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cameron d
Good Guys Win
10:47 AM on 07/18/2011
Don't blame me, I voted for Smitherman.
11:04 AM on 07/18/2011
You did? Then please consider abstaining next time because you clearly don't have a clue about exercising your franchise responsibly. Our excrable Mayor, Rob "Hobson's Choice" MacCheese-Ford, was the least terrible in a field of absolutely horrible options. Slitherman would have been far, far worse. Were you sleeping during his spectacle of failure after failure in provincial office? Ever heard of "eHealth"?
Living off avails of hard work. Need a real job.
01:06 PM on 07/18/2011
I had hopes that Enza Anderson would be in the mayoral race. Her background would have made her the working person's mayor.
Overt Enigma
YOUR micro bio is empty
03:36 PM on 07/18/2011
You can't be serious! "PR" savvy, as you put, is just one SMALL part of what a mayor needs to do; making the correct decisions, uniting (instead of dividing) people that HAVE to live together are all hallmarks in what makes a leader a great leader. Mr. Ford has shown his competence in none of those areas.

eHealth debacle aside, Smitherman was the best of the two candidates. Even if you take that into account, he would still be much, much, much more competent than Ford could ever hope to be. Here's the reality: There is no gravy train in Toronto's city hall; there is a revenue problem. Do you seriously trust Ford's ability to lead Toronto out of this? I don't. Not even in my wildest dreams.
Domo Tronic
Digital Magician
10:10 AM on 07/18/2011
While I'm in no way a supporter of Rob, I still think it's impressive that he's running the show from a van down by the Humber.
Just keeping it real.
09:18 AM on 07/18/2011
Greece, the United States, and practically every other country as well as almost every State, Province and city have been spending way more than they bring in for years and that goes for most families as well.
Every one of them is in debt and running budget deficits.
Most of these entities (like Greece, Ireland, Portugal, et al) wait to hit the brick wall til they do something about it - or hope that someone else will bail them out.
Unfortunately bailer-outers are themselves broke, so these problems require someone willing to do what it takes to get the fiscal house in order- and people willing to tackle the problem are as rare as hens teeth.
Toronto has a $750M deficit. We can't wish it away.
It will require deep cuts in spending and increases in taxes.
Rob was not hired by the people of Toronto to ignore the problem.
Rob is doing the job people who voted for him wanted and expected him to do.
Those of you who didn't vote for him and wanted a tax and spend liberal who would raise the debt and deficit even further - tough, you lost, get over it.
10:04 AM on 07/18/2011
It not about losing or winning. It is about sharing a vision. I don't share Rob Ford's vision about this city. Getting elected on populist slogans like "Respect for Tax payers" is easy. Using terms like "gravy boat's" conveys a very easy message for simple minded people. But delivering on rhetoric is very difficult. The report sanctioned by Rob Ford did not show any gravy boat running around in the city. In fact, most of the city agencies are working on bare bone budgets and are seriously underfunded.

Now you agree that deficit can only be dealt by spending cuts and tax increases. There is no spending to cut in sight expect for laying of city workers. As for tax increases... Rob Ford will never do that. In fact, he has already rescinded that tax on number plates.. And that is the sad part.

Layoffs is a populist move - Rob would do it.
Tax decrease is a populist move - Rob has done it.
Tax increase - not so popular - Rob would never do it.

This is not a person who is making tough choices. This is a populist...
Just keeping it real.
02:02 PM on 07/18/2011
"There is no spending to cut in sight expect for laying of city workers. As for tax increases.­.. Rob Ford will never do that."
He WILL do that.
Semper in excremento sum solum profunditas variat.
11:20 AM on 07/18/2011
People voted for Ford because they thought he might have a handle on reducing the deficit. Turns out that was a big mistake. After only a few months he has driven the budget tens of millions of dollars into the red by not honouring signed contracts, getting rid of the vehicle tax, throwing money around to private consultants, giving the police a massive budget bump - to say nothing about his broken promises re: no service cuts, his general laziness, and xenophobia. And this is only in his first few lumbering months. Rob Ford's deficit is his own doing and people are only now just waking up to that fact. If only we had a recall procedure. The results would be much different now that people have realized how incompetent he is.
Just keeping it real.
02:03 PM on 07/18/2011
"Rob Ford's deficit is his own doing"
What. There was no debt or budget deficit when he took over?
Get real...
08:48 AM on 07/18/2011
I'm no ford backer but at least he trying to do what he says.. when he was talking about gravy train don't forget he was targeting how Miller handled the other council members.

- free ttc for councilor while the rest of us pay - not the rising cost of ttc
- free food at meetings.. excuse me but we never get free food in the private sector
- free trips...
- basically the council members were abusing there positions and the tax payers were sick of it..
- putting in bicycle lanes barely big enough for a car was stupid especially when 90% of the lanes aren't used and those 10% are used only 6 months of the year... duh
- I think that last garbage strike really pissed a lot of people off too,

People were feed up with Miller and his 100% socialist views and caving in to ever social group by giving them money that he doesn't have. Torontoians just want a person in the middle that used common sense judgment especially when it comes to spending tax payer dollars.
09:11 AM on 07/18/2011
Definition of 'PROGRESSIVE".

Someone who takes your money by force, then gives it to his/her friends in the public sector.

That is about it.
Everything in moderation.
09:54 AM on 07/18/2011
Dude, if you dont already live there, just move to Arizona and be done with it, okay?
10:06 AM on 07/18/2011
definition of a "CONSERVATIVE".

Someone who steals you money by force, and then gives it to his/her friends in the private sectors. Those fat cats who already have boat loads of money and don't know what to do with it.

That is about it.
08:37 AM on 07/18/2011
Any chance we can have an exchange of Mayors? Send R.Ford to Calgary and bring N.Nenshi back to Toronto?
Sorry, Calgary.
09:43 AM on 07/18/2011
Ya I'm for that!!!! I think we need to be more responsible with our tax money and try to shrink our debt., but Ford's cutting essential services and well, he's a bigot. It's embarrassing. He shouldn't be the mayor of Toronto. He divides people which is bad for a very diverse city like Toronto.
10:09 AM on 07/18/2011
I agree..... An educated and pragmatic man who is not afraid to make tough choices and does not believe in rhetoric "(gravy train) and populist slogans like "respect for taxpayers". I would do it in a second. I envy Calgary.
American/Canadian liberal
06:57 PM on 07/18/2011
Hopefully Nenshi will serve as a role model for other sincere people to enter politics and that he will also set his sights higher once he finishes serving the people of Calgary. I too am tired of the "bumper sticker" rhetoric.
07:18 AM on 07/18/2011
"The obvious differences have caught the headlines.

The 39-year-old Nenshi, Canada’s first Muslim mayor, will be the first Calgary mayor to serve as grand marshal in the Pride parade this September. Ford, 42, criticized for past shoot-from-the-lip remarks about gays, was the first Toronto mayor in 16 years not to march in Toronto’s parade on the Canada Day weekend. Citing family tradition, he went to the cottage. "

When you use "gay marriage" as your first comparison it shows that's all you care about.

Why is "gay marriage " only a downtown Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver issue?

I love that we have gay people, but can they keep their behavior in the bedroom please.

You can not use a non-appearance at a gay event to decide how well any Mayor is doing.

It's ridiculous.
08:03 AM on 07/18/2011
Well, it speaks to his response to his constituents. If Pride in Toronto were a little community thing, that wouldn't be a big deal, but in Toronto it's huge, attracting a hell of a lot of people. And his actions stand out on comparison to those of other mayors. If he bowed out of the first Pride thing, there would be no other mayors with whom to compare. So Ford stands out.

Also gay stuff makes for dramatic copy.

But Ford makes up figures to suit his ends, saying that labor makes up 80% of the budget, while the auditors found it to be only 48%. If I recall, Calgary's labor budget was 56%. Regardless of his politics, Ford is only skilled at getting elected, not getting the job done.
08:07 AM on 07/18/2011
"but in Toronto it's huge, attracting a hell of a lot of people."

I'm sorry but you have to leave downtown Toronto more often.

Unless you have a personal connection to the homosexual lifestyle why would you attend?

I really feel bad for people who think that "homosexual" issues trump everything else.

You have gay marriage now let it be.

The Pride parade is nothing for any child to witness. Would you ever see a straight parade with the obscene acts that you get at Pride?
09:53 AM on 07/18/2011
"I love that we have gay people, but can they keep their behavior in the bedroom please."

You do, do you? lol! OK. But the pride parade and gay rights isn't just a "gay" issue, it's a human rights issue. Based on your commment above it sounds like you would prefer gay people "just keep it to themselves", but that's not treating people equally. Straight people don't have to keep it to themselves. They can walk down the street and hold hands, get married etc. The pride pararde is an event for all people (not just gay people) to stand up and say they deserve equal rights and respect under the law, and ALL human beings deserve this. Rob Ford has made it quite clear he doesn't believe that. If he doesn't believe in equal rights for all, he shouldn't be mayor of Toronto. And lets not forget that Toronto's pride parade is the biggest in North America, 3rd biggest in the world and it generates MILLIONS of dollars for this city. Doesn't he want the city to make money??? If this event had been about anything other than gay rights, he would have been their with bells on. Ford's an a$$.
Living off avails of hard work. Need a real job.
10:23 AM on 07/18/2011
Fanned and faved.