9 Things Recruiters Want job Seekers to Know

06/19/2015 07:55 EDT | Updated 06/19/2016 05:59 EDT
In this Tuesday, July 10, 2012 photo, people walk by the recruiters at a jobs fair in the Pittsburgh suburb of Green Tree, Pa. The number of people seeking unemployment benefits plunged last week to the lowest level in four years, a hopeful sign for the struggling job market. But the decline was partly due to temporary factors. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

Dear Job Seeker,

I understand you are upset so I have taken the time to explain something to you since it was brought to my attention that you feel recruiters are the new age used car salesman. There is no denying there is a lot of displeasure regarding how candidates are treated and there is no doubt in my mind some agencies should be shut down! But even the best of the best of us out there are double-edged swords. We are great when we have something for you but useless if we don't and this is not our fault. You have the right not to be ignored and you have the right to be angry if someone does ignore you.

It would be AMAZING if we could place every single person that comes to me! I personally, would be able to save the economy in the worst of times but guess what? I can't. Not because I don't want to but for various reasons and here they are:

1. Companies pay recruiters: Our goal is to send candidates, like yourself, to clients in as little as five to 10 days after receiving the mandate. We want to help them find the right person for their hiring need.

2. Not all companies want to work with all recruiters: There is no hiding the fact recruiters are in sales. When we call companies to open mandates it's because we want to place people just like you, we want to open opportunities but each time we call a company we come across a million objections as to why they don't want to hire people like you or work with another recruiter. In Montreal alone there are over 400 recruiters. Imagine the competition. Do I believe we are the best? ABSOLUTELY! Can I convince everyone? I try my hardest but I need the chance to do so!

3. Not all companies are hiring every type of position: On paper and in person you might have high credentials but if a company doesn't need you, there is nothing we can do. All companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 firm could be open to reviewing candidate profiles outside of their current hiring needs, but that does not happen often as they are seeking candidates that are going to help them fill a problem they have today and in the future. You are just not that person.

4. We want mandates quickly: We want to be able to place our fabulous candidates, like you but it takes a two-way street to make that happen as the candidates. You have to match at all the needs our clients are requesting. We can't just throw candidates at them as if we do, then we are sure to never get work from them again.

5. There is only so much time in a day: Between references, meetings, appointments, cold calling, warm calling and head-hunting there is only so much time in a day one a recruiter has to open every door we see so please don't get mad at us for not presenting you to every job you see posted online.

6. Be known: If we don't know who you are, we won't think of you as quickly as we would someone else. Let us know your skills -- don't insist we meet you but those who send follow-up emails, jokes, poems and photos become the person we would like to know.

7. Your experience matters: If you are a CEO/past partner of a dying industry or like the individual I spoke to yesterday who has been at the same company for 20 years but not computer literate, you are either near impossible to place. That's not just with me, that's in general.

8. It's not just me, it's you: Don't put your eggs all in one basket. You can't rely solely on a recruiter to find you a job. You can't just wait for us to place you especially if all you did is put your resume in a web-based server. You have to actively seek out careers as well. We are not the means to your end, we are a tool to help you but should not be the only tool you use. You shouldn't go to everyone but don't just wait for your one recruiter to call you. You have to be proactive in your search.

9. I'm sorry. I don't think people or recruiters say I'm sorry often enough.

I am sorry you were somehow lost in the shuffle.

I am sorry I can't not place you.

I am sorry I don't know who you are,

And above all I am sorry you are so upset. I do hope this explains why it's not that we are such terrible people but rather that circumstances may not provide the right opportunity to place you but I sure hope one day they will.


Jessica Glazer

CEO/Recruitment Director



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