April 19, 2015

The Opposite Of Volontourism Is Volunteer Cooperation

Volunteers Steve Bardens via Getty Images

Development is a complex undertaking, and as practitioners we know it is not a field where instantaneous gratification or minute-made results can be achieved. Good results come out of multi-year initiatives that involve an array of implementers and contributors -- quite often including volunteers.

UK Campaign Empowers Women to Report Sexual Harassment On Transit


These Fury Animals Need Your Help

Cause 4 Paws

Just Because You Don't See It Doesn't Mean It Isn't There


As March At Auschwitz Commemorates The Holocaust, Poles Reflect On Their Country's Attitudes Toward Jews

Emily Kassie

Canada Pledges $130M For Education Abroad


Canada Offers $3.3M To Combat Cybercrime


Adorable Nurse Cat Comforts Sick Shelter Animals Until They Feel Better


Pop-Up Shop Will Charge Women Less To Reflect State's Wage Gap

Elana Schlenker

Every Tomboy's Guide To Being A Modern Lady


8 Women On When Antidepressants Killed Their Sex Drives


How To Make City Cycling Safer Where You Live


Intersectional Feminism Explained With The Perfect (Pizza) Metaphor


'I May Have The Body Of A Boy, But I Have The Heart And Soul Of A Girl'


'Success Kid' Needs Your Help

Laney Griner

Manitoba Kids Kept In Jail Due To Lack Of Foster Spots: Watchdog

Shutterstock / Bohbeh

Girl Raises $25,000 To Help Find Medical Cure For Brother


10 Things That Need To Be Done To Close The Wage Gap

Cincinnati Museum Center/Getty Images

These Babies Are Under Water For A Very Good Cause

Seth Casteel

#BringBackOurGirls Trends Online 1 Year After Abductions, Renews Push To Find Justice

Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

Canadian Veterans Start Horseback Ride Across The Country

CP/Chad Hipolito


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Firefighters Rescue Pourquoi The Pig From Maritime Flooding

Facebook/Hanna Hunziker

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Terry Fox's Brother Sets Big Goal For Run's 35th Anniversary


Malala Yousafzai Honoured With Asteroid

Andrew Burton via Getty Images

When It Comes To Feminism And Reproductive Rights, Labels Don't Work


Powerful Images Show What It's Really Like To Be A Black Student In Brazil

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Unschooled Afghan Refugee Is Now One Of Canada's Brightest Lights

Somaya Amiri

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Arts And Crafts Activities May Ward Off Dementia

S847 via Getty Images

Honest Bus Driver Turns In Wallet With HUGE Amount Of Cash

Calgary Transit/Instagram

This Breathalyzer Calls Free Uber Rides For Drunk Canadians


Parents Say Having Gay Premier Makes Homosexual Kids Safer: Wynne