October 22, 2014

5 Amazing Ways Women and Girls Are Breaking Gender Stereotypes Worldwide

Our Imagining Equality project has been keeping careful track of the multiple, varied ways that gender stereotypes are challenged, broken, and reshaped around the world.

Why JLo Is In Vancouver


Harper Named World's 'Worst Climate Villain' After Damning Report


Group Builds Novel Sexual Assault Reporting System -- By Talking To Survivors

Sexual Health Innovations

Kardinal Offishall's Secret To Changing The World Starts With You

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Grandma Going Through Chemo Knits Herself A Head Of Hair


Paula Abdul Made An Awesome Music Video About Breast Cancer

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► Want To Break The Cycle Of Poverty? Start With This

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MPs, Senators Unanimously Make Malala Honorary Citizen


WATCH: We Need To End The Stigma Around Mental Illness

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17 Adorably Nonsensical Things That Make Zero Sense, And Therefore Are Perfect


Tyra Banks Proves You Can Be A Feminist And A Runway Model

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Jeffrey Baldwin Finally Gets His Wish

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Groom's Robotic 'Exoskeleton' Helps Him Walk Down The Aisle


Seth Rogen's 'Prom Night' Raises $900,000, Thanks To This

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Stana Katic Wows As Environmental Awards Co-Host

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Ryan Reynolds, Rachel McAdams Inducted Into Canada's Walk Of Fame

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The Funniest Tweets From Women This Week


Saskatoon Pair Vies To Keep Their Pet Raccoon


'SNL' Nails Important Point About Aid Programs In Africa With Spot-On, Hilarious Sketch

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Bif Naked Surviving On $3 A Day For Food To Protest Welfare Rates

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Beer Created In Honour Of B.C. Search And Rescue Pioneer


WATCH: This Issue Affects 4.8 Billion People. Here's How You Can Change It

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People Prefer A Male Boss Over A Female One

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It's Official: Toronto Is A Cat-Loving City

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These Kids Have A Brilliant Little Business

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Mindy Kaling On 'Obvious' Sexism And Why She Refuses To Be An Outsider

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PHOTOS: Graffiti Artist Humanizes Homeless People By Painting Their Dreams

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One Of The World's Biggest Music Fests Banned Selling Native Headdresses

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► What's Joe Jonas' Advice To Change The World?

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Neil Young Blasts Obama Over Fracking, Suggests Impeachment


Katie Couric's Nugget Of Wisdom Will Change How You Look At Food

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A Chris Hadfield Sitcom On The Way?

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Army Veteran Sheds Tears Of Joy As She Receives Life-Changing Surprise