October 4, 2015

Could This Be the End of Offshore Oil Drilling in the Arctic?

Shell Arctic Drilling ASSOCIATED PRESS

A moment of silence was observed at the start of the Arctic Energy Summit in Fairbanks, Alaska, on Monday, September 28, in response to Royal Dutch Shell's sudden announcement that it has abandoned oil exploration in offshore Alaska "for the foreseeable future." Shell's announcement was a bombshell and caught everyone off guard. The silence in the plenary session hall -- which happens to double as a hockey arena -- was surreal. I wondered: Could this be the end of offshore oil in the Arctic?

There's A Solution For Mental Health Homelessness In Canada. And It's Cheaper Than Doing Nothing

Joshua Ostroff/HuffPost

The Way Canada Thinks About Aboriginal Peoples Is A Disservice: Kielburger


A Powerful Symbol Of Canada's Missing, Murdered Indigenous Women


Meet This Year's Official Free The Children Ambassadors

George Pimentel via Getty Images

Daughter Gets The Biggest Surprise On Her Wedding Day

Delia D Blackburn

Google, Coca-Cola Join Coalition For LGBT Workplace Rights Globally


Ignore Political Fear-Mongering, You're Safer Now Than Anyone Ever

Juriah Mosin via Getty Images

Justine Greening: Foreign Aid Is Keeping Our Country Secure And Opening New Markets

Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Hundreds Donate To Family Devastated By Ontario Crash

Jack Sullivan / Alamy

A Syrian Band Forced To Leave Its Homeland Finds An Audience In Croatia


Pope Meets With Survivors Of Sex Abuse, Vows To Hold Clergy Accountable


UN Approves 15-Year Plan To Fight Extreme Poverty, Climate Change


B.C. Daycare Teaches Toddlers About Residential Schools


Attention Doctor Who Fans: There's A Dalek Harper And It's Coming For Us

CP/Dalek Harper

After Seven Years Living On The Streets, How Curtis Got Back Inside. In His Own Words

Ian Cook via Getty Images

This Video Of Strangers Stealing A Man's Puppy Will Break Your Heart


Althia Raj On The Women's Issues That Were Missed At 'Up For Debate'

Lucas Oleniuk via Getty Images

A Seriously Creative Solution To Take On World's Most-Littered Item

JOEL SAGET via Getty Images

Ahmed Mohamed Ditches School That Suspended Him


Man Returns Cash From Domino's Box, Gets Free Pizza For A Year

Bloomberg via Getty Images


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P.K. Subban Pledges Largest Ever Donation By A Pro Athlete In Canada

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New Heritage Minute Salutes A True Canadian Hero

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