This Streaker In Buffalo Ran For More Yards Than The Bills Did

Sign him up! But give him clothes first.

11/13/2017 08:33 EST | Updated 11/13/2017 08:54 EST
Tom Szczerbowski via Getty Images
This streaker's mad dash gave Buffalo Bills fans a jolt of excitement during a blowout loss on Sunday.

The Buffalo Bills found the answer to their anemic rushing attack on Sunday ― but he lacked a uniform, or any other clothing for that matter.

A streaker who invaded the field literally rushed for more yards than the entire Bills team during their 47-10 home loss to the New Orleans Saints.

Let’s take a look at the stats: Five Bills players carried a total of 15 times for 69 yards.

According to the Buffalo News, the streaker sprinted from end zone to end zone ― 100 yards.

He was eventually stopped by security after he slipped on a cutback move in an attempt to run across the field yet again. He was escorted off with a yellow security jacket to cover what needed to be covered.

Here’s some relatively SFW highlights of his naked dash.

Brett Carlsen via Getty Images
Attention-getting over.