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2012's Most Odd Yet Wonderful TV Duos

Posted: 12/17/2012 12:03 pm

As "The X Factor" comes to an end this week (Goooooooooo, Carly Rose or Tate Stevens! Please, anyone but Fifth Harmony. Ugh.), I wonder what will become of the show in its third season. Simon is obviously staying, L.A. has announced his departure, but what are the fates of Britney and Demi? To be honest, I'm not sure if Brit will stick around (though if her lone contestant wins this thing, she might), but Lovato has to, right?

Plus, even though they bicker like a petulant teenager and irksome uncle, I quite like the relationship between Simon and Demi. It's not mean-spirited, nor is it personal, and it's kind of fun to see who can out-smirk and out-eye-roll the other. I never thought Simon and Demi would share much chemistry, but the "X Factor" duo has been delightful to watch, which made me think of other pairs on other shows that have been a surprising treat.

Let me know if you agree with these odd TV couples, and more importantly, who I missed.

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  • Juliette and Deacon, "Nashville"

    Juliette Barnes may be a bitch, but she has her reasons for being so nasty. I thought she and Deacon would be an annoying friends-with-benefits thing, and while it started off that way, it has evolved into so much more than that. Sure, there might be the occasional trip to the bedroom, but their relationship -- personal and professional -- seems like the only real thing in Juliette's life. And maybe in Deacon's too.

  • Raj and Stuart, "The Big Bang Theory"

    If anyone needs girlfriends, it's Raj and Stuart. But since no woman is interested, it shouldn't be entirely shocking that these two found one another. It started with Koothrappali feeling like a third wheel, ever since Howard got married and went into space, and soon he found a kindred spirit in the comic book store owner. They're the perfect combination of nerdy and adorable; is it bad that I hope neither finds a gal anytime soon?

  • Dr. Reed and Betsy, "The Mindy Project"

    I didn't think Dr. Reed knew Betsy's name, so I was a little stunned to see him join her for Thanksgiving at her family home. Jeremy's good looks and posh accent might make it seem like he's much more sophisticated than the prissy, naïve receptionist, but the differences between the two aren't as stark as one would think. Their friendship is one I didn't know I wanted to see until this episode happened.

  • Rick and Daryl, "The Walking Dead"

    They seem like the most obvious oddballs of the bunch -- considering their fiery beginnings -- and the former sheriff deputy and redneck hunter didn't seem like they stood a chance at liking, much less respecting, one another. But Rick has evolved into a ruthless kind of leader, while Daryl has proven he is a responsible, reliable, and loyal No. 2, making him a viable right-hand man and, sometimes, the real man we're rooting for.

  • James and Connie, "Don't Trust the B--- in Apartment 23"

    James Van Der Beek's "Dancing With the Stars" run may have come to an end, but I hope that doesn't mean the same for his relationship with June's mom, Connie. James may be vain and obnoxious, but there's something about his conversations with Mrs. Colburn that, funnily enough, make him more human and not just a caricature.

  • BJ and Maddie, "Ben and Kate"

    My interest in the show is waning (sorry!) but I do love any scene involving Kate's young daughter and Kate's bizarre British BFF. BJ may be a lazy arse and love herself a little too much, but her lectures to a confounded Maddie -- always at a level beyond her comprehension -- are always a highlight.

  • Spencer and Alex, "Criminal Minds"

    As a huge Prentiss fan, I wasn't sure if I would take to the new team member, Alex. She's way too much like Spencer, and one know-it-all is enough for me. Or so I thought. They kind of bring out the best in each other, and I love how she has been helping him with his secret girl woes. Emily who?

  • Abby and David, "Scandal"

    For the most part, Abby is the most unlikable character on one of my most favourite shows, but when she's with David, there are hints, teeny glimmers of tenderness. Their relationship may have begun after she broke into his home and found pictures of Olivia and the team all over the place, but Abby seemed to want to help, only if to try and understand what was going on herself. It's more than just sex for the two of them; I think they actually like each other. And if David doesn't wind up dead, that like could turn into love.

  • Sam and Brittany, "Glee"

    Who would've thought these two knuckleheads would find their way to each other? But considering it's high school and there weren't many options left, I don't know why I'm that surprised. Physically, they're a bit too pretty and perky (too much blondness, maybe?) but there's something sweet about them -- whether Sam's impressing Brittany with his impersonations, or that her pearls of wisdom actually make sense to him.

  • Kylie and Christine, "Last Resort"

    The most surprising scene of the season didn't feature Marcus or Sam or Prosser (where is he, by the way?!); rather, it was when Sam's wife, Christine, thought there was an intruder in her home and came face-to-face with the lobbyist, the only one who seems to know what's happening. Funnily enough, though, the best part about that moment is that we learned Christine wasn't a moron and wasn't getting played. Their friendship has been a refreshing escape from the island of horrors.


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