John Pepall
John Pepall took degrees in philosophy and politics at Trent University and law at York University. He was called to the Ontario bar in 1978 and practiced civil litigation in Toronto. He was a Progressive Conservative candidate in the Ontario election of 1990.

He has written on politics, history, the law and the arts for The Idler magazine, the Literary Review of Canada, the Ottawa Citizen, the Times Literary Supplement and others.

He contributed a chapter to Rethinking the Constitution published by the Oxford University Press in 1996 and his Against Reform was published last year by the University of Toronto Press.

Blog Entries by John Pepall

Proportional Representation Is a Waste of a Vote

Posted October 18, 2011 | 09:19 AM (EST)

The three quite ordinary provincial elections last week stirred up enthusiasts for proportional representation (PR). They pointed out what is obvious in all our elections: that parties did not get seats in proportion to their popular vote. And that, as often, a small edge in the popular vote produced comfortable...

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