Faisal Kutty
Faisal Kutty is an Associate Professor of Law and Director of the international LL.M. Program at Valparaiso University Law School in Indiana and an adjunct professor of law at Osgoode Hall Law School of York University in Toronto. He co-founded the Toronto-based law firm KSM Law. He has spoken and written extensively on national security, Islamic law, legal pluralism, religion and law, and human rights. He has been selected for inclusion in The Muslim 500: The World’s Most Influential Muslims compiled by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre in Amman, Jordan for the past five consecutive years. His articles have appeared in the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen, National Post, Arab News, Indian Express, Al-Ahram Weekly, Jakarta Post, Jurist, Lawyers Weekly, Counterpunch, etc. Some of his academic pieces may be accessed at SSRN.

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The Miseducation of Ontario's New Sex Ed Curriculum

(27) Comments | Posted May 21, 2015 | 12:28 PM

"Have your children tested for STDs," said a Muslim family doctor during a health session at a Toronto mosque a few years ago. Her message was that unbeknownst to the audience, many of their children were sexually active from an early age.

Some parents just don't want to hear any...

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I Am Not a Terrorist, Despite What My Critics Told a Senate Committee

(86) Comments | Posted March 13, 2015 | 5:45 PM

Dear Senators:

My name is Faisal Kutty. I am a lawyer, law professor, public speaker and writer. I write in response to testimony to your distinguished Committee on February 23, 2015 by a fear monger well-versed in McCarthyism, Mr. Marc Lebuis.

In my opinion, Mr. Lebuis and Pointe de Bascule hold...

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Black History Month Does Not Erase a History of Racism

(5) Comments | Posted February 10, 2015 | 11:56 AM

"This is a very racist society," says Professor Noam Chomsky commenting in the wake of Ferguson protests late last year. The noted public intellectual then traced the history of anti-black racism in America. Immediately after the abolition of slavery, he said the country witnessed the criminalization of black...

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The Movement To Ban Religious Law is Racist and Bigoted

(116) Comments | Posted November 17, 2014 | 4:42 PM

It all began in 2003 in the most unlikeliest of places: Ontario. When a Muslim group sought to offer Islamic arbitration and mediation services to the community, nobody imagined that it would trigger a wave of anti-Muslim hysteria. After initially defending the right of Muslims to do what...

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Getting Rid of Tenure Won't Fix Our Post-Secondary Problems

(2) Comments | Posted July 10, 2014 | 12:31 PM

Last month Toronto Star columnist Richard Gwyn wrote a critical piece on University teaching. The thrust of his argument was that the system needed a major overhaul. Gwyn argued that professors at Canadian universities don't teach much, are highly paid, and are protected by the outmoded tenure system....

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Law School Grad? You're Going to Need These Job Interview Tips

(0) Comments | Posted June 4, 2014 | 12:16 PM

A fresh batch of more than 48,000 law graduates have hit the job market in North America. This includes dozens of my own students from Valparaiso University Law School and Osgoode Hall Law School of York University. As a former managing partner of a small law...

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Why Blasphemy Laws Are Actually Anti-Islamic

(9) Comments | Posted April 15, 2014 | 5:48 PM

"Whoever by words, either spoken or written, or by visible representation or by any imputation, innuendo, or insinuation, directly or indirectly, defiles the sacred name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) shall be punished with death, or imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to fine."...

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Why Gay Marriage May Not Be Contrary To Islam

(2) Comments | Posted March 27, 2014 | 5:34 PM

Can Muslims accept same-sex marriages?

This has been a thorny question since the first jurisdictions began legalizing same-sex marriage. It took on a new urgency in the wake of the Defense of Marriage Act ruling from the US Supreme Court last June. Now, the heat is...

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