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Isabelle Khoo

Lifestyle Editor, HuffPost Canada

Isabelle Khoo is a lifestyle editor at HuffPost Canada.
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Are You Seriously Mocking Asian Eyes, Gigi Hadid?

In the now-deleted clip, Gigi is seen squinting her eyes as she holds a Buddha-shaped cookie up to her face. While this type of joke is often seen as innocent, this little stunt is actually mocking the physical features of an entire race - and it's not OK. It's racist and it's ignorant.
02/07/2017 05:19 EST
Isabelle Khoo

I'm A Chinese-Canadian ‘Banana' And Proud Of It

My mother calls me a banana. In her words, I'm white on the inside, but yellow on the outside. She's not wrong. As a Chinese-Canadian, I often call myself the whitest Asian you'll ever meet. While this used to stem from a rejection of my Asian culture, being a banana has become my identity as a child of a Chinese immigrant.
09/21/2016 09:10 EDT
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4 Reasons Asking ‘Where Are You From?' Is Offensive

I'm Chinese, but I strongly identify as a Canadian, because I was born and raised here. So when people start questioning if I truly am from Canada or not, I automatically get defensive... Here's a news flash: Canada is a multicultural country. Sure, it has a large number of immigrants, but that doesn't mean every person of colour or person of a certain ethnic background wasn't born and raised here. Just because I'm Asian doesn't mean I'm less Canadian than you are. Asking "Where are you from?" automatically labels the person being questioned as "other," and nobody appreciates that. So just stop.
07/04/2016 12:27 EDT

‘The Walking Dead' Recap: Fresh Meat (SPOILERS)

WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS. Read on only if you've already seen "The Walking Dead" Season 5, Episode 2, titled "Strangers." Before I can even begin to appropriately recap this episode, there's somethi...
10/20/2014 08:47 EDT