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Iman Sheikh is a Blogs Editor at AOL Huffington Post Canada, where she has also worked on HuffPost Style and Prior to joining Huff Post, she was Copy Editor at the National Post in the Comment, News and Art sections. Iman studied Economics and Political Science at Vassar College.

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Here's Your Baby, Now Where's My Bling?

(5) Comments | Posted January 13, 2014 | 4:17 PM

There's a whole other meaning to the word "expecting."

At a recent brunch gathering, a very-pregnant acquaintance started telling the table -- mostly for her husband's benefit -- about all the extravagant gifts her friends had received after giving birth. The man nodded amiably if a tad dismissively and changed...

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TIFF Reviews: Sorry, Sandra - 'Gravity' Didn't Pull Me in

(4) Comments | Posted September 15, 2013 | 11:45 PM

I can't say I'm all that surprised about George Clooney skipping the TIFF premiere of Gravity. He's embarrassed. I would be too. And Sandra Bullock, let's face it, you're basically just playing the same role you had in Speed. Except Speed had a plot. And you were a way more...

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Drawn From a Hat TIFF Reviews: The Husband

(0) Comments | Posted September 13, 2013 | 11:53 AM

Drawn From a Hat TIFF Reviews: As part of our Spotlight on TIFF series, the HuffPost Blog Team bought a package of tickets for five random Canadian films (TIFF selected the movies). We then drew from a hat to determine which team members would see what. We did no prior...

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TIFF 2013 Tickets Made Easy...ish

(1) Comments | Posted August 19, 2013 | 12:20 PM

So you want TIFF tickets? Good luck. If you have a full-time job that you enjoy and want to keep, serious TIFF-ing is probably not for you. I'll assume anyone reading this is not a TIFF member, because the least they should do for you is walk you through this.

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