Get Fit Without Going to the Gym

04/12/2013 05:25 EDT | Updated 06/12/2013 05:12 EDT
the feet of a woman standing on a bathroom scale

As One Fit City grows, and I get to be hands on with more people in Winnipeg for training I hear the same thing from women regularly. "I don't want to look all muscle bound and like a man, so I don't lift weights."

You don't lift weights? Are you sure?

I have tips and tricks for you video style on my Youtube page. My goal is to teach how to exercise for fitness and functional strength. As well as for athletics, fitness modeling, and what ever else. The library is building fast. My hope is to remove some of the misunderstandings about working out. It's not all equal. You can train for different results.

Healthy living is not the same as a career in modeling.

That's the problem with the misconceptions out there about fitness models, figure models, bikini models and regular folks. Did you know there are different categories for competitors? At fitness events, there are bikini girls who look to be less muscular than those in the figure categories. The fitness models even train differently. Those who compete in fitness will often wind up demonstrating exercises in magazines geared towards women aged 25-45. The same women that come see me to get weight loss results. The reason fitness models are used? They are supposed to be seen as more motivating. If you saw someone 40lbs overweight promoting a product or workout, would you be sold on the results?

With Fitness Star coming to a local town near me, I have been talking with a lot of fitness models. They are all setting goals, training six days a week and lifting like these videos. The results they want on stage dictate the exercises they select and the food that they eat. More muscle? Heavy weights, lots of gym time, and a diet geared to putting on muscle(lots of lean protein).

The point I want to make is that for women to be healthy, lean and toned you have to lift weights that actually challenge you. To burn calories you need to challenge your body in the gym, but that weight-based challenge only needs to be three times a week. That three times a week will not make you overly muscular if it is circuit-based and geared to functional training. It will increase bone density, improve cardiovascular health and a whole lot more.

If you don't ever want to go into a gym, you can still get in fantastic shape. You can set aside time to go walking, play interactive games with your kids, go to the park and have a workout on the play structures and benches. That will get you healthy. Also consider trying yoga, pilates, or a sport with friends at your fitness level.

To get muscular and look like a competitive body builder is not what any fitness writer is looking to get you to do. Science, and what we understand to be health has changed over the last two or three decades. Our goal now is to get the Nation back to fit and healthy. We do that with promoting proper sleep, hydration, nutrition and exercise.

Going to the gym to workout won't make you look like a bigger muscular version of yourself. Not if you follow expert advice. No more excuses, it's time to start watching what we eat, getting out and being active and no longer fear muscle. Let's get healthy.

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