empty for a year or more.
11:25 PM on 07/07/2013
What other cheery news do you have... You win the prize for negativity. Congrats!!!!
11:39 PM on 07/07/2013
Mr Roc was right now with his comments .. you are the one with your head In the sand.. probably a lib..
11:34 PM on 07/07/2013
I think many alternative medicine cures have been found. However, they're cheap and would cause the cancer industry to lose a LOT of money, so they're being ignored by the cancer industry. When the polio vaccine ended polio, the polio industry lost a lot of money. So I'm agreeing with your first sentence, but not necessarily agreeing or disagreeing with the rest.
10:53 PM on 07/07/2013
Bravo Ms Celan! Youre a bigger champion than any pagent could ever bestow, including Miss Universe, as far as I am concerned! Thank you on behalf of my late fifteen year old Grandson and my family.
10:50 PM on 07/07/2013
I don't want to sound like a Debbie Downer but....unless she donated her hair (which there is no mention of) I really don't see the point.
11:10 PM on 07/07/2013
How about simply to show solidarity with the many who've lost their hair? You don't "see" the point because your view is blocked by your own lack of compassion and empathy.
02:30 AM on 07/08/2013
Gee I don't know. How about doing something that might actually help cancer patients.
02:38 AM on 07/08/2013
You are a fool if you think that shows commission or empathy. How about actually doing something that actually helps the cause.
11:27 PM on 07/07/2013
Dear Deb... You are a downer. Do actually think she cut her hair and threw it away??? Only you would do something so stupid.... Take another Lude
10:45 PM on 07/07/2013
congratulation and thank you .
Cancer fact cancer cure has not changed in over 40 years , the same % died from it , on the other side Drug Co make trillions on the back of the peoples dying from cancer , they have little interest finding a cure , a cure would mean less income for them .
It is the same for mental illness more peoples on their drug commit crime they would most likely never done .
It is all a giant fraud , you do not believe it , simply check medical history of every single mother which drowned their children , every single shooting , 99.9% were bon antidepressant
11:43 PM on 07/07/2013
I Frank you are correct . the C industry would go broke if a cure was allowed to be found.. the drug industry is not there for the good of mankind anymore its all about profit.. billions of it. it is reprehensible
Live in L.A. but will always call Detroit home
12:20 AM on 07/08/2013
As a physician of over 30 years I can tell you this statement ranks right up there with "the Moon landing was faked." Although no evidence I could share would change a paranoid mind we have treated and cured so many different types of Cancer in the past 40 years. Childhood Leukemia, Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Osteogenic Sarcoma, Thyroid, Testicular, Cervical, Uterine and certain types (e.g. Dysgermonomas) of Ovarian Cancer. Those that we cannot save we have significantly prolonged their lives. Breast Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Brain Cancer are just some examples. The fact is Cancer is one word which describes many diseases, just as "Syndrome" describes a constellation of symptoms and signs but not one disease. As to your anti-depressant point, you are wrong about the percentage and also wrong about cause and effect. Do you think those mothers were given medication because they were feeling and behaving normally? That's the equivalent to saying most people with Heart Failure are on Heart medications so it must be the medications which cause death from Heart failure.
Remember what the Dormouse said. . .
02:00 AM on 07/08/2013
skdoc1, I believe you are correct, & whenever I have a friend diagnosed with cancer, I tell them to be happy they're living in the 21st century. Since being diagnosed with NHL in 2002, I was told I could not be cured, but I am still here using up my share of oxygen. In the meantime I participate in local Relays, enjoy the Survivor's laps, and wonder if I may live long enough to see a cure.
And, I admire people such as Patricia Celan.
Live in L.A. but will always call Detroit home
02:36 AM on 07/08/2013
Thank you for your words and I wish you only the best. Keep living, keep loving, keep fighting
10:25 PM on 07/07/2013
Good she is raising money for a good cause...foolish to cut her hair. And anyone who needs to see her shave her hair to give rather sick themselves...and not it a good way.
10:38 PM on 07/07/2013
People with long hair often cut it and donate it to make wigs for those who have lost their own due to cancer chemo/radio treatments.
I find her commitment refreshing and wish her well!
Jackie Leihenseder
10:40 PM on 07/07/2013
Please explain WHY it is foolish for her to cut her hair. And why is she sick or anyone who agrees with her sick?
10:17 PM on 07/07/2013
What a wonderful thing! Sets a fine example for us all. Congratulations to her.
10:11 PM on 07/07/2013
All the hoopla is funny....Fine thing that she did although if everyone did something similar at every opportunity it sure seems to take away from the meaning of the event. Seems to me there are better times and places to make statements or illustrations to make our points. Let's say for example every contestant there demands equal time to illustrate the most important thing in their individual life...There would simply be no time left for the event at hand...If they had tried to stop her they would have caught heck though...This weird society we are living in today
10:27 PM on 07/07/2013
She obviously took advantage of the stage with the message of the importance of curing cancer. We NEED a magic bullet for cancer and if they can cure polio they can also cure cancer. Chemotherapy does not work in the long run and when it comes back, it comes back with a vengeance. She is doing just fine with whatever SHE chooses to do. Don't pick on her.

Discover Magazine has an article about finding an antibody for cancer that destroys the protein that everybody who has cancer has called CD47. They will be starting human trials very soon. I am hoping THAT is the magic bullet we need.
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11:37 PM on 07/07/2013
The young White Rock woman had her head shaved right on stage at Langley's Chief Sepass Theatre after raising more money than any other contestant for Cops for Cancer, an organization that itself raises funds for the Canadian Cancer Society.

So, out of all the contestants who raised money for Cops for Cancershe raised the most amount of money. She shaved off her hair to show soliderity with those cancer sufferers for whom she raised the money. Shaving her head in solidarity with cancer patients at an event that raised money for cancer awareness, research, or patient aid is completely in context.
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Ajax Johnson
Am I myself or is it just me?
10:04 PM on 07/07/2013
Smart businesswoman. Can't hurt her prospects in the next step, Miss Canada or whatever in this highly political correct industry.

If someone wants to help, dig deep in your pockets, volunteer but don't selfishly take advantage of a horrible disease to draw attention to yourselves.

Keep the hair, we need the money and the help.
11:05 PM on 07/07/2013
Theres a cancer patient - maybe a child - somewhere who would love to have that hair. The internet has it's good uses, but it certainly has it's very bad use also. All the cynical, unfunny, and just plain stupid comments here make me wish there was no internet anymore. I can certainly understand why many people love animals, and the so-called "lower order" creatures more than most alleged humans. Whether she did this for donation, or to show solidarity with cancer victims - she did what none of you sitting cowardly and anonymously at a keyboard would have the guts - or the heart to do. To those of you who gave this young woman kudos - it goes without saying this is NOT directed at you....The rest of you...your time of tragedy will come - as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow - your time will come.
Ajax Johnson
Am I myself or is it just me?
11:54 AM on 07/08/2013
I have had my tragedies and I can't stand opportunists.You as an enabler are part of the problem. Be careful what you wish on others.
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11:42 PM on 07/07/2013
She was using her new position as winner to draw attention to a cause. I know many people who have shaved their heads in solidarity with someone who has lost hair during chemo. Don't keep your hair. Donate your hair to make wigs. Cut your hair publicly so that others can see and donate their hair to make wigs.
Ajax Johnson
Am I myself or is it just me?
11:55 PM on 07/07/2013
I don't have any.Nobody wants a high forehead. 
10:01 PM on 07/07/2013
Wow that's Awesome! Good for her for showing everyone that beauty is only skin deep!
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Ajax Johnson
Am I myself or is it just me?
09:44 PM on 07/07/2013
Was it like anyone was going to pro cancer that thought this was a stupid move?
09:41 PM on 07/07/2013
Bald is beautiful !