May 29, 2015

Celebrating Life Helped Me Face the Prospect of Death

I knew that I might not survive. The cancer was highly aggressive and the surgeries were very risky, carrying a 50% percent paralysis risk. At times I was tempted to focus on the injustice of it all. I'd done nothing to deserve this, but no cancer patient ever does. So, instead of staring hopelessly at the bleakness of my situation I determined to be positive...

Gay Feminist Lays The Smack Down With Awesome Yearbook Quote


Seattle Food Truck To Cook Up Free Grilled Cheese For Sick Kids, Other People In Need

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Why It's 'Bullsh*t' That Young Women Have To Be Likable

Janette Pellegrini via Getty Images

5,000 Free Lunches In Vancouver Made With Rescued Food Waste

Rhianna Schmunk/HuffPost B.C.

This Is What The World Would Look Like If Men Got Periods

Comedian Stutters His Way Into 'America's Got Talent' Judges' Hearts


Buffy Sainte-Marie's Ingenious Plan To Help Our First Nations Housing Crisis

Annie Leibovitz

One Statue Perfectly Captures Mansplaining

Ash Hernandez

Meet The Family Of 4 Cramming Into A 400-Square-Foot House


Students Wear Crop Tops To Protest School's Dress Code


The 'Dancing Man' Who Was Body Shamed Finally Got His Epic Dance Party

The Yodsukars/

Young Rhino Named Hope Survives Brutal Attack After Being Left For Dead

Saving The Survivors/Facebook

The Westboro Baptist Church Just Can't Hate Ireland Correctly


Things Sure Have Turned Around For Body-Shamed 'Dancing Man'


There She Is, Miss Universe Canada


This Tiny Kitten In Casts Could Use Your Help

Edmonton Human Society

Toronto Midtowners Fear 'Density Creep.' Internet Mocks Them For It.

Trolleybus Urban Development

Brent Butt Has Had Enough Of Sexual Harassment

Kevork Djansezian via Getty Images

Aboriginal Doctors' Program Beats Graduate Target 5 Years Early

Eryn Rizzoli/UBC

B.C. Canoeists Honour Dead Man's Message In A Bottle With Incredible Trip



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It's Now Illegal For France's Grocery Stores To Throw Away Food


10 Polite Things People Just Don't Seem To Do Anymore

George Marks via Getty Images

Even Aquariums Can't Stop Taiji's Gory Dolphin Hunt


Solar Panels Could Save Patients In Gaza's Hospitals, Thanks To A New Fundraising Campaign


'Doctors Are Humans, Too'


11-Year-Old Girl (And Her Mom) Design Dresses To Improve Lives Around The World

huffington post

The Girls Who Got Consent Into Ontario's Sex Ed Say No To Protests

Joshua Ostroff/HuffPost Canada

Canadian City On Brink Of Becoming Country's First To End Chronic Homelessness

#GirlsWithToys Campaign Proves Once And For All That Women Have A Place In STEM

Tanya Harrison

This Photographer Pretended To Be An Old Woman, And Learned This

Kyoko Hamada

Salma Hayek On The Simple First Step Toward Ending Hollywood's Woman Problem


Haunting Photo Series Humanizes Los Angeles' Homeless With Close And Personal Portraits


This Is What Early Onset Dementia Really Looks Like

Jake Heath