08/27/2017 20:38 EDT | Updated 08/28/2017 16:59 EDT

Kendrick Lamar's Opening At The VMAs Was On Literal Fire


Sit down: Kendrick Lamar just opened the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards in the most fire way possible.

But, really, there were serious pyrotechnics happening. There were ninjas and people consumed by flames. It was... lit.

Lamar began his performance with “DNA”, a song that samples a FOX News segment featuring Geraldo Rivera, among others, after they criticized the rapper for the “anti-police sentiments” of “Alright” at the BET Awards in 2015.

After “DNA,” Lamar followed it up with “Humble.” Twitter, unsurprisingly loved the entire set.

Never stop, Kendrick. You’re the damn best.

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