July 5, 2015

One Girl's True Wish to Go Camping

For the most part, Hailey is just like any other seven-year-old. However, this past December, she was diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition called Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Hailey's wish is to have a pop-up camper so that she can go camping with her family and friends and play in the woods, stare up at the stars, stay up past her bedtime.

B.C. Vet Sits In Hot Car To Prove How Much Dogs Can Suffer


Joe Biden Quietly Gave A Boy Who Stuttered Some Beautifully Encouraging Advice Decades Ago

CHRIS KLEPONIS via Getty Images

Red Cross Has Spent Millions On The Lac-Megantic Disaster


Tattoo Artist Turns Girl's Leg Braces Into Wicked Awesome Disney Villains

Herald News Photo/ Jack Foley

Donald Trump Calls Mexicans Drug Dealers And Rapists. Twitter Has Another Idea.


He Called Canada 'An Experiment Going Right.' He Refuses To Say It Anymore.

Facebook/Shane Koyczan

This Pill Dispenser Is Designed To Fight Addiction

Shutterstock / Wallenrock

Unretouched Portraits Illustrate 19 Bare, Bold And Beautiful Women

Alyscia Cunningham

'Pee Buddy' Helps Women Who Lack Access To Clean Toilets Relieve Themselves Standing Up

Pee Buddy/Facebook

#SelfieWithDaughter Campaign In India Aims To Fight Stigma That Girls Don't Have Value


How NOT To Gain Weight On Vacation


Meet The Compassionate Canadians Who Give It All To Animals

Esther the Wonder Pig / Facebook

Canadian Immigrants Reveal Why They Chose This Country


A Confederate Flag Was Too Much For Walmart's Cakes. This Wasn't.


The Greatest Canadians You (Probably) Don't Know About

Charles Dobie / Wikimedia

Redefining The ‘Traditional' American Family In 7 Stunning Images

Lean In/Getty Images

B.C. Teen Doesn't Let Brain Tumour Stop Dream Of Becoming Mountie

RCMP Heritage Centre/Facebook

5 Myths About Feminism That Make It Seem Scarier Than It Is


4 Reasons Why Putting A Woman On The $10 Bill Isn't As Great As It Seems


10 Online Tools Show What Your Retirement Will REALLY Look Like

Getty Images


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Caitlyn Jenner Attends New York Pride Event With TV Crew: Photos


Trudeau, Mulcair, May, Wynne And Celebrities Hit Rainy Toronto Pride


This Is How High School Made You A Better Person


B.C. City's Tsunami Warning Test Sound Is Now A Didgeridoo

Matt Roberts via Getty Images

18 Countries Where #LoveWins


This Is What It Looks Like When Love Wins


Nonprofit Crowdfunds Homes For People In Need, Gives Donors Updates On Families They've Helped

New Story

NASA Scientist: AI 'Could Solve All The World's Problems' (If It Doesn't Terminate Us)

Richard Terrile

How Women 5 To 50 Feel About Feminism


Homeless B.C. Man's Response To $5,000 Gift Surprises Everyone

West Shore RCMP

What Difference Do Teachers Make? This Kind Of Difference.

NHL's MVP Uses His Big Night To Encourage First Nations Youth

John Locher/AP/CP

Nurses To Learn First Nations Trauma To Provide Better Care

Sean Kilpatrick/CP