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460,000 Sexual Assaults In Canada Every Year: YWCA Canada

The Huffington Post Canada | Arti Patel | October 30, 2014 | Canada Living
460,000. It's an alarming number that encompasses several statistics about the reality of sexual assault in Canada. Following the sexual abuse allegations against former CBC employee Jian Ghomeshi, which now has eight women who allege assault or harassment from the former "Q" host, women's service organization YWCA...

#IBelieveLucy, #IBelieveThem Unite Supporters Of Women In Jian Ghomeshi Scandal

The Huffington Post Canada | Rebecca Zamon | October 30, 2014 | Canada Living
As more and more women are speaking out about their alleged assaults by Jian Ghomeshi, a wave of support has emerged for them on social media. Almost as soon as the CBC aired its interview Wednesday with an anonymous woman saying Ghomeshi had beaten her, people started tweeting using the...

Jian Ghomeshi Petition: Owen Pallett, Constantines Sign To Support Women Behind Allegations

The Huffington Post Canada | Jesse Ferreras | October 29, 2014 | Canada Music
A new petition has been created showing support "to the women directly affected by Jian Ghomeshi, and to those survivors of abuse and assault who fear being disbelieved." And the petition — with more than 1,800 signatures and climbing on Wednesday — has been signed...

Debby Ryan On Why Education Is Crucial For A Better World

Brian Trinh | Brian Trinh | October 29, 2014 | Canada Music
As the daughter of a father serving in the U.S. military, Debby Ryan knows what it's like to have your education disrupted. In wasn't till she turned 10 that the popular singer and TV actress eventually settled down in Texas, but the idea of always learning has remained important to...

Karl Wolf Nails The Importance Of We Day In One Sentence

The Huffington Post Canada | Brian Trinh | October 29, 2014 | Canada Music
Karl Wolf might live and work in Canada but the city of Beirut is still a special place to the Canadian-Lebanese singer. Not only is it his birthplace, it's also where he gives back by working with local artists to bring entertainment to an area where war is still fresh...

One Man Single-Handedly Plants Forest Bigger Than Central Park

The Huffington Post Canada | Zi-Ann Lum | October 28, 2014 | Canada Impact
He did it to save his home. In the middle of a braided river tucked in a remote northeastern region of India, one man planted a forest that has now outgrown the size of New York City’s Central Park. As a teenager in the 1970s, Jadav Payeng noticed a rush...

Boston Bruins Dress Up As 'Frozen' Characters At Children's Hospital (VIDEO, TWEETS)

The Huffington Post Canada | Jesse Ferreras | October 29, 2014 | Canada Impact
The Boston Bruins have a fierce reputation on the ice. But a few team members touched our hearts after they dressed up as characters from Disney's "Frozen" and paid a visit to sick patients at Boston Children's Hospital on Monday. Kristoff, Anna, Sven, Hans, Olaf &...

B.C. Teen Sends Homemade Blanket To Cpl. Nathan Cirillo's Son

The Huffington Post B.C. | Andree Lau | October 28, 2014 | Canada British Columbia
A B.C. teen who has Down syndrome has sewn a blanket for Cpl. Nathan Cirillo's son so that he can have a "warm hug." Angel Magnussen, 18, spends hours making blankets, hats, and travel pillows for sick kids and hospitals. She calls them Hugginz because the blankets wrap up people...

Paul Godfrey Says Olivia Chow Sun Cartoon Didn't Cross The Line (TWEETS, POLL)

The Huffington Post Canada | Jesse Ferreras | October 28, 2014 | Canada Business
At least one person in Canada thinks The Toronto Sun's cartoon showing Olivia Chow in a Mao suit didn't go too far. That person is Postmedia president and CEO Paul Godfrey, who will soon (pending regulatory approval) take control of the newspaper that printed it. Toronto commentator...

What 10 Hours Of Walking In NYC As A Woman Looks Like (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post Canada | Arti Patel | October 29, 2014 | Canada Living
Dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, watch what happens when one woman is secretly filmed walking alone in Manhattan. In August, director and producer Rob Bliss partnered up with anti-harassment organization Hollaback!, to create this PSA of what street harassment in NYC actually looks like...

Edmonton Airport Therapy Dogs Aim To Calm Travellers

The Huffington Post Alberta | Michelle Butterfield | October 28, 2014 | Canada Alberta
The Edmonton International Airport has brought in a band of furry friends to help calm frazzled fliers. A group of pet therapy dogs visit the EIA several times a week to help calm anxious travellers before their flights. It's the first time therapy dogs are being...

Air Canada French Language Services Award Grounded By Supreme Court

HuffPost Canada/CP | Jesse Ferreras | October 29, 2014 | Canada Business
A French-speaking couple cannot sue Air Canada for financial damages after the airline served a Sprite instead of a 7-Up, and did not provide numerous other services in their language, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled Tuesday.Michel and Lynda Thibodeau filed eight complaints to the official languages commissioner after

Chilliwack Dog Will Finally Get Huge Growth Removed After 3 Years

The Huffington Post B.C. | Sara Harowitz | October 28, 2014 | Canada British Columbia
A dog recently rescued during an animal cruelty investigation in B.C. will finally get surgery to remove a growth the size of a cantaloupe that's been hanging from his neck for three years. The nine-year-old Shar-pei named Biggy also needs corrective surgery to deal...

Hanging Of B.C. First Nations Chiefs Commemorated As Time To Move Forward

CP | Andree Lau | October 27, 2014 | Canada British Columbia
QUESNEL, B.C. - On a grey, bone-chilling day commemorating the hanging of a group of aboriginal chiefs in British Columbia 150 years ago, pounding drums and singing voices heralded new beginnings and brighter times.About 200 people gathered in a tiny grass field overlooking the Fraser River in Quesnel to honour...

Marcus Cirillo Trust Funds Established To Support Son Of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo

The Huffington Post Canada | Joanna Adams | October 27, 2014 | Canada Impact
Two separate trust funds have been established to benefit Marcus Cirillo, the five-year-old son of fallen soldier Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. The 24-year-old Hamilton native was fatally shot while guarding the National War Memorial in Ottawa on Wednesday, leaving his child and dogs behind. CTV News reports over

Marianas Trench Wants You To Take 10 Minutes To Do This

Mohamed Omar | October 28, 2014 | Canada Music
"I don't think there's anybody out there that hasn't had some form of disease touch their lives," says Josh Ramsay, lead singer of the Vancouver band Marianas Trench. Ramsay himself has battled addiction and has had close family members also affected by other forms of disease, so it's a cause...

Canadians From West Africa Fear For Families, Fight Ebola Stigma

Rebecca Zamon | October 27, 2014 | Canada Impact
WINNIPEG - The Ebola virus may not have crossed Canada's border, but the epidemic sweeping parts of west Africa is taking a toll on many Canadians.Those with parents, brothers, sisters and cousins in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea say they are living on the edge — filled with anxiety every...

Hockey Night In Canada Honours Fallen Soldiers In Moving Opening Montage (VIDEO)

Maham Abedi | October 26, 2014 | Canada
Out of the unspeakable tragedies that shook Canada emerged a nation more united and stronger than ever. Canadians chose healing over hate, unity over blame this week as the nation coped with the deaths of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent. Hockey was...

Nathan Cirillo Paid Stunning Tribute In Hometown Of Hamilton (TWEETS)

Maham Abedi | October 28, 2014 | Canada
As the nation seeks to heal from Wednesday's tragic shooting in Ottawa that took the life of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, one of the toughest journeys will be that of the soldier's hometown of Hamilton. Cirillo made his final voyage home Friday, while Canadians parked along the Highway...

Shawn Mendes Says A Sticky Note Can Be A Powerful Thing

Lisa Yeung | October 25, 2014 | Canada Music
If you know about Shawn Mendes, then you'll understand why a sticky note from him can go a long way. The Toronto-born teen-turned Vine star already has a smash hit with his song "Life Of The Party," and he just made Time's 25 Most Influential Teens Of 2014...
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