If "Get Out" has taught us anything, it's that the dating world (and the world in general) continues to be a racist place.

In the video above, leads Allison Williams and Daniel Kaluuya speak to Vanity Fair about their roles in the movie, as well as the realities of how racist the dating world can be, especially interracial dating.

"Racism is horrifying," Kaluuya says. "Being black is absolutely fantastic, but dealing with how other people see it is horrible."

allison williams and daniel kaluuya
Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams attend the Build Series to discuss their new film "Get Out" at Build Studio on February 21.

In the movie, Williams brings home her black boyfriend (Kaluuya) to meet her family for the first time. When Kaluuya arrives at the mostly white suburban town, things start getting a little uncomfortable, to say the least.

In October, the film's director Jordan Peele told Forbes that nobody had really made a thriller about race.

"It is a very personal story. It's a horror movie that is from an African American's perspective. It very quickly veers off from anything autobiographical, but I think what interested me most about this movie was dealing with racism, really everything from the subtle racism that many people may not know exists on a day to day basis, or for a lot of people," he said.

allison williams and daniel kaluuya
Actor and "Get Out" director Jordan Peele attends the Build Series to discuss the movie "Get Out" at Build Studio on February 21.

"I'm so glad someone is making this," the 28-year-old "Girls" star said. "I can't believe this occurred to Jordan, that's kind of crazy and terrifying."

When the movie premiered late February, it made US$30.5 million during its opening weekend.

"I think one of the fun things about this movie, for me as a watcher is that it manages to be a thriller, and it's definitely a horror [film]. The laughs usually come from characters, the relief and the release of characters responding to things the way they would actually respond in real life," Peele told Forbes.

Watch the full interview above.

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