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Craig Kanalley


9 Reasons Why I Consider Myself Part Canadian

Posted: 05/26/11 11:50 AM ET

I'm a HuffPost editor in New York who loves Canada and couldn't be more excited for the launch of HuffPost Canada. I've never lived there though, so why am I so fascinated by Canada?

I grew up across the border in Buffalo, New York. Some joke that Buffalo is part Canadian. There's some truth there, as we actually do share Niagara Falls with our friendly neighbors to the north. Field trips in grammar school occasionally involved crossing the border (this was not uncommon). Growing up, I made trips to Fort Erie, St. Catharines, and the "big city," also known as Toronto.

But my affection for Canada goes a bit beyond the occasional trip. Around the 1st or 2nd grade, I would boast to my classmates that one day I would live in Canada. (They would laugh but I always thought it was fun to think about.) Today, when I meet people, I like to say I'm part Canadian and see the interesting reactions. And I most definitely say so on my website too.

Still, why the pride in a country I've never even lived in? There are a handful of reasons, some more legitimate than others, which might be enough for some Canadians to consider me an honorary Canadian(?). I found these especially appropriate to share today given the launch of Huffington Post Canada.

9. I Was Named After A Canadian
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This guy behind the bench is Craig Ramsay. Now 60, the Weston, Ontario native played for my hometown Buffalo Sabres his entire NHL career, from 1971-1985. He then spent some time coaching the Sabres. My parents have told me that they named me after him.
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