Karla CarolAnn
Karla CarolAnn is a globe-trotting, international fashion stylist, wardrobe expert and makeup artist. Trained in Vancouver and New York City, her achievements include film work for Brokeback Mountain and Open Range to styling for luxury design houses Holt Renfrew and Paul Hardy Atelier. Karla CarolAnn is known in the industry for a distinct and powerful style voice backed by an impeccable work ethic. Her ability to create strong collaborations with photographers, agencies, art directors and designers have resulted in internationally recognized successes.

Karla CarolAnn believes that style is not a luxury and that everyone deserves to love what they wear every day. On top of corporate and agency work she devotes much time to individual clients building impact-full relationships as she guides them in their personal style and wardrobe choices. Just as a fitness trainer, life coach or business advisor help you be accountable to accomplish greater out comes from the same ingredients, Karla CarolAnn assists others in achieving more out of life and their wardrobes by guiding them to find and accentuate their own unique style voice.

Born and raised in Northern, Saskatchewan, Karla CarolAnn finds time to give back regularly mentoring First Nations communities. A priority is to empower young women to embrace their value and overcome obstacles while remaining true to their culture.

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The Case Against Wearing Sweatpants in Public

(47) Comments | Posted January 3, 2013 | 3:29 PM

Recently on Facebook I was involved in a thread about sweatpants. Though it was one of many as of late -- this one got ugly. Do I like to poke the bear? Maybe a little but only because people are so defensive about their right to wear sweat pants. They...

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