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11:36 AM on 06/14/2011
These people can, and will burn in hell. Along with the rest of the animal abusers out there.
Valar, what you don't understand is that intentionally killing is NOT natural, so therefore an animal being killed in the wild is a little different. PEOPLE die every day because of different reasons, so are you saying it's no different for them to be murdered? I don't think so. Killing is just a TAD bit worse.

And I am pretty sure that things are being done for all types of animals, not just seals. Seals are just the most heard of. If you don't support the issue, then don't comment on it.
12:22 PM on 06/14/2011
you don't think a lion bringing down an antelope is intentional? It's most instinct granted but that lion...he/she pretty intends to eat and to do that's killing.

what's really not being addressed is if your going to tell somebody...hey how you feed your can't do that anymore...then best be coming up some ideas on how they can feed their kids.

not to mention a proportion of those hunters are Inuit or First Nations and have had it up to their teeth with the "Great White" mothers and fathers telling them what to do.

Even the EU had to dance a little around that part of the issue. Oh they can subsistance hunt...right...and how many seals is that..exactly EU. 5, 10...I don't imagine the method of the hunt is all that different.

nobody is aided by this black white..A good, B bad approach that doesn't recognize there's a number of problems here, not just the seal hunt.
12:29 PM on 06/14/2011
Yes, that is true, but we can't control what other animals do to each other in the wild. What we can controls is what we humans do.
01:43 PM on 06/14/2011
It is natural for animals to kill other animals to satisfy their own needs, most frequently the need for food. Therefore, the hunt is natural, insomuch as the word means anything. Now if you have real sadists going out and torturing creatures for fun, then we have a case. That not being the case however, your arguments make no sense.

And I find it funny that you claim that only those who support banning the seal hunt should comment on it. Why should those who support sealers shut up about it and let you sully their names, claiming they're going to hell?

Welcome to freedom of speech, it's a two-edged sword. You can say what you want, but you have to accept that others will say what they want.

If people were arguing for making sure the seals are killed humanely, then they have my full support, but banning it, considering that it's much more humane than most of the activities that exploit animals for our benefits, is a non-starter.
11:15 AM on 06/14/2011
So ms Fink, how much did your organization pay these people in the videos to do it this time?

The truth is that the real industry here isn't the seal hunt industry, which makes a pretty poor industry in fact, made up mostly of fishermen who try to make ends meet with every income they can find. The real industry is ms Fink's industry, the fake-y "animal rights" industry that makes millions each year pretending that hunting seals is the worst thing ever, exploiting the clash between red blood and white snow to pull at the heart strings of people in order to get more and more money out of them. I'm sure deep down they don't want it to stop, because they live very well on the proceeds of the anti-sealing industry.

Yet, the seal hunt is certainly more humane than most of our activities involving animals. Why do these people obsess about seals who live free and may be killed by hunters quickly, when we have millions if not billions of animals in tiny cages, some mutilated and force fed, to satisfy our desire for meat and other animal products? Like we say in French "loin des yeux, loin du coeur", their suffering is private, so it doesn't matter.

Should we also protect seals from their natural predators who kill them with just as much, if not more, brutality?
12:03 PM on 06/14/2011
The point is, why seal at all? Who benefits, really? Why so adamant and anti-animal activist? Would you be saying this to someone protesting genocide? There is a chance to ban this horrific, pointless, barbaric practice and I'm not sure why you are objecting so vociferously to someone trying to make a difference. The "fakey" animal rights indurtry, as you call it, seems to at least be doing something. I agree, suffering is widespread and unless you're vegan or only buy humanely raised animal products or meat you're part of the problem. This is something we can stop.
01:36 PM on 06/14/2011
You're comparing hunting to genocide? Are you serious?

Though I want to treat animals humanely, I am not a vegan, I am a meat-eater and I intend to remain one. The fact is that animals killing other animals to satisfy their own needs is natural. Circle of life and everything.

These seals aren't killed for no purpose, the sealers don't wake up one morning and tell themselves "hey, I'm going to go hunt a seal today, it'll get my rocks off". They do it because their fat and their pelts can satisfy human needs. So they hunt them to take these and sell them to people who want them, and by doing so they can get some income in months where they would otherwise be unemployed as they can't fish or do other economic activities.

Why is it so worse than any other economic activity and benefits we get from animals? These seals live free, natural lives, which sometimes end prematurely due to predation, whether it be from whales, polar bears, or men. If it can't be tolerated for these creatures to come to a violent end, the question becomes: how do we protect them from polar bears and whales? Should we kill every polar bear that comes within 10 kilometers of them? Should we exterminate killer whales?
02:26 PM on 06/14/2011
my anti-animal activism starts at the point where balance is lost. Which is to no one's advantage when you think it through.

two ways to stop this hunt...get rid of the market...seems to succeeding actually....and convince those who hunt there might be other options for them.

But those people have no reason to listen to a word from Sheryl Fink or many posting because as it's been posted clearly hunters are "subhuman"...and their concerns are of no account. They can either what...collect welfare or move to bigger centre or hope they open another Walmart ...what would work here?

is that how one gets through to a person...that how you get them to listen?
09:21 AM on 06/14/2011
What? No comments yet...nothing... Alright, by far this is one of the most cruelest, inhumane atrocities happening on this earth. What kind of limit is 400,000 baby seals?? I cannot bare to read about this, much less watch a video...i just can't. Killing for pure profit...PURE PROFIT. And who is the buyer, they are just as guilty. These animals are a part of God's creation here to live, grow, love, raise a family, and yes they do have affection. For someone that can KILL so coldly, show no mercy, it is beyond my comprehension. I can only deduce these people have no soul. They are blind to God's will. I will not buy ANYTHING from Canada. I thank Jackie Evancho for bringing this to the forefront. Please join me in this boycott.
11:37 AM on 06/14/2011
Agree 100%! Those murderers are just pure evil, there is no other way to put it.
Still a free spirit...
12:14 PM on 06/14/2011
There are other ways to make ends meet. These sub humans are sadists.
The answer my friend is blowing in the wind.
10:03 PM on 06/14/2011
why dont you go back to your bible and try to come up with another end of the world prediction?
11:46 AM on 06/14/2011
excuse do know who "cold blooded people" are...right...there fathers and their husbands and some are First Nations.

and, like it or not, they are earning their iving to support their families.

What I find most interesting is that for all the EU is boycotting...obviously there's still a market somewhere.

the only way to get rid of seal hunting is to get rid of the market...
Freedom with their exception...
04:05 PM on 06/15/2011
Yes, we need to educate the masses more about the truths of commerical sealing. There is a lot of ignorance in the world about where our food and clothing come from, and how they are produced. the meantime, banning this practice would be a step forward.