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The Music Diaries: "Half Angel Half Eagle"

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dedicated to the belief that we are all connected

Half Angel Half Eagle

Someone's mother falls to the sidewalk
on the next street someone looks up.
In the cathedral a burst of laughter
in another city the pigeons fly up and scatter.
Someone put down in a New York subway
a newspaper picked up in Australia.
For each event the inarticulate glory
the equal and opposite will tell the story .

half angel, half eagle
one eye on the world

Five intelligent minds huddled in a fancy restaurant
All that brain power bent on...
"What shall I?"

One lone car cruise the warehouse district
One lone figure shuffling along the wall
Two shadows leaning from the backseat window
Someone's mother is about to fall
Get out! Go back to your own country!"
(a shudder in the colour of the warehouse wall)

Half angel, half eagle
One eye on the world
Get ready.

Have a good time but don't relax
Have a good time but be on guard
You don't need that much not THAT much
Get the wings up ready to go
Get the wings up ready to go
What shall I? What shall I?
(A shudder in the colour of the warehouse wall.)